Spot Fat Reduction Myth – Q&A Infographic

spot fat loss : is spot fat reduction possible ? infographic

For as long as the world spins round there will be misconceptions being branded about fat loss. There will always be one so-called “expert” claiming that there is a way to shift ‘x’ pounds from your waist, while someone might tell you a similar piece of advice about another area of your body.

Unfortunately, such fads just don’t exist. There is only one way to carve that trimmed waist, and slim line figure.

It arrives in the form of a clean calorie deficit diet and if you can combine such eating habits with weight training and cardiovascular exercises, you’ll unquestionably start to experience the results that we all crave.

It’s just not possible to fine-tune your body in any order you’d like either. If you want to lose weight from your waist, you’re going to have to concentrate on reducing your fat levels overall.

To make matters more complicated, what works for some people will work completely differently for others. For example, while a calorie deficit diet might knock the fat from your friend’s waistline, for you it might be the man boobs which are targeted first.

The “order” is different for each of us and is in fact predetermined by our genetics.

We’ll reiterate, and ultimately conclude this article by stating that there is no secret formula; everything again derives from that calorie deficit diet.

The only other tip relates to your exercise regime and in a bid to at least allow those muscles to bulge through your slimmer physique, you will have to stay in shape with a combination of cardiovascular and weight training.

Those who want to get the ultimate results, and perhaps edge towards that beach body, should look to add a touch more protein into their new diet to feed the muscles and make the whole process that little bit more efficient.

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