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It’s a problem that can destroy the confidence of even the boldest men out there. Unfortunately, hair loss is becoming even more prominent than ever – whether this is due to stress, chemicals that we apply to our head or a whole array of reasons.

The good thing is that the experts are quickly devising ways to tackle this problem and potentially eradicate it for good. Procerin is one of these solutions and if you are suffering from hair loss, here’s a review of the product to see if it could work for you.

procerin combo package to stop hair loss


The breakdown on Procerin

  • Procerin is a clinically-proven treatment that arrives in both topical and tablet-form.
  • This isn’t some sort of “maybe” product that “might” work, it has all of the ingredients that stop hair loss in its tracks. It will block DHT (one of the big hormones that causes hair loss), revitalize your hair follicles and just generally make your hair much healthier.
  • Procerin isn’t just backed up by marketing spiel; it has hard and fast numbers as well. For example, 94% of men who used the product experienced a reduction in hair loss, while 93% would recommend it to others in the same boat.
  • As well as the stats, there are umpteen success stories that back up Procerin. Many men have experienced results in three months; it works at record-speeds.
  • There are further indications that the product will work through the generous guarantee, with the manufactures providing a 90-day refund window. In other words, if you don’t like the results, you can get your money back.
  • The company behind Procerin are Speedwinds Nutrition. Having been in business for almost fifteen years, it would be fair to say that they are hugely established and are completely trustworthy when it comes to the supplements industry.


Procerin Cons

  • Procerin mainly works by targeting DHT; a compound which doesn’t exist in significant amounts in the female body. Ultimately, the product isn’t suited to women.
  • Due to the fact that Procerin isn’t a prescription drug, it is not approved by the FDA.


Procerin – How does it work?

To say that Procerin attacks hair loss through numerous methods would be an understatement; this is a product which uses several angles to combat the problem.

The main way in which it works is by blocking DHT. Short for dihydrotestosterone, this is a chemical which builds up in the body and has been scientifically associated with hair loss. The ingredients within Procerin are able to stop DHT in its tracks, and stop hair loss in the process.

Then, the product is able to revitalize your hair follicles. This is where the topical element of the treatment steps in, with this preventing any DHT which has formed in the body from binding to the hair follicle receptors. Again, it means that your body won’t succumb to the damaging effects of this chemical.

While Procerin is mainly used to prevent hair loss, it is also able to promote new growth. Not for the first time the topical treatment steps in here, with this boosting your hair’s nutrients and allowing it to prosper again.

procerin foam ingredients

procerin hair loss supplement review


Will Procerin work for you?

We’ll firstly take a look at some of the statistics which have originated from clinical studies in relation to the treatment. One found that 94% of men who had used Procerin before had seen their hair loss slow down – which is obviously the principle aim.

Elsewhere, some of the anecdotal results are just as interesting. One man, who had been losing his hair for the last sixteen years, experienced his first hair growth after just three months of using the product. Suffice to say, its evidence like this which indicates to us that Procerin will work for you.

procerin supplement bottle procerin foam bottle


Does Procerin have side effects?

The only side effect that has been linked with Procerin is mild stomach pains during the first few days – although this is only a temporary issue.

The blocking of DHT is controversial as well. Some studies show that DHT is not only blocked in the receptors located in the scalp, but everywhere else.


Procerin Price & Where to buy

It’s possible to buy Procerin in various packages. For those looking to take full advantage of the science, the tablets and the topical solution are available in a one month supply for $49.99. Alternatively, if you’d like to take advantage of a bulk discount, a six month package is priced at $219.99.

If you would just like to buy the tablets, they are $26.95 for one month. Again, bulk discounts are available, with six months’ worth of tablets priced at $119.95.

The final option is to just take the topical solution, which is $36.95 for a one month solution. The six month offering here is available for $159.95 – which is another substantial saving.

The best price and shipping is available from amazon right here.


Procerin review summary

Having now reviewed Procerin in full detail, we’re firmly impressed with the way in which the product attacks hair loss from so many different angles.

With all of these backed by science, and the product performing so favorably in relation to clinical studies, we would unquestionably recommend to any man who has suffered with hair loss over recent times.

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