BODY FUEL Creatine Powder

BODY FUEL Creatine Powder
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We’re not going to generalise, but the general consensus is that most men want those lean muscles which don the fitness magazines.

Therefore, when a product hits the shelves which promises to increase muscle size, whilst also providing an energy boost during workout, we were sure to take notice.

Here’s the lowdown on Creatine Powder – the product which claims to do the above.


The breakdown on Creatine Powder

  • Creatine Powder is based on the natural compound Creatine – which is formed in our body to replenish energy. The product simply provides the body with more of this substance, thus emphasising the effects.
  • The beauty about Creatine is that not only will it provide you with more energy for your workouts, it will also make them more efficient. Be prepared to experience a much higher degree of muscle growth, at much faster rates.
  • There is also evidence to suggest that the body recovers much more quickly after consuming Creatine Powder, which will allow you to hit the gym at even quicker rates and again boost the results.
  • The product arrives with a 60 day money back guarantee, meaning that you have time to see if it’s compatible with your body, at no financial risk.
  • The manufacturers will include an eight week body challenge plan, which should again work on increasing the efficiency of your workouts.


Creatine Powder Cons

  • If you are under the age of 18, there is currently little evidence to suggest that Creatine Powder will have much impact on your workouts.
  • On the whole Creatine Powder is completely safe to use, but those athletes who consume large amounts of the substance can be prone to weight gain, fevers and diarrhoea.


Creatine Powder – How does it work?

In a bid to explain how Creatine Powder works, we will refer to the natural way in which the body uses the Creatine substance. This is a compound created through the amino acids in our body; Arginine, Methionine and Glycine. Through these, something called Creatine Phosphate is formed.

Creatine Phosphate is stored in the muscles and is gradually converted by enzymes to produce something called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

It’s at this stage that the benefits really start to kick in, with ATP being responsible for producing the energy that not only allows muscles to function much more efficiently, but also stimulate muscle growth.

As such, when excess amounts of Creatine are consumed via an external product, the effects are simply duplicated.


Will Creatine Powder work for you?

Unlike a lot of products that are based in the fitness industry, there are few question marks hanging over Creatine Powder.

The fact that it merely echoes the natural process that the Creatine compound produces means that experts firmly believe in it, with various studies confirming that it will make you work harder and will make your muscles bigger.

Of course, a product is nothing without consumer reviews. Again, general feedback is hugely positive, with the majority of customers reporting positive effects – and most saying that they experienced muscle growth in a much quicker timeframe than rival products.


Does Creatine Powder have side effects?

As we touched upon previously, the only side effects seem to occur if excess amounts of Creatine Powder are consumed. However, stick to the standard portions and you should avoid the unwanted weight gain, fevers and diarrhoea that some customers have reported.


Creatine Powder Price & Where to Buy it

For the time being, the manufactures of Creatine Powder are offering a slight discount of the product, retailing it at $41.37 / £24.95.

We found this was comparable, or slightly better, than numerous rival products.

Therefore we highly recoomend it. You can buy this product from


Creatine Powder review summary

When a product is based on a natural process – there’s usually little that can go wrong.

This is entirely the case with Creatine Powder and with the product simply emphasising the effects of a natural compound, we are convinced that it will be a worthwhile product for a lot of readers. Additionally, with various positive reviews donning the market, we’d recommend Creatine Powder in a flash.

Buy Creatine Powder from the Official Website!


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