Fight Belly Fat With Vegetables

Belly fat can be an annoying thing for one’s body to deal with. Sometimes you may try everything you can to make it go away but nothing works. Some people aren’t aware that not only does exercise alone help you lose belly fat (or overall weight) but also the food you eat plays a fundamental part.


There is no point in doing exercises daily but eating the wrong types of foods such as junk food and expecting to see results. The two go hand in hand. According to research belly fat has been linked with several health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and other complications.

This article will tackle this issue from the perspective of foods that you can eat alongside your exercise routine to help you lose any fat around your mid-section. Most of these included below help you burn excess fat and are loaded with antioxidants and are healthy overall for you.

The categories we will be looking at are vegetables and fruits.

Leafy Greens

Not only are leafy greens such as spinach and kale and helpful to lose belly fat but they are also packed with loads of nutrients essential for the rest of the mind and the body. This link can tell you more about this wonder plant.

Both kale and spinach are great at burning belly fat and as a healthy veggie, it’s a win-win when you add at least a handful to your plate during meal times. You can even add them to smoothies and cooked dishes, although eating them raw is highly beneficial.

There have been some studies done on the subject of the fat-burning capabilities of spinach and the very healthy veggie has come out a winner in this category. Adding a little baked spinach to your meal preps either for lunch or dinner can help set you up for a good fat-burning experience.


Broccoli and Cauliflower

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Packed with loads of high-quality minerals and vitamins, broccoli and cauliflower are high in fiber too. Broccoli contains phytochemicals that are produced by the plant itself. These are found in fruits and vegetables as well as legumes such as beans. Phyto means plant, and it is believed to help protect your cells from damage and toxins that can cause certain types of cancers and DNA damage.

This green plant head is known as the wonder vegetable and contains fiber, water, vitamins C, folic acid, vitamin A and K, and energy-giving nutrients. Plus, it has barely got any calories in it because almost 80% of it contains water.



One of the most popular vegetables on the planet is mushrooms. Not only is it delicious when added to meals but it is also full of lean proteins and has nil calories or fat in it, which makes it a contender for filling you up but not adding any fats to your body.

Mushrooms also help keep cholesterol levels in check, and stroke and heart disease at bay. It is also good for bone health because it has high amounts of calcium which helps to maintain strong bones. When it comes to weight loss, these are highly beneficial as they contain fiber and help improve digestion as well as keeping your metabolism in check.

You can choose from a variety of mushrooms such as button mushrooms, portobello, cremini, porcini, chanterelle, shiitake, and more.


Pumpkins, just like all the above-mentioned foods are also low in calories but fill you up. They are one of the best types of vegetables for weight loss and are versatile too. You can cook them and add them to your food and also make a salad out of them with a little spinach and olive oil.

Yes, a drizzle of olive oil is allowed when you are trying to lose weight as it’s part of the monosaturated types of oils that are healthy and don’t stay in your belly as stored fat. According to the heart organization, they swear by these types of fats as a recommended addition to many diets. Same as peanut oils, sesame oil, canola, and safflower which help reduce cholesterol levels and provide essential nutrients to the body.



Adding chilies to your food when eating it, is good for you. They contain a component known as ‘capsaicin’ which is responsible for fat burning in your body. The heat that is generated by ingesting chilies helps to use up and burn calories which essentially oxidizes the fat layers in the body.

However as the rule says – everything in moderation. Too much chilly food is not good for you as it can cause stomach issues such as acid reflux or irritable bowel conditions and you’ll be left wishing you had some milk to soothe your aching belly. This is why we always rather recommend consumption of any or all of the above fat burning veggies to keep you losing weight the healthiest way, and keeping it that way sustainably without harming yourself.

As with everything new you introduce your body to, start gradually and build up to it. Making changes immediately may lead to some unfavorable health conditions and especially if you are already on medication or a practitioner’s diet plan, then it is always best to stick to it. Seeing a nutritionist is recommended as well when you are not sure how to start or which direction to go towards. Seeking professional help is advisable when trying to lose weight.

Other than eating, always remember to stay active with exercises such as aerobics, walks, and eight training, which are also the best accompaniments to a healthy diet. Reducing stress levels is something to consider when doing these things as this can play havoc on both your mind and body.

It all starts from the inside and by being disciplined and consistent you will see long-lasting and visible results very soon that will last you a lifetime. Find some adventurous recipes and get cooking! Good habits can be implemented if you put some effort into them.

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