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Zero Peroxide is a Tooth Whitening product, which as you may have guessed doesn’t contain peroxide.

With Peroxide banned for use except by a dentist performing whitening, unless it is very weak, people are looking for alternatives, and of course alternatives that they can use at home easily and with comparable results to going to a dentist, but at a fraction of the cost.


The Breakdown on Zero Peroxide

  • Zero Peroxide not only doesn’t contain Peroxide but contains no chemicals and uses Sodium Bicarbonate instead.
  • The 35% Sodium Bicarbonate gel works by releasing Oxygen to lift off the stains on the teeth when held against them using a mouth mould.
  • The Zero Peroxide unlike other teeth whiteners is flavoured so that rather than the unpleasant chemical or bicarbonate taste you get a much nicer minty flavour.
  • Zero Peroxide is also designed to improve dental health with extract of Pomegranate to tackle the bacteria in plaque and Chamomile and Aloe Vera which both sooth gums and help to prevent Ulcers.
  • Zero Peroxide is even designed so it can be used with dental work such as fillings, crowns and dentures.
  • Kits include a mouth tray that can be fitted to the exact shape of your teeth, an LED accelerator light to quicken up the whitening process and a mobile whitening pen to take with you to remove any stains.
  • Zero Peroxide is even suitable for vegetarians with no animal products such as gelatine used at all and it certainly hasn’t been developed using Animal Testing either.
  • Zero Peroxide is designed to also strengthen teeth at the same time and contains added fluoride and Vitamin D.


Zero Peroxide cons

  • The Zero Peroxide is one of the more expensive teeth whitening kits available, though at the same time you get a lot more for your money and not just an ill fitting mouth tray and gel.
  • It isn’t advised that you use the kits when pregnant or breast feeding, just to be on the safe side.


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How does it work?

Zero Peroxide is one of the fastest working kits available and can give you visibly whiter teeth in just twenty minutes. You may though want to apply several applications at first twice a day until you get the shade you want. By being able to do this in stages you can make sure you get the result you want and don’t end up with teeth too white and dazzling.

You are likely to have plenty of gel left once you get to the level of whiteness you want, this should last up to two years: certain foods, coffee and tea may cause new staining though and so you may want to reapply from time to time to top up your whitening.

The kit comes with a clever mouth tray, you will need one for your upper and one for your lower teeth. The tray works to fit around your teeth perfectly pushing the gel against them and into the corners around your teeth with no parts missed.

To do this heat the tray in nearly boiling water to make it soft and supple: put the soft tray into your mouth and push it firmly against your teeth and the top of your mouth for a perfect fit.


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Once the tray has set and cooled you need to add gel to it and then pop it back in your mouth and fit in against your teeth. Now you just have to wait for twenty minutes to remove it and see the results but what is happening is that the Sodium Bicarbonate in the gel is reacting with the moisture in your teeth to fizz and create oxygen.

This oxygen is released as a gas and so expands from the gel pushed firmly against your teeth: as the oxygen forms it pulls away stains from the teeth. Unlike with other tooth whitening products Zero Peroxide doesn’t simply bleach stains that can then regain colour later meaning the effect doesn’t last as long.


Other ingredients

Firstly Sodium Fluoride, this is used in tooth pastes and in some places included in drinking water. It works best though when kept against your teeth for longer, which is why you really shouldn’t rinse straight after brushing. Sodium Fluoride can seriously stop decay and healthy teeth will stay bright for longer.

Aloe Vera and Chamomile both can kill bacteria and when used in the mouth can help to stop mouth ulcers so improve all round oral health.

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The use of Pomegranate extract is also superb as it helps to get rid of plaque. It does this by destroying the bacteria that cause plaque and is able to do this far better than a toothpaste by being in the gel forced into the teeth by the mouth tray.

Lastly Vitamin D is an important vitamin for strengthening teeth too and preventing decay and other damage that may affect the look of your teeth and stop them appearing bright white for years to come.


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Will it work for you?

The product should certainly work for you and won’t even leave you with sensitivity in your teeth. If you already have sensitive teeth they may tingle a little but the product will actually strengthen then at the same time and may reduce the sensitivity you feel in future.

Even people with dental work such as dentures, crowns and fillings can safely use the Zero Peroxide problem and it will work to some extent to remove stains from dentures.

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Does it have side effects?

No, no side effects, in fact it does the opposite of strong Peroxide whitening, which can weaken teeth and damage enamel, by helping strengthen your teeth with the vitamins and minerals they need.

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Zero Peroxide Review summary

Zero Peroxide is a very fast product to use, you may have to treat your teeth for a few days but overall it is quicker and easier than having to book a dentist appointment.

You really can easily use this product at home and then get on with what you want to be doing while waiting for the treatment to work.


Get the white smile you deserve with Peroxide today

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