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It’s no secret that we live in a world where bigger is unquestionably better and when it comes to sexual performance, those who can penetrate that little bit further cause the ultimate satisfaction.

Therefore, when we saw that the product VigRX Plus was causing a 58.97% in the ability to penetrate a woman on average, we were immediately hooked.

We’ll now take a look at the product in detail to see if it really can turn you from Mr Average, to the man who women can’t get enough of.


The Breakdown on VigRX Plus

  • VigRX Plus has been proven to prompt harder, longer-lasting and ultimately bigger erections. In short, it means that your ability to penetrate your partner further will soar, and you will be able to satisfy her like she’s never experienced in the past.
  • The benefits don’t stop there, with most men experiencing an increase in sexual desire as well as exploding orgasms like never before. Again, the product has been found to transform the sex lives of men around the world.
  • All of the benefits aren’t by any means fabricated either. They are based on real facts, with one clinical study (lasting two years) showing that men were given a 58.97% increase in ability to penetrate their partner after taking VigRX Plus.
  • The study also showed that there was a 47% increase in sex drive, which again just confirms all of the information we highlighted above.
  • VigRX Plus isn’t some sort of complicated product or gadget – it arrives in simple pill form. As such, there won’t be any wholesale changes to your day-to-day activities.
  • The manufacturers have included a 67 day money-back guarantee, meaning that you can try the product without any financial risk.
  • VigRX Plus is manufactured by Leading Edge Health; a company who have released countless successful products over their fifteen year existence. You can trust them, and know what they are giving you is 100% safe.


VigRX Plus Cons

  • It’s not possible to obtain VigRX Plus from the high street or you GP. This is a product which is only available online.
  • In comparison to the likes of Viagra, VigRX Plus is quite new and it might be harder to find large amounts of information about it.


VigRX Plus – How Does it Work?

The science behind VigRX Plus is simple and merely involves increasing the blood flow to the penis.

The manufacturers have taken advantage of Bioperine, Damiana, Tribulus, Hawberry and Korean Red Ginseng to achieve this and in turn, this prompts stronger erections.

The inclusion of Bioperine is there for another reason as well. It has been found that this component can allow the other ingredients to enter your system at a much faster rate, and make the effects occur more quickly.

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Will VigRX Plus Work for You?

As you will have probably noticed with the scientific studies we covered above, the medical backing that is attributed to VigRX Plus is extensive to say the least.

We’ll again reiterate the fact that one clinical trial showed how men who took the product were able to penetrate their partner 58.97% more than those who didn’t.

The exact study confirmed that there was a 71.43% increase in sexual satisfaction as well – showing that as well as prompting direct results, VigRX Plus succeeds in the final goal of improving your sex life.

If we move away from the hard facts briefly, this is a product which is surrounded by impressive success stories. Men as old as 70 have been amazed that they don’t just get erections, but they last as long as they want as well.

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Does VigRX Plus Have Side Effects?

The vast majority of customers won’t suffer any side effects whilst taking Vigrx Plus. However, the manufacturers warn that there can be mild gastrointestinal issues, allergic reactions, headaches and heart palpitations.

These generally affect those taking other forms of medication, which is why it is advisable to check with a doctor before proceeding.


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VigRX Plus Price and Where to Buy it

Like most supplements, significant discounts can be obtained if you purchase in bulk.

For example, while the one month option costs $76.99, a 12-month purchase of Vigrx Plus is priced at $489.99 and would save you $434.

You can buy VigRX Plus from the official website.


VigRX Plus Review Summary

It doesn’t matter what industry you are part of, any product is only as good as the stats that accompany it. It’s for this reason that we’re almightily impressed with VigRX Plus – with the medical studies confirming everything that the marketing spiel claims.

With a money-back guarantee also available, we think this could be the product if you are looking to improve your performance in the bedroom.

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