Proactol XS

Proactol XS
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Fat binders have received huge amounts of attention over the last few years, with the science behind the products being sophisticated to say the least.

However, few are able to make the same claims that Proactol XS does.

Proactol is simply able to bind 800 times its own weight in fat. Here is a quick review of this product.


The Breakdown on Proactol XS

  • Studies have already found that Proactol XS is 33% more effective than rival fat binders, making it the obvious choice if you wish to lose weight via such a method.
  • Already, the product is hitting the market with a storm. It has hoards of testimonials and a large social media following – highlighting that it has already gained the industry’s trust and it is helping people like you.
  • Taking Proactol XS doesn’t have to be complicated; you’ll just take two pills a day and let the rest take care of itself.
  • Proactol XS is endorsed by numerous bodies and has even won awards, including Bauer Nutrition’s Best Choice accolade. It’s further evidence that it will work for you, but more importantly that it’s also safe.
  • The manufacturers generously supply exercise routines and example recipes, to help make your weight loss process even more effective.
  • You can buy Proactol XS with a 30 day money-back guarantee, meaning that you can purchase it without a risk to your pocket.
  • And finally, Proactol is made by Marlia health, the UK’s leading dietary supplements manufacturer, so rest assured that this is a quality product made with pure ingredients.


Proactol XS Cons

  • Anyone who suffers from kidney problems or high cholesterol is advised to avoid this product due to the concoction of ingredients.
  • At the moment Proactol XS has to be purchased on the internet and can’t be acquired through an NHS prescription.


Proactol XS – How Does it Work?

The manner in which Proactol XS works can be highlighted through the general fat binding principles. The product contains an ingredient called Chitosan, which is a soluble fibre that’s able to prevent fats being absorbed.

It “clings” onto the fats, enlarging them and making it so the body simply cannot digest them. It goes without saying that as less fat is entering the body, less weight is being put onto our waistlines (or any other area for that matter). In short, our calorie intake is being drastically reduced.

proactol xs how does it work


Will Proactol XS Work For You?

For such a new product, the science behind ProactolXS is already impressive. The manufacturers have the backing of over forty medical studies and as we highlighted at the start of this review, the most compelling piece of evidence came through one which found that the product can bind 800 times the fat of its own weight.

Immediately, this means that it becomes 33% more effective than competing fat binders.

proactol reviews

proactol xs

The success also seems to translate into “real life” stories, with umpteen past customers reporting success. Most appear to be reducing their size by five or six, with this usually equating to around a 50lb loss in weight.

There have of course being some even bigger case studies, with one man losing an incredible 163lbs and freeing himself of diabetes as well.


Does Proactol XS Have Side Effects?

The natural makeup of Proactol XS means that no side effects have yet been reported.

proactol dosage


Proactol XS Price & Where to But it

Like most products in this industry, there are various packages of Proactol XS available.

While the most popular is the one that lasts for 60 days at a cost of £84.95, it’s also possible to obtain further discounts by purchasing a 90-day solution which retails for £124.95.

For those wishing to test the product, 10-day and 30-day options are available at £24.95 and £46.95 respectively.

You can buy proactol from the official website – click here to visit the official website


Proactol XS Review Summary

The fact that ProactolXS is able to bind such large amounts of fat makes it a hugely interesting product in our eyes.

The studies have already confirmed that it beats rival products hands down and with the manufacturers also attaching a money-back guarantee, this is something that we think you should at least try if you are attempting to lose weight.

Click here to visit the official Proactol website

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