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Being able to boast extra penis length and girth is something that we all dream of; after all, this is something that will transform our performance between the sheets.

The X4 Labs Extender claims to do all of the above and armed with clinical evidence, it’s something that immediately caught our attention. Here, we take a look at the product in more detail.


The Breakdown on X4 Labs

  • X4 Labs Extender isn’t some product that “might” improve your sexual performances; it is backed by comprehensive evidence. One study showed that the average penis increased by a staggering 30% after just six months.
  • You don’t necessarily have to be looking for extra length to use this product as well, with the technology also working for those of you who have a curved penis or suffer from Peyronie’s disease.
  • On the subject of versatility, the design of the X4 Labs Extender means that it can fit virtually any penis in the world. Big or small, you will be able to use this product successfully.
  • If you are one of the minority who cannot take advantage of the results, you can return the product after six months and receive a full refund. There doesn’t have to be any risk to your pocket with this purchase.
  • The company behind X4 Labs Extender have been covered by huge media organisations and established medical professionals. They ooze trust, as they make products that work.


X4 Labs Extender Cons

  • You will not be able to purchase this product via a prescription.
  • There are several products in the range that are available and this can be confusing for the first-time buyer.

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X4 Labs – How Does it Work?

It might look complicated on first glance, but the X4 Labs Extender works via remarkably simple science. It can be compared to the typical gym session; where we lift weights, and wait for our muscles to recover so they grow back bigger.

The same occurs with this device, with the product relying on traction technology to gently exercise the penis so that the cells in the area start to divide. It goes without saying that as more cells are now prevalent, your penis starts to become much longer and wider.


Will X4 Labs Extender Work For You?

The main reason we hold so much confidence in the X4 Labs Extender is because of the medical backing. For those of you who suffer from a curved penis or Peyronie’s, it has been found that the use of this product can result in up to a 90% improvement.

If on the other hand you are looking to boost your size and ultimately performance in the bedroom, the evidence is equally compelling. A clinical trial showed that after six months the average increase was 30% from their “starting length”, while after just two months it was almost 10%.

With so much scientific backing, we have every reason to believe that X4 Labs Extender will have a similar effect on the size of your penis.


Does X4 Labs Have Side Effects?

No side effects have been reported with the product, although users should always refer to the accompanying instructions to avoid misuse which could prompt discomfort.


X4 Labs Extender Price & Where to Buy it

As we touched upon previously, X4 Labs Extender is available in numerous packages with the “basic” version costing just $114.95.

Those of you who wish to cure Peyronies should refer to the specialist package priced at $199.95, while a Gold Luxury edition is available which supplies every accessory that the manufacturer produces, as well as the device in a shade of gold.

Regardless of your package, all prices appear remarkably low for a product that could prompt relationship-changing effects in the bedroom.

You can buy x4 labs from its official website.


X4 Labs Review Summary

There are plenty of sceptical viewpoints when it comes to the penis enlargement industry, but in the X4 Labs Extender we seem to have found a product that answers back in clinical stats.

The potential to increase the size of your manhood by more than 30% is bordering on the surreal and it’s for this reason that we’d recommend the product to anyone looking for an edge in their sexual performance.

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