T+ Total Strength + Performance

T+ Total Strength + Performance
  • Effectiveness
  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Value for money
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For some of us, hitting the gym is difficult. We just can’t get “in the zone”, and every lift feels almost impossible.

It’s for this reason that we were forced to sit up and take notice of T+ Total Strength Performance, a product designed to be taken before those gruelling workouts.

The marketing spiel behind it is convincing, but we’ll take a look to see if it really does work through the course of this review.


The breakdown on T+ Total Strength Performance

  • T+ Total Strength Performance will increase your strength and power and allow you to recover from workouts at record speeds. It means you can take advantage of terrific results; by training harder and lifting more.
  • When we talk about these results, we have reason to be specific. T+ Total Strength Performance is backed by science, after one study found that it can make you increase your strength 36% faster than those people who don’t use it.
  • These gains don’t take an age to occur either; the study was conducted over just a four week period. You can increase your strength in record speeds.
  • The fact that world record powerlifter Casey Williams, and NFL performance trainer Joe Defranco, use T+ Total Strength Performance shows just how highly it is regarded, and how successful it is.
  • The manufacturers can be trusted; they are endorsed by umpteen high-profile organisations such as Men’s Fitness and BodyBuilding.com.


T+ Total Strength Performance Cons

  • It’s currently only possible to purchase one version of the product; there are no discounts available for bulk buying
  • T+ Total Strength Performance can only be bought from the internet, it’s not available from the high-street.



T+ Total Strength Performance – How does it work?

Just like all of the products that Onnit are responsible for, T+ Total Strength Performance is based on a blend of natural ingredients. It works by relying on the following:

Longjack: This is a component which has been proven to help the body restore testosterone levels. As we all know, this hormone plays a significant part in strength and muscle development.

Beta Alanine: Extensive research has been conducted which shows that Beta Alanine can stabilize our pH levels and ultimately allow our muscles to contract at a much more intense rate.

Luteolin: This has again been included for testosterone-related reasons, with Luteolin known to boast anti-estrogenic effects which can allow us to produce more of this strength-building hormone.


Will T+ Total Strength Performance work for you?

The main reason we are convinced about the effectiveness of T+ Total Strength Performance is through the clinical study that was conducted at Florida State University.

This was carried out over a four week period and the results looked at the improvement within squats, bench and deadlifting.

The average strength improvement was a mammoth 36% – suggesting to us that T+ Total Strength Performance doesn’t just work, but it works much better and quicker than competing products that we have looked at as well.


Does T+ Total Strength Performance have side effects?

The only side effect to have been found with this product is mild tingling and flushing, which is common due to the occurrence of Beta Alanine in the ingredients.


T+ Total Strength Performance Price & Where to Buy

T+ Total Strength Performance currently retails for $59.95, which is comparable to rival pre-workout supplements.

You can buy the product from the official onnit store.


T+ Total Strength Performance review summary

As well as being released by one of the most modern and respected brands in the supplements industry, the fact that T+ Total Strength Performance is backed by such a comprehensive clinical study suggests to us that it should be added to your pre-workout checklist.

It’s something which has been proven to boost strength and if this is what you are looking to achieve, the stats speak for themselves.

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