Anvarol – Anavar (Paravar)

Anvarol – Anavar (Paravar)
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Once upon a time, there was a steroid doing the rounds that boosted your strength and energy by terrific levels.

That steroid went by the name of Anvavar – but unfortunately, the side effects meant that it was soon to become illegal.

Fortunately, Crazy Bulk appears to have come to the rescue, with the brand releasing a product named Anvarol which aims to mimic the effects of the illegal version. The only difference is the lack of side effects, as we’ll now find out…


The breakdown on Anvarol

  • Anvarol will stimulate phosphocreatine synthesis within your muscle tissue which will make you get so much more from each and every workout that you take part in.
  • In turn, you’ll be able to push your body harder. You’ll have more power to get through those grueling last sets – allowing you to build muscle like never before and also shred fat.
  • Unlike the illegal steroids, this product arrives as a capsule. In other words, there’s no skulking around looking for somewhere to inject hormones into your body – you merely consume with a glass of water.
  • On the subject of differences, it’s worth mentioning that Anvarol is comprised only of natural ingredients. Side effects just don’t occur.
  • Some of the results from previous buyers is beyond comprehension. For example, one guy reduced his body fat by 6% in just three weeks.
  • Arguably one of the best things about Anvarol is the brand behind the supplement. Crazy Bulk are the company in question and considering just how many natural supplements this firm have been behind, it’s no surprise that the industry has so much confidence in them this time around.


Anvarol Cons

  • Crazy Bulk suggests that the most effective results arrive when you stack this product with others from their catalogue.
  • If you don’t currently exercise, Anvarol won’t do a thing for you. It’s targeted at those of you who hit the gym and want more energy to get even more out of your sessions.

anvarol crazybulk review


Anvarol – How does it work?

Considering the fact that Anvarol is based on a “real” steroid, most people might be under the assumption that it works via a complicated process. However, this couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Instead, it simply looks to boost your phosphocreatine levels. Right now, your muscles only contain sufficient amounts of the substance to use for a few seconds of movement. With additional amounts, this level of time increases substantially and you suddenly have much more energy available within your muscles.

As such, when you hit the gym you’ll no longer be struggling to lift that weight which you have been stuck on for the last few weeks. You’ll get that extra boost – and this will be shown with your new “cut” appearance.

anavar paravar bottle and capsules


Will Anvarol work for you?

We’ll start this section off with the people that Anvarol won’t work for. The basis of this product is that it supplies you with more energy and as such, you have to be in a position to “use” this energy. If you don’t work out, this energy is going to be completely wasted.

However, if you do work out, there’s a real chance that this product will work for you. As we’ve already said, it will allow you to get even more out of your workouts.

It’s worth mentioning that Crazy Bulk are completely tried-and-tested in the supplements business – they know their stuff.

As such, considering the immense science behind Anvarol, we’re under no illusions that this product will work for the majority of you who try it (as long as you put the work in).


Does Anvarol have side effects?

As you have probably gathered through this review, Anvarol is based on a complete set of natural ingredients.

Fortunately, this means that side effects are not associated with it and it’s the main reason why it is defined as the “legal alternative” to the infamous Anvarar.


Anvarol Price and Where to Buy it

While the original retail price of Anvarol is $85, it is currently available for $54.99. This represents a saving of over $30 although you can obtain an even bigger discount if you buy in bulk. This is because the manufacturers will provide a free bottle of the substance if you buy three bottles at once.

You can buy the product from the official crazybulk store.


Anvarol review summary

Anyone who trains hard will have commonly heard the phrase of “hitting a brick wall”. If you fall into this category, Anvarol could be for you.

It has been proven over time that increased amounts of ATP in the muscles can provide us with more energy and if you are struggling to get the most out of your workouts, there’s every chance that this product will work. Considering it’s also made by Crazy Bulk, we’d thoroughly recommend it.

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