ENERGYbits Algae Supplement

ENERGYbits Algae Supplement

In the hectic business of day-to-day life, being able to reach for a handful of energy is something we all crave. Unfortunately, at least a lot of the time, this usually involves cooking up a time-consuming meal.

This is where ENERGYbits comes into play, with this high protein snack targeting anyone who needs that sudden charge of energy that will prepare them for anything though the day. Here is our full review of the supplement.


The breakdown on ENERGYbits

  • ENERGYbits will provide you with extra energy, more mental alertness and increased endurance – all in one go.
  • The product is packaged in tiny tablets, they’re so easy to consume.
  • The product is comprised mainly from spirulina algae, a natural ingredient. All you are consuming are plant-based products, there aren’t going to be any nasty side effects here.
  • The importance of spirulina algae should not be understated. The UN classed it as one of the greatest superfoods n earth, while NASA feed it to their astronauts. Could there be any bigger endorsements?
  • On the subject of NASA, their own research showed that 1kg of spirulina had the same nutritional value of 1,000 kg of fruits and vegetables. It means you can transform your health, without cooking those time-consuming meals.
  • To sum all of the above up – one serving of ENERGYbits will allow you to meet almost all of your daily nutritional requirements. Do we need to mention the time-factor again?
  • The company behind ENERGYbits are quickly becoming hugely established. They have bases all around the country – all we’re going to say is going to watch this space, they’re big.


ENERGYbits Cons

  • The product is slightly pricier than similar energy-boosting supplements.
  • You will need to take 30 tablets per serving, which might seem like a lot compared to other supplements you may have tried.


ENERGYbits – How does it work?

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ENERGYbits mainly takes advantage of spirulina algae, which has been found to offer umpteen health benefits.

Firstly, this is a nitrogen based algae and this is significant. The nitric oxide will open up your blood vessels, allowing your body to benefit from a larger supply of oxygen and nutrients. The knock-on effect is simple; you’ll feel revitalized and have considerably more energy.

As well as the above, the nutritional value of this supplement should not be understated. Each serving has immense value for the human body; for example, they have 64% of protein which is more than a piece of steak would provide. When you consider the fact that NASA have found that 1kg of the algae is the equivalent of 1,000 kg of fruits and vegetables – it really is like carrying a meal in your pocket and the small tablets can act as a direct meal replacement.

To continue from the above, you’ll consume just one calorie per tablet. Ultimately, you’ll be consuming plenty of nutrients, curbing your hunger, but doing your waistline no harm whatsoever.


Will ENERGYbits work for you?

Some of the science behind this product is alarming. Some of the biggest organizations of the world have endorsed the main ingredient, spirulina algae, with NASA feeding it to their astronauts so they can easily take in all of the nutrients that are usually found in so many fruits and vegetables.

On a similar level, the United Nations classed spirulina algae as one of the greatest superfoods on earth and suffice to say, such statements aren’t made unless the facts are set in stone.

In terms of the feedback from real people, the signs are also encouraging. Some have said that they can now get significantly more out of their workouts after taking the tablets, while others just feel mentally more stimulated and can power through a day. There’s even one person who has shed 15 lbs after taking the supplement.


Does ENERGYbits have side effects?

The manufacturer’s insistence on only relying on plant-based ingredients means that there are no side effects associated with ENERGYbits.

ENERGYbits Price

1,000 tablets are currently available to buy for $120, with this meaning that the cost per serving is around $2.80.

You can buy ENERGYbits algae supplement from amazon.


ENERGYbits review summary

ENERGYbits is making something of a storm in the supplements industry; and it’s no surprise why. Some of the facts behind this supplement are beyond comprehensible and with organizations such as NASA and the UN backing the main ingredient up so strongly, we think this could be one of the most groundbreaking supplements to hit the shelves in years.

Whether you’re an athlete or someone who just wants to get more out of your day, the energy and nutritional qualities of ENERGYbits suggest it could be perfect for you.

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