Last Longer in Bed & Impress The Missus With These 4 Easy Steps

I don’t know if this is true for you but don’t majority of people expect men to be worked up as soon as they get touched? As if we dudes are some sort of automatic sex machines that start up when we’re told to. And when we feel game – well, a little too game perhaps – and come prematurely, they get mad.

last longer in bed

They assume that we’re really selfish for only prioritizing our own “kinks.” Really now, men can feel offended too you know. We also get confused about what women really want.

However, upon soliciting my partner’s opinion about this not too long ago, I found out that it’s all really a misunderstood matter. You see, females have their own reasons to feel dissatisfied about us men. I guess it would be safe to say that our bodies are wired differently and that’s why we don’t seem to be on the same page about a lot of things. For example, matters of sexuality.

It’s true that it’s wrong for society to liken men to sexually rabid creatures that get worked up whenever they see a cleavage or some thick thighs. Girls, please don’t view us in this light and don’t expect us to be brainless, libido-driven beings that operate based on lustful desires. We have hearts and feelings just like you do so we want you to believe us when we say that we don’t get hard for just about anyone, okay? The time, place, and person matters to us more than you know. Check this out:

This brings me to my second point: Please don’t blame us when we come too fast either.

You see, when we’re with people we really like, our emotions get amplified like crazy and that’s when we turn into bloodthirsty sex vermins that you always seem to think of. We get a little too excited and we jump the gun way too fast and we know it’s lame but you should really start taking it more as a compliment rather than irritating.

Now, that’s about enough with that rather pathetic and desperate explanation. Let’s now shift our focus on what we, as guys, can do to help make this experience a little better for the love of our lives.


The Difference Between Sexes’ Drives

The thing that really gets in the way of having a really nice sexy time is the fact that we expect our partners to enjoy the things that we do and to react the way we react. Unfortunately boys, women take longer to reach climax – in fact, compared to us, they’re like turtles. They’re so slow to getting to that point because that’s just how their sexual organs are wired. I guess you can say that they have more tolerance and resistance to stimulation. This is why when we rush for a release without paying much attention to them; we appear to be the most selfish creatures on earth. Most times, this is when World War III starts.

This lack of sensitivity, this absence of care, is what really ticks your woman off. They don’t really hate you. They just blew up at you because you can’t seem to get the fact that you left them hanging. While you may feel self-satisfied and contented with what you’ve gotten from them, they may not share similar feelings. Instead, they probably detest you for acting that way. It’s really insensitive and uncaring. Just imagine if it is your missus that gets you all worked up and leaves before you even reach that peak that you so desperately want to reach. It’s a pretty devastating feeling.

No matter what our partners do, this part of them is something they can’t change that easily. It’s just their biology – which is why we have to take it upon ourselves to make some adjustments. After all, wouldn’t you want to see your partner physically, emotionally, and sexually satisfied with you? When you truly love someone, you can’t help but wish all the best and most delicious things in life for them. Get more information about how you can do this here.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that you should really start thinking about how you’re going to last longer in bed. In fact, we’re here to help you out by giving you some tips and tricks (that we’ve already tried and proven, of course).


Ways To Last Longer In Bed

  • Be Generous With Foreplay – That’s right. We keep forgetting this when we’re in a very passionate state but girls love their kisses and caresses wherever that may be. So make sure to put in the extra effort.
  • Woo Her In The Morning – After a good night’s rest, you have more energy and you are more agile in the morning so why not try to burn some of that newly recharged energy of yours on hot, steamy sex? You’ll surely last longer.
  • Spice It Up A Bit? – Sex toys and sex enhancement supplements are all the rage these days. They can definitely help spark some heated romance between you and your partner, especially if you’ve been together for so long and everything starts feeling like a routine.
  • Ask Her What She Wants – Let’s face it; we don’t ask our gals about their preferences often. It’s all about us, us, and us. Two-way communication is great for couples. When you keep satisfying each other’s needs, I don’t think you’ll have much problems staying together.

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