Slim-Fizz By Proto-Col

Slim-Fizz By Proto-Col
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Whenever a new ingredient hits the weight loss world, the press usually jump right on the back of it.

This is exactly what has occurred with glucomannan and the product Slim-Fizz, with the media absolutely besotted with the way in which it works. Here, we’ll take a look at Slim-Fizz in complete detail.


Slim-Fizz Pros

  • Slim-Fizz tackles weight loss from the point where most of us fail. It will stop us consuming anywhere near as many calories, simply by making our stomachs feel fuller than they really are.
  • The secret to Slim-Fizz is the ingredient glucomannon. The product happens to have one of the highest concentrations of glucomannon in the industry, meaning that it works much more effectively when compared against rival products.
  • As we touched on initially, the media cannot get enough of Slim-Fizz. For example, the Daily Mail ran a whole column on the product’s success – and this focussed on the results of one normal journalist just like you.
  • The results from that column were also highly impressive. The journalist in question lost 5lbs in just ten days – and didn’t put the weight back on either.
  • Despite its power, there are no side effects here. Slim-Fizz is a completely natural product meaning that your body won’t be negatively impacted in the slightest.
  • Proto-Col haven’t released this product and just gotten lucky. Let’s not forget that they’ve been around for well over a decade and this is solely because they regularly release successful supplements.


Slim-Fizz Cons

  • Unlike most weight loss supplements, there’s no refund policy attached to Slim-Fizz.
  • The immense press coverage means that it can be difficult to obtain the product and you may have to wait slightly longer than you would expect for delivery.

slim fizz daily mail


Slim-Fizz – How does it work?

The key element of Slim-Fizz is glucomannan. This is a natural ingredient, one which forms a gel when it combines with water.

As such, when it does hit your stomach, this gel makes the body feel as though your stomach is full. Subsequently, you are much less inclined to munch on as many calories.


Will Slim-Fizz work for you?

The beauty about Slim Fizz is that it has been so successful for all of the people who have publically tried it.

Taking the Daily Mail article as a prime example, the journalist here was quick to point out that she had tried and reviewed hundreds of weight loss products.

Through the piece she was seemingly attempting to find a flaw in Slim-Fizz; obtaining medical reports and even statements from dietary boards to reveal the full truth so-to-speak.

By the end of the article she was almost flabbergasted. All of her research, and the fact she had lost 5lb in 10 days, made her conclude that Slim-Fizz could be a ground-breaking form of natural weight loss treatment.

Bearing this in mind, we think Slim-Fizz should work for the majority of people who try it.


Does Slim-Fizz have side effects?

Slim-Fizz is comprised completely naturally and this means that no side effects have been associated with the product.


Slim-Fizz Price & Where to Buy it

Slim-Fizz is currently sold in ten day packages, with each of these costing £19.95. This appears to be in-line with what most other glucomannan-based products are priced at.

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Slim-Fizz review summary

There’s no doubt that glucomannan is a hugely powerful ingredient, and the weight loss industry is catching on quickly.

Considering Slim-Fizz’s credentials, and the fact that so much research has been conducted on the product in the national newspapers, we would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone who is looking to shed a few pounds in a short period of time.

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