Where Did The WItcher Gain All That Strength? Check out Henry Cavill’s Witcher Workout Routine

Henry Cavill is returning in his role as The Witcher, in the season 3 of the Netflix TV series (his last season). It’s fitting, because his physique is superhuman. Best of all? Most agree that it’s all obtained naturally, something you don’t really see nowadays with muscle-bound celebrities.

Henry Cavill’s Witcher Workout Routine

So what allowed the Witcher and Superman to become the stunning picture of strength we see today? Well, it’s through hard work. Lots and lots of hard work and dedication. He’s been working out vigorously for years and years, after all.

If you’re ready to see how The Witcher got so ripped, here’s how it goes.


The Exercises

Henry Cavill superman workout

Cavill has stated that he works on his body for six days a week. When speaking to GQ, he said, “I will have different workouts for different parts of the week, depending on which muscle group I’ll be working.”

If you’re into bodybuilding, you’ll know that’s pretty standard. Four days are dedicated strictly for lifting. For the first day, he kicks it off by working on his legs. The second day then focuses on the muscle groups in triceps, calves, and chest. The third day focuses solely on his back, and finally, he finishes it off with shoulders and biceps.

Speaking of biceps, Dave Rienzi, a strength coach who also works with Dwayne Johnson, has told Men’s Health that Cavill particularly enjoys isometric hold bicep curls, which are great for maintaining muscle.

In case some of you cardio skeptics are out there, yes, he does put in some cardio. In fact, he’s a believer in fasted cardio, which is proven to have a higher rate of fatty acid breakdown over exercising after a meal. “I get up in the morning, I will have a coffee, and then I will do some cardio for half an hour,” Cavill said to GQ.



chicken curry with steamed rice - Henry cavill diet

Henry Caville eats four meals a day and is fairly consistent with his choice of food.

For someone who’s always hitting the gym, he has to supplement that with a lot of protein, so he starts it off with a protein shake containing the following: one and a half scoops of (vanilla) whey protein isolate, a cup of oats, and mixed berries. He then finishes it off with a ham and cheese omelet.

His second and third meal include chicken and rice with curry sauce, the latter of which he adds because he likes the flavor. The second meal has white rice, while the third has brown.

For the last meal of the day, it’s four ounces of beef with sweet potatoes, which he prefers as crispy as possible.

But you may be asking: does he cheat? Superman has his weaknesses, and so does Cavill, whose kryptonite is deep-dish pizza.



Henry Cavill SUpplements

So, what’s his stack? So, before I give you the rundown, for brevity’s sake I’m going to let you know that everything here is owned by supplement company MuscleTech. Why, you ask? Well, between acting and working out, Cavill has taken up the position as Chief Creative Director of the company. That’s why you may see him constantly advertising the brand on his Instagram page. Let’s just say he’s hooked for life.

His favorite protein powder is MuscleTech’s Grass-Fed 100 Percent Whey Protein Isolate, and for a pre-workout powder, it’s Shatter Elite, which is packed with caffeine. Caffeine has been regularly cited as a great go-to supplement for improving muscular endurance and strength.

His morning supplements include MuscleTech Amino Build and Hydroxycut Hardore Elite. Amino Build is to make sure that his more serious workouts don’t end up burning any muscle, and has helped with reducing muscle soreness. Hydroxycut is simply a weight loss supplement that, according to Cavill, “helps you get that nice cut you might be looking for.” You get that bag, Henry.


Mental Health

Henry Cavill Mental Health

Your physical health matters, but so does your mental health. Not only is this common knowledge, but Cavill harps on it. He tries to get a full eight hours of sleep each night, but because of his demanding schedule, it’s just not possible some nights. Still, he believes sleep is a must for overall health, and as for mental health, he knows that it’s a key part of your overall health. As he told People, “Only worry about the things that you can control.”

“We have all the necessary ingredients within us to become whatever we wish to become,” Cavill emphasized. “We have that strength, we have that resilience. And it’s just about keying into those necessary ingredients and then utilizing them to intentionally create a physical self as well.”

The Witcher himself couldn’t have said it any better.

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