Why Does Getting A Pump At The Gym Feel Good?

Going to the gym is like going to a sacred place for some people. You know that for the following hour and a half, you’re going to be peaceful. There’s no one from work to be jumping on your nerves, no issues from home that will bother you. 

getting a pump in the gym

It’s only you and the weights, as well as the challenge you’ve prepared for the day. The best part about gyms is that they have massive mirrors. You get to look at your worst and best opponent, which is yourself. You can click here to read more about this subject.

Every time you get to see a version of yourself that can be improved and our bodies force that mentality. Now, you might be asking yourself, how is that possible? Our bodies are just lumps of bones, muscles, and organs. The answer you’re looking for comes in the form of a pump. It’s the look that everyone chases, but it’s never attainable for more than a short time.


What is a pump?

Let’s say you’ve been working out your chest and biceps for the last forty minutes. It’s a medium to a hard workout, and as you walk over to do some ab exercises, you catch a glance of yourself in the mirror. Your arms look massive, and your pecs seem like they’re going to bust through your shirt.

You like what you see because when you touch the muscles, they’re hard. Essentially, you have the results you were looking to achieve in the following months. You finish the ab exercises, and you go home to take a shower.

When you get out of the shower, you realize that what you saw in the gym might have been an illusion. Well, what you’ve just experienced is a pump, and that’s one of the most important parts of muscle growth. First of all, the correct name for a pump is hyperemia. When you exercise a muscle, a lot of blood and oxygen come to help it perform.

The blood and oxygen are diverted from other bodily processes. Therefore, the enlargement of the muscle group makes sense. More blood equals bigger arms, as well as stronger arms. The skin stretches out a little bit, but all of the excess blood is responsible for the density.

A fun fact about the process is that the muscles can get as much as four times their regular amount of blood. The fibers get pumped much more than their normal size. This breaks them, and the fascial layer gets stretched out.  View this link for more info https://www.indianweekender.co.nz/Pages/ArticleDetails/77/13361/Health/Why-your-pre-workout-meal-is-important.

This creates room for more fibers to develop, and that’s how you gain mass. As time goes by, there will also be new vessels in the area called capillaries. They will bring in more nutrients whenever the fibers need them.


How does it affect you mentally?

man working out

Whenever you feel excited about something, you say that you’re feeling pumped. That can be about an upcoming job interview, a vacation, or a competition. In whichever instance, it’s a good thing to feel excited.

The same thing is true for people who experience this phenomenon. If you’re an avid gym-goer, you can see who’s feeling the pump. When you notice somebody looking at themselves in the mirror with admiration and a little bit of surprise, that means they appreciate their gains.

Their confidence levels are through the roof. Take that same person and look at them a week later during the same workout. They might not achieve the same look as last week, and they might feel a little bit ashamed as if they didn’t reach their goal for the day. Sometimes, not getting a pump makes people go home a bit earlier. This means that it definitely affects some people mentally. Others don’t care about it at all.


How do you get the best pump ever?

Bodybuilders have a great trick they use before competitions. As you might know, preparing for a bodybuilding competition is quite difficult. They usually go on diets and consume the best pump supplements for six months to maximize muscle size while burning fat. It’s not an easy job.

This requires a lot of hard work. Before a competition, they’ll restrain themselves and stop drinking water completely. Some of them even spit in a bucket to take all the fluids out of their system. As soon as they reach a desired level of hydration, they go out and eat a super caloric ice cream.

Now you might be thinking to yourself that this doesn’t make any sense. Why would anyone go through a strict diet for six months, spit out all the water from their system, and then eat ice cream? The reason is quite simple. It’s called vascularity.

When you drain all of the water out of your body, your veins start to show, especially if you have a low-fat percentage. In the highest levels of the game, that’s the thing that brings in the trophy. The carbohydrates from ice cream are big molecules, and they pass through the bloodstream.

This increases the size of the veins and the arteries, and the competitors look much more vascular. We’re not suggesting you do the same procedure. However, you should know that the secret to getting a great pump comes in the form of complex carbohydrates.

That can be deep-fried rice, French fries, brown rice, white bread, as well as pasta. All of those foods have a ton of carbs, and your body will react quite nicely if you eat them a day before you go to the gym.

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