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For a lot of years we’ve been used to women getting all of the attention when it comes to orgasm-boosting products.

Now, Semenax seems to be changing things, with this supplement claiming to help you achieve longer orgasms than ever before, as well as providing you with orgasm-control which just didn’t seem possible. Let’s now investigate this natural supplement further.


The breakdown on Semenax

  • Semenax will provide you with orgasms that are longer than you have ever experienced. You will have significantly more semen at your disposal; everything will just be better than you have ever felt.
  • It’s not just you that will benefit. The supplement gives you much more control over your orgasms, allowing you to finish whenever your want – and allow her to reap the benefits of this.
  • This isn’t a product which is going to wreak havoc downstairs. It has been comprised from completely natural ingredients, meaning that you don’t have to have any worries whatsoever about side effects.
  • The results of Semenax are there for all to see. In one study, it was found that those men who used Semenax ejaculated 20% more semen than a placebo group.
  • The manufacturers are so confident that their product will work, they have attached a 60-day refund policy. In simple terms, if you don’t like Semenax, you can claim all of your money back within the first 60 days.
  • Semenax has been brought to market by Leading Edge Health. These guys have been around for over 15 years and now have countless supplements to their name. Many are best-sellers in their respective industries and they just ooze expertise in every way possible.


Semenax Cons

  • Semenax is a product which isn’t readily available on the high-street; you should turn to the internet to purchase it.
  • If you are suffering with any condition that affects your ability to ejaculate, Semenax is unlikely to help. It’s not designed to treat these sorts of conditions.

semenax review


Semenax – How does it work?

The way in which Semenax works is alarmingly simple. The manufacturers have found that the higher quantities of semen that you ejaculate, the longer and more intense your orgasms become.

It means that the product simply aims to increase the amount of semen that is produced by your body. To do this, it affects the seminal vesicle fluids, prostate gland fluids, seminal plasma and bulbourethral gland fluids – all of which form your semen. To put the importance of some of these fluids into perspective, the seminal vesicle fluids make up 70% of the amount of fluid you ejaculate – so affecting this figure can have a tremendous knock-on effect.

After just sixty days a lot of men have found that they are ejaculating more semen and as a result, their orgasms are stronger and more mind-blowing than ever before.


Will Semenax work for you?

We’re simply going to point to a study which was conducted on Semenax for this question. A two-month trial surrounding the product was conducted involving 63 male participants. One group took Semenax twice per day, while the other group took a placebo.

By the end of the trial, it was found that there were more men in the Semenax group who ejaculated an additional 20% of semen than in the placebo. It was also found that those men within the Semenax group reported higher orgasm intensity.

Considering the fact that Semenax is measured against both of these factors, the results suggest to us that the supplement will work for any man who is looking to boost his orgasm quality.


Does Semenax have side effects?

Unsurprisingly, a lot of men can be quite cautious with products like this, or anything which tinkers with the ‘crown jewels’. Fortunately, as Semenax only takes advantage of natural ingredients, it means that you don’t have to have any worries whatsoever about side effects.


Semenax Price & Where to Buy

It’s possible to buy Semenax in numerous packages, with the first being a one month supply that now retails for $59.95.

However, if you are confident about using the product for the foreseeable future (the manufacturers believe it takes around sixty days to see the first results), it might be advisable to take advantage of a bulk-buy discount. For example, three months’ worth is available for $154.95, with this saving you $25.

Alternatively, for a $70 saving consider the six month package for $289.95, or for a $319 saving a one-year package can be bought for $399.95.

The best pricing is available from the official semenax website.


Semenax review summary

Overall, we were impressed with what we saw with Semenax. It’s always difficult to measure orgasms when it comes to supplements of this kind, but the fact the clinical trial fared so favorably with Semenax certainly filled us with optimism that this could be a game-changing product for those of you who want to get more out of the bedroom.

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