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We’ve all heard of the surgeries that are charged with increasing the size of your penis but most of the time, few of us have the bottle to invest in procedures.

Therefore, when we found a DIY device available on the market, we had to sit up and take notice.

Male Edge has received rave reviews from industry experts and in a bid to see what all the fuss is about, here is a review on the product and whether or not it can help you increase the size of your manhood.


The breakdown on Male Edge

  • Male Edge isn’t based on some wild concoction of drugs, it’s an “exercise device” for your penis. It applies a gentle stretching sensation to the penis, which causes cells to dive and multiply in a process called cytokinesis. In essence, it works very similar to when you exercise mainstream muscles.
  • While some contraptions hit the market without much substance, scientific studies have confirmed that Male Edge works. Therefore, as soon as you attach the device to your penis, you can be sure that the size is slowly being increased.
  • Male Edge is exceptionally easy to use and the discreet nature of it means that you could even wear it to work. In other words, increase the size of your penis whilst sitting in the office!
  • The results from using the device are quite astonishing, with some people experiencing growth of up to three inches.
  • The product arrives with a helpful instructional DVD, telling you exactly what to do so you know that you penis is benefiting immediately.


Male Edge Cons

  • This is a product which requires dedication and if you think your penis is going to grow to by three inches overnight, you’re sadly mistaken. You will need to be patient and witness the gradual results.
  • If you buy the basic product, the packaging doesn’t arrive with protective foam.


Male Edge – How does it work?

The way in which Male Edge works is through traction. Again, we’re going to refer you to the standard muscle building process; you go to the gym, work those arms, and start to see them slowly grow over time. Male Edge follows a similar path and with the device putting your penis under a mild amount of tension, cells are gradually broken down before being multiplied.

The beauty about the product is that the reverse effect cannot occur. Strictly speaking, the penis isn’t a muscle, meaning that even when you stop using Male Edge the results you achieved will stay in place.

maleedge package

male edge extender

male edge box

male edge CD and extender review


Will Male Edge work for you?

When it comes to penis enlargement fads, we’re always sceptical. A lot of them, particularly the drug-based ones, arrive with a lot of hype but little substance.

In the case of Male Edge, we were genuinely surprised. From a scientific perspective, numerous studies have been conducted which analyse the “traction” claims and show that in fact, gentle stretching of the penis does benefit its size over time.

When we then turned to past customer feedback, the results were even more promising. Admittedly, not everyone has experienced an additional three inches, but on the whole most were reporting at least an inch of improvement which is quite fantastic for a non-surgical concept.


Does Male Edge have side effects?

While some users may experience slight discomfort during the early stages, there have been no significant side effects associated with the product. If you use it as per the instructions, there should be absolutely no concerns.


Male Edge Price & Where to Buy it

There are three possible options when purchasing; MaleEdge Basic, MaleEdge Pro and MaleEdge Extra. The base product costs just $179, the mid-range is priced at $199 while the Pro version will set you back $219.

You can buy Male Edge from the official website right here.


Male Edge review summary

We were always going to be intrigued when we saw the description of this product. Any device which is designed to exercise your penis is always interesting, particularly if it also arrives with medical backing.

Having now scrutinised the product we’re under the firm impression that it will make head waves, and perhaps become a truly viable alternative to surgical procedures for those customers who can be bothered to put the work in.


Visit The Official Male Edge Website!

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