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Over recent years the supplements industry has come on leaps and bounds; so much so that it’s become much easier for the average man to shred the fat and pile on muscle.

This is certainly the case with PhenQ and with this product targeting weight loss via so many different avenues, it’s proving to be one of the more interesting supplements on the market. Here’s our review.

phenq professional review


PhenQ Pros

  • PhenQ is one of the more unique weight loss products around and works by suppressing your appetite, increasing your metabolism, improving your energy levels and even boosting your mood. It will help you lose weight via a whole magnitude of different ways.
  • The manufacturers haven’t just relied on any old formula, scientific research has backed the blend of ingredients that form PhenQ. All of the studies that have been conducted show that you can lose weight and build muscle – the perfect combination for any man.
  • Don’t worry about any difficult or time-consuming methods of consumption. PhenQ is capsule-based, simply pour a glass of water and swallow the capsule to reap the rewards.
  • There’s no financial risk with PhenQ. The product arrives with a 60-day money-back guarantee; you don’t have to risk a cent.
  • Such a guarantee shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with the manufacturers. Bauer Group are absolutely massive; they have offices in the UK, US and UAE – they can certainly be trusted.


PhenQ Cons

  • If you are sensitive to caffeine you should be aware that PhenQ contains this ingredient.
  • PhenQ can currently only be bought from online sources.


PhenQ – How does it work?

PhenQ is one of the more interesting weight loss supplements out there as it targets weight loss via multiple methods.

It will increase your metabolism, suppress your appetite, boost your energy levels so you can burn more calories through the day as well as improving your mood so you resist the urge to “comfort eat”.

To do all of the above, one of the main components it relies on is a-Lacys Reset. Extensive research has been invested into this ingredient, with the formula able to accelerate your metabolism and also prompt thermogenesis.

We all know the power about the former, but in relation to thermogenesis this is a process which slowly increases your body’s temperature and therefore makes it burn more calories. It’s a hugely powerful substance – one that has certainly captured the nation.

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Will PhenQ work for you?

One of the primary reasons we hold a relatively high amount of confidence in PhenQ is because of the science. As we’ve just mentioned, the main ingredient that forms this product is a-Lacys Reset.

Umpteen studies have backed this ingredient up in relation to weight loss, with one showing that the average body fat loss was 7.24% amongst participants.

Additionally, the average body weight drop was 3.44%, while muscle growth was even increased by an average of 3.80%.

As science cannot be masked, we are convinced that this could be one of the more successful weight loss products around that helps you.

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Does PhenQ have side effects?

At the present time no side effects are known, although due to the product’s caffeine-content anyone with an allergy to this should be wary.

phenq label and supplement facts


PhenQ Price

One bottle of PhenQ is available for $69.95, although it’s when you purchase several at a time where the big savings kick in. In these cases you can buy five bottles for just less than $200, creating a massive discount in the process.

PhenQ can only be bought from the official store right here.


PhenQ review summary

PhenQ is marketed on the premise that it helps you lose weight from multiple angles. While this impressed us, the main takeaway from this review was the science behind the product.

Studies showed that it was statistically proven to help you lose weight and if you are in the market for an external aid like this, we’d therefore recommend PhenQ in a flash.

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