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Any product that claims to increase the size of your penis within fifteen minutes is always worth a look in our opinion.

That’s exactly what the marketers behind Penomet suggest and in a bid to see if your sex life really can be boosted in such record speeds, here’s an in-depth review on the device.

The Breakdown on Penomet

  • Penis pumps have been effective penis enhancers for many a year, but Penomet has gone one step further. It uses a water assisted approach to make the pumping process even more efficient and make your penis grow at a rate which is unprecedented for this industry.
  • When we talk about these unprecedented lengths, we’re referring to the potential to add three inches to your manhood. With 30% increases in girth also being known, your ability in the bedroom will take a turn for the incredible and you will be able to perform at levels that weren’t ever possible before.
  • Even though Penomet works most efficiently in water, it can still be used outside the bath or shower making it extremely versatile.
  • There are often a lot of concerns when it comes to the construction of these devices, but Penomel is made up of medical grade silicon which makes it completely safe for you to use.
  • The manufacturers have generously attached a lifetime replacement warranty to the product; suggesting that it is durable and will last for life.
  •   They’re also offering a 60-day money-back guaranteed clause, meaning that you can at least try and boost the size of your penis without any financial commitment whatsoever.

Penomet Cons

  • Penomet arrives with several interchangeable gaiters, and it can be difficult to gauge which one is the most appropriate during your initial use.

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Penomet – How does it work?

Penomet might look like something of an unconventional contraption, but the science it is based on is incredibly simple. It all revolves around vacuum technology and through the assistance of water; a vacuum can be created around the penis shaft which ultimately expands the tissues of the organ.

penomet review

review of penomet penis pump

penomet review



In comparison to competing products, the unique selling point of Penomet is the use of water. This allows the vacuum to distribute completely even pressure around the penis and therefore make growth more efficient.

Other products merely take advantage of air to create the vacuum and this is considerably less effective.

penomet test


Will Penomet work for you?

At the time of writing, all of the evidence suggests that Penomet will work for you and anyone else who tries it. The aqua based vacuum science is convincing in itself, but the customer reviews perhaps provide a more telling argument.

It’s here that we see some of the real results in which Penomet can provide. For example, one man used the product for three months and has added half an inch to his size.

This isn’t a “temporary” measure either, that extra half an inch will stay with him for life. As well as similar testimonials, a lot of men will also be quick to bask praise on the product for its ease of use, with many saying that the introduction of water made the vacuum process much more comfortable.


Penomet, Winner of The Venus Awards 2013 – Best Male Enhancement Product

best penis pump : penomet

penomet venus awards 1

penomet venus awards 2



Penomet has won the Best Penis Pump of the year three times in a row.


2014 – Pictures from Berlin’s Venus Gala Dinner.

venus award 2014

best penis pump 2014


Does Penomet have side effects?

Due to the fact that Penomet does not rely on air pressure, there have been no side effects recorded with the product.


Penomet Price & Where to Buy it

This is a product which can arrive in three packages, with the first being Penomet Standard that costs $127 / £79.

To take advantage of further gaiters, and potentially increase your size even more, Penomet Extra and Penomet Premium should be considered.

These retail at $197 / £127 and $297 / £197 respectively, which is certainly a small price to pay for that added self-confidence in the bedroom, considering the pricey alternatives of course.

You can Buy Penomet from the Official Website


Penomet review summary

Any “exercise” contraption in the penis enhancement field is interesting, but the use of water makes Penomet particularly impressive. In comparison to rival products, this is certainly one of the more comfortable ones on the market and as it offers both short-term and long-term size gains, it’s something that we’re going to thoroughly recommend to the marketplace.

Buy Penomet from the Official Website

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