Personal Training Exercises for the Elderly in Tulsa

Living long enough to become a senior citizen in the community is one thing that a lot of people wish for. Unfortunately, the number of people that get to that stage in life with physical fitness is usually less, especially when compared with those with different bodily weaknesses.

Working out

However, with good personal fitness training, together with being in an environment where you will get adequate care, there is no need to worry. Rather, you would stroll into that phase of your life with anticipation and confidence of a good life. Exercises are the main care everyone’s body needs to remain healthy even at old age.

Some people may worry that once old age sets in they won’t be able to engage in physical exercise. Or even know what kind of exercise will be good for them. Not to worry, here we will guide you on the different types of personal training exercises you can engage in as a senior citizen. These types of exercises are tailored towards improving your strengths and balance.

Different Exercises for the Elderly

Exercises for the elderly

One of the biggest challenges elderly people face is that they lack body balance and they lose strength easily. Therefore, we are going to give you a list of exercises that can help them improve in these areas.

Stand on Single Limb

The first exercise is to help you improve your balance. Stand close to an upright form like a chair or a table. Place one hand on it and gently raise one leg. When you have raised it and are balanced on the other leg, you let go of the support. Stay in this position for as long as you can, or for one minute, and then change legs and repeat the same thing.

Walking Toe to Heel

This might sound absurd, but this is also a way to help you improve your body. This type of exercise helps to make your legs stronger and thereby help your stability while standing.

Stand as upright as you can and put your weight on your left heel. Then move that left foot in front of the right foot and make it touch the toes of the right foot. Then move your weight to the right toes. Repeat same by moving the right heel to touch the left toe. Do this for about 20-25 steps.

Rocking the Boat

In a standing position, spread your legs open to align with the width of your hips. Press your two feet firmly to the ground and straighten your body while keeping your head level. While in that position, lift your right leg slowly and shift your weight to the left leg. Stay in that position for not more than 30 seconds. Bring your leg down and repeat the same thing with the opposite leg. Repeat this five times on each leg.

Balancing Wand

This exercise for the improvement of balance can be done while in a sitting position. All you need is a cane or a stick that can balance well on the palms of your hand.

What you should do is place the cane or stick on your palm and try to keep it standing upright in your palms for as long as possible. Then switch it to the other hand and repeat the process. This exercise aims to gain balancing skills in your body.

For a visual guide on how to do the balancing wand, you can watch this video.

Wall Pushups

This is a very good exercise to help the aged to build their strength. This can be done anywhere there is a wall.

Stand in front of a wall and move an arm’s length away from it. Plant your legs firmly on the ground and place your palms on the wall. This has to be at the same width and height as your shoulders. Then gently bend your elbows for your face to come close to the wall and then push back out to your arm’s length. Repeat this 20 – 25 times daily.

Marching at a Point

Marching is an exercise that helps with your balance and builds your strength also. Hold on to a counter while standing straight. Then lift your left knee as high as it can go and then lower it. Repeat the same routine with the right knee. Repeat this ten times for each leg.

Toe Lifts

In continuation of an exercise that can build both strength and balance, this is another one that has this dual purpose. To accomplish this task you will need a counter or a chair. While standing straight, stretch out your hands and place them lightly on the counter or chair in front of you. Then lift yourself high standing on your toes and then lower yourself gently. Do not lean too much on the support you have for the exercise to have full effect.

These are some of the exercises you can take up. Whether you live in Tulsa or any other part of the world, you can consider these suggestions to stay healthy. If you need other suggestions to stay fit and also age gracefully, you can check here:


Having good personal health is heavily dependent on how well we take care of our bodies. Food, water, and exercise are the three most important things for a healthy life. These three conditions do not have to stop as a result of old age. Rather, the older you get, the more important it is for you to exercise and drink a lot of water. Taking advantage of the tips in this article will help you enjoy your life even at old age.

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