Top 5 Reasons to Use Recumbent Bikes for Exercise And Fitness

Considering a workout regimen at home? Deciding on the equipment might not be as easy as it appears. The global COVID pandemic has compelled a change in lifestyle. Just like working from the comfort of their homes, many people are now considering working out indoors instead of hitting the gym.

Reasons to Use Recumbent Bikes for Exercise

There’s no doubt that good equipment can come to your rescue and aid in keeping fit even in these difficult times.

Selecting the best gym equipment can become an arduous task with a plethora of overwhelming choices in the market. From treadmills, rowers to stationary bikes, and its variants the list of gym equipment is extensive.

Here, we discuss why you could consider using a recumbent bike to kick start your exercise regimen. Reliable sites such as simply your market hunt with the latest designs and best quality bikes. If you’re still in two minds, here’s how recumbent bikes can up-cycle your fitness goals. These can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Did you know that recumbent bikes also known as stationary exercise cycles are one of the best choices for almost anybody? One of the main principles of workout is to get your heart pumping. However, regardless of your age, weight, and built, it is crucial to choose a machine that isn’t demanding of your knees and joints. Whether you hit the gym or want to start exercising at home, a recumbent bike is just the appropriate machine to get you in some cardio action.

These stationary bikes occupy relatively lesser space than treadmills and can be a great calorie burner. All you need is to pedal your way into achieving a fit and healthy body. Want to instantly boost your mood? Paddling on an incumbent bike can be a good propeller for your mind as well!

Design and technique

Not very different than cycling a regular bicycle in terms of the motion you would use, just that this machine is set up a little differently. A recumbent bike has its seat placed slightly higher than that of a standard cycle. The handlebar is right in front with the bike seat placed parallel to its pedals. A few models have the seat placed much above its pedals. This allows the user to sit with his legs extended in the front as he pedals.

Worried about the calorie count? A recumbent bike can enable you to burn as many calories as an upright one would. The former puts less strain on your back which makes the workout experience increasingly comfortable. These cycles allow you to target most of your major muscles. Among the muscles, this stationary rotation device helps work out the following areas:

– Abs

– Hamstrings

– Quadriceps

– Tibialis anterior

– Gluteus maximus

– Calves

– Hip muscles

In your market research, you could come across upright cycles as well but as compared to those the reclining cycle is a better option for those suffering from lower back pain. This design provides support for the back. Moreover, if you are new to cycling, this model makes the experience less strenuous and more comfortable. It is effective for cardiovascular exercise. The best thing is that it can be used by anybody.

If you are unable to make up your mind on whether to choose a stationary reclining cycle or an on-road one, these 5 top reasons on why you could opt for the former one would help you make a comprehensive choice.

Workout comfort

This exercise cycle puts less stress on your lower back; thanks to your posture on the bike. Yes, unlike on the standard bike, you don’t have to hunch over the handlebars. The way you need to sit on a reclining cycle promotes a better spinal posture. It is the bucket seat that provides lumbar support. Also, your joints such as those on your ankles and knees will be better protected against exercise injuries.

The safety factor

As opposed to a normal bicycle, the recumbent bike has its seat closer to the ground. If you take a look at the pedals, you’ll find it in front instead of being placed under the rider. Even users who have a problem with balance, the reclining cycles makes a great option for them. This means that even in case of an accident, the rider is likely to suffer lesser injuries.

Target toning your muscles

Target toning your muscles

Not just a machine to fulfill your cardio workout needs, the recumbent motorbikes can work on your lower body equally well. With the pedal position, your muscles won’t feel the strain like in any traditional upright workout bike. Your hamstrings will be more in use along with the glutes and calves.

Riding a normal bicycle on the road would have a speed limit. A recumbent one is speedier than its traditional counterpart. On this cycle’s indoor version, you can cycle at your pace and accelerate as much as you want without fearing other obstacles. Find out whether a higher bicycle seat can enable paddling speed here.

One machine: multiple usages

multiple usages

It’s the contemporary design of the workout bike that allows users to go hands-free while exercising. Isn’t that great? You can complete simple household chores like folding laundered clothes, reading a book, knitting, etc. while working out.

That’ll save your precious time giving you the feeling of double productivity. If it only exercises on your mind, incorporate a workout for your arms and shoulders as your paddle. Simply pick light-weighted dumbbells and you’ll enjoy a full-body workout.

For those who want to lose weight, it must be kept in mind that it is a process and cannot be achieved overnight. Losing weight to boost your fitness levels or to improve cardio strength becomes easier with this simple exercise cycle.

If you are a biking enthusiast looking forward to taking your skills to another level, this may not be the best choice for you but it can be used by athletes for recovery from minor injuries or simply to change pace from their usual training.

Everyday users who wish to improve their fitness and stamina, you can bank on this smart workout cycle to reduce the risk of strain and injury.

Low impact complete body workout

Low impact complete body workout

As opposed to an upright cycle, a recumbent one suits all skill levels. Even if you suffer neurological issues, it would be safe for your body as the overall impact of exercising on this cycle is low. Low impact not only diminishes chances of pain and injury, but it is also excellent for endurance.

Recumbent bikes are fantastic for blood pressure and heart rate regulation. When done correctly and regularly, this form of exercising can improve your cardiovascular health. With its in-built intelligent programs, you can run up a hill for as long as you want. Providing for comfortable biking, this equipment can be used for a longer duration. You can maintain the optimum heart-rate to burn more calories.

The construct of these bikes is such that the reclining position allows your weight to spread evenly over the user’s back and hips. Aging citizens looking to promote strength and mobility can find promising results without straining the lumbar. This equipment works well for any fitness level.

Things to remember when using a recumbent bike at home

Regardless of the style of exercise -bicycle you use, when it comes to working out, these aspects must be kept in mind.

– Make sure that your stationary cycle has been installed and positioned appropriately. The moving parts of your bike must have free space to function well.

– Before you begin cycling, adjust the seat and the handlebar to position yourself perfectly in the seat. Remember that a proper position is crucial so that you don’t risk tripping. A safe workout will protect you from injury and make your exercise effective.

– If you experience any pain in front of your knee, the seat of pain could be too much knee bend. On the other hand, if you feel pain in your back, it could be caused by little knee bend. Watch out for the symptoms to readjust as necessary.

Remember, the journey to achieving a fit body requires determination more than anything else. Regular workout on your recumbent bike, a well-balanced nutritious diet, adequate rest, and sleep all combine to provide you with the desired results. Hope the above information comes in handy in your search for the right exercise machine.

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