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Most sexual products will sell themselves on benefiting your partner, and rightly so. Therefore, when we heard of Performer5, our eyes immediately lit up. This is a product that not only claims to give you a bigger and thicker penis to please her, but it will also give you more intense orgasms, with even more semen. We were intrigued and subsequently created this review to scrutinise the product further.


The breakdown on Performer5

  • Performer5 is a product which prides itself on increasing the size and strength of your penis, and therefore giving your partner that extra bit of satisfaction.
  • In contrast to rival products, it has also been proven to provide you with more intense orgasms, and help you ejaculate up to five times more than you’re used to. In other words, experience those orgasms that go on and on.
  • Take Performer5 without any concerns to your health, with all of the ingredients being completely natural and providing absolutely no risk to your body.
  • Performer5 has been covered by some of the biggest media outlets around, from Men’s Health, Daily Mail and The Sun. As such, it oozes credibility.
  • There’s absolutely no financial risk on your part, with the manufacturer providing a generous 60 day guarantee in the promotion.


Performer5 Cons

  • It might arrive with exquisite feedback from numerous outlets, but Performer5 is still only available online. There’s no way to acquire it through a prescription.
  • Anyone who suffers from blood pressure issues is advised to avoid the product, or at least consult with a doctor before taking it.


Performer5 – How does it work?

It would be fair to say that Performer5 differs from a lot of its rivals; after all, there are few products on the market which allow men to produce as much semen as this aids with. Part of the reason for this is its interesting concoction of ingredients, which we will now analyse.

performer5, the review

Zinc – This is the component that the manufacturers are placing the most attention on. Numerous studies have proven that zinc raises testosterone levels, as well as improving sperm production. One in particular showed that when a candidate’s zinc levels dropped, their semen levels fell by more than 30%.

L-Arginine – This is one of the most common ingredients in sexual products, with L-Arginine increasing those illusive nitric oxide levels. It allows more blood to flow to the penis and as we all know, this prompts bigger and thicker erections.

L-Glycine – This component has been added for one reason and one reason only, to help your penis get bigger. It aids the growth of HGH, which ultimately links to the size of your penis.

Nettle Leaf Powder – Another one of the more interesting components, this will battle the body’s natural Aromatese inhibitor which attempts to lower testosterone levels. As we’ve concluded on numerous times through this review, these levels are crucial to capture all of the benefits that Performer5 is based upon.


Will Performer5 work for you?

One of the most telling parts about Performer5 is its medical backing. The majority of the ingredients utilised have extensive medical backing and particularly in the case of zinc, there are countless doctors claiming that this could be the next big thing in the sexual health industry.

The age of this product means that there aren’t hoards of customer reviews to analyse, but we’re optimistic that it will be a winner following the manufacturer’s own research. For these products to be successfully released into the market, accurate testing has to be performed. It was found that some men could ejaculate up to five times more after taking Performer5 – and this in itself says to us that it could very much work for you.

Those people that have tried it have commented on its other benefits as well, with some even claiming that they no longer have any fear when approaching women – simply because they completely trust their sexual performance thanks to Performer5.


Does Performer5 have side effects?

Performer5 relies on entirely natural products, and this means that no side effects have been reported.


Performer5 Price & Where to Buy it

If you are just looking to test the effects of Performer5 to see if it does live up to its soaring reputation, a one month supply will cost £39.99.

It’s when you start to trust the product that the real benefits arrive though, with seven bottles of it being sold for less than £150.

You can purchase performer5 right here.


Performer5 review summary

Nobody can dispute that Performer5 is one of the more unique sexual enhancement products, simply because of its emphasis on ejaculation. However, let’s not kid ourselves – this is a product which offers far more than extra semen production. There is proof to show that you can get a bigger penis, have a better sex drive and generally satisfy your partner much more easily. With that, we’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Performer5.


Buy Performer5 from The Official Website!

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