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For some reason, and we haven’t quite put our finger on why, our lives just seem much more stressful nowadays.

Jobs seem to have longer hours, with trickier challenges, and it’s very easy to lose touch and focus with tasks that used to come naturally to us.

It’s for this reason that we’re excited by the potential of Alpha Brain; a product that is designed to naturally improve your focus, memory and mental drive. Here, we take a look at the product in more detail.


The Breakdown on Alpha Brain By Onnit

  • This is a product that has captivated the nation, with world champions such as Michelle Waterson and TJ Dillashaw both swearing by it. They say that the mental focus makes their training all the more easier, and therefore improves their physical performance as well.
  • It will improve your short-term memory, long-term memory, focus and general mental well-being. In other words, it makes everything that little bit easier to process.
  • It’s not only celebrities that are raving about the product; medical experts as well. Countless doctors have endorsed Alpha Brain, showing again that it works and it can be trusted.
  • The manufacturers are that confident about Alpha Brain that they have attached a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t see an improvement in your mental state, you get your money back.
  • On the subject of the manufacturers, Onnit have been covered by some of the biggest media outlets in the world and have forged a terrific reputation in the supplements industry. They can be trusted; their products work.


Alpha Brain Cons

  • Alpha Brain is based on a completely natural blend, meaning that it costs slightly more than rival products.
  • This product isn’t suddenly going to transform your intelligence levels, it just makes you think a little bit more efficiently and focus more on tasks in hand.

alpha brain review


Alpha Brain – How Does it Work?

Alpha Brain is based on just a handful of ingredients, with all of these working to stimulate the brain and “fine-tune” it, so to speak. It takes advantage of the following to achieve this:



Extracted from the rainforest, this component is associated with some major benefits including its ability to improve mental drive and repair DNA. As such, it’s one of the most important ingredients which is part of Alpha Brain.


Huperzia Serrata:

As the name suggests, this contains the hugely powerful compound of Huperzia which is responsible for countless advantages. Studies have shown that it improves cognition in those people suffering from memory lapses; while it has also been tested on “non-patients” in the form of language tests.

Here, it was found that a language could be picked up much more quickly when it was being learned along with taking Huperzia Serrata.


Bacopa Monniera:

Associated with improved learning skills and the protection of general mental function, Bacopa Monniera is also known to prevent the degeneration process that hinders our cognitive behaviour as we age.


Will Alpha Brain Work For You?

A lot of supplements that are released are based on clinical trials, but the ones that Alpha Brain has been put through are incredibly deep and go beyond what we’ve ever seen before. Each and every ingredient has been rigorously tested, with the results being hugely impressive.

We touched upon the effects from Huperzia Serrata, but similar results have been obtained from other components. For example, the one surrounding Alpha GPC found that, through a study of more than 4000 patients, it aided memory loss.

When research covers such a wide range of patients, it tells us immediately that Alpha GPC is a product that should be trusted and will do exactly as the packaging tells us.

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Does Alpha Brain Have Side Effects?

At the time of writing, no side effects have been reported with Alpha Brain.


Alpha Brain Price & Where to Buy it

The basic 30-day package of Alpha Brain costs $34.95, while a two month supply is priced at $59.41. Further discounts can be obtained if you commit to three months, with the 90-capsule package retailing at $79.95.

You can buy alpha brain from, the official manufacturer, click here to see the details.


Alpha Brain Review Summary

Our findings through this review have convinced us that Alpha Brain could be a serious player for those of you looking to “sharpen up” your day-to-day life.

The research behind it is some of the most extensive we’ve ever seen, and armed with a generous money-back guarantee we think it’s a product that you should at least try if you are looking to gain an edge in the office, on the training field, or wherever else.

Buy Alpha BRAIN now!

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