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The penis enlargement industry can be shady at times, so when we spotted a product that is used in over 60 public hospitals and private clinics around the wrodl we immediately sat up and took notice.

ProExtender has hit the market with some significant backing and if you are looking to enhance your performance between the sheets, read our in-depth review to find out more.


The Breakdown on ProExtender

  • ProExtender isn’t some sort of magic pill; it’s a contraption that works on basic science. It will gently provide traction to your penis; multiplying the tissues in the region and subsequently improving its length and girth.
  • The latter benefits mean one thing; better performance in the bedroom. You will be able to penetrate deeper and just keep your other half much more satisfied.
  • It can also help cure the crooked penis. Due the way in which the contraption works, it can extend it to gently straighten out your penis and again improve your sexual performance.
  • ProExtender is recommended in 29 different countries, by countless public hospitals and private clinics. In other words, the medical industry has complete faith that this is a product that works and is safe to use.
  • Additionally, the product has been covered by some of the biggest brands in the world including The New York Times, BBC, The Sun and Men’s Fitness. Again, it shows just how much faith is invested in it, as well as the fact that it’s completely safe to use.
  • Some of the results are beyond comprehension. For example, one man added no less than two inches to the length of his penis in a matter of months.
  • The manufacturers, Leading Edge Health, are one of the most renowned brands in the medical industry and have been releasing successful products since 1999. Again, it just adds to the credibility of ProExtender.


ProExtender Cons

  • At present, it’s only possible to purchase ProExtender online.
  • There might be some initial soreness when you start to use the product, as your penis gets used to the contraption.


ProExtender – How Does it Work?

We hit the gym looking to break down and rebuild our biceps, and the same sort of science can be related to ProExtender. The product is just based on traction, where the tissues around the penis are gently stretched. Over time, the area starts to “heal” – which results in tissue duplication. As you’ve probably guessed by now, this ultimately causes a bigger penis.


Will ProExtender Work for You?

From what we’ve seen so far, there is every chance that ProExtender will increase the size of your penis. For a start, the system arrives in four different components including a penis enlargement device, enhancement pills, volume increaser pills and even a tutorial CD – meaning that the manufacturers are immediately providing you with umpteen ways to improve your sex life.

From a clinical perspective, the omens also appear to be promising. In 1998, a study was conducted between eighteen patients, with the results quite alarming. After just three weeks, the average increase in penis size was 17%, while after 24 weeks this rose to 29%.

The proof isn’t just in the numbers though, with the product backed by a catalogue of superb reviews from past users. The average increase seems to be between one and two inches over the course of a few months and for most of us, this would simply transform our bedroom experiences.


Does ProExtender Have Side Effects?

Other than the initial soreness that some users might experience, no side effects have been reported with the use of ProExtender.


ProExtender Price and Where to Buy it

The manufacturers of ProExtender are renowned for their discounts and while the RRP of the product is $859.94, it’s currently possible to purchase it for $429.95. This includes the four separate systems that were mentioned previously, so there is definite value for money in there.

You can buy ProExtender from the Official website of the manufacturer.


ProExtender Review Summary

It’s not your typical penis enlargement product – but that’s exactly what alerted us to ProExtender. This contraption arrives with everything, from the scientific backing to the genuine customer reviews.

Bearing this in mind, we think it’s well worth a try if you are looking to add an inch or so onto the length of your penis.

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