Punching Bags for Losing Weight

The pandemic situation that has happened recently will have many consequences for people around the globe. Because of the restriction in movement, you probably weren’t able to train like before, and you ate more, even when you weren’t hungry. Quarantine has perhaps left a mark on your body, as you probably got some weight.

Woman using a punching bag

Under normal circumstances, this would be the last moment to start losing weight and working on your summer body. Maybe you canceled the vacations for this year, but that’s no reason to leave those extra pounds.

If you’re a woman, free standing punching bags look rough at first glance. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, boxing has become one of the most popular fitness programs for weight loss. Kicking a bag is an exercise for the whole body because it is a combination of cardio and strength training. Ladies like it, too, as it shows excellent results in burning calories and tightening the body.

Stretch Is a Must

If you are a workout novice and want to shape up your body, it takes a bit of training to master the basic boxing techniques. Hitting a punching bag can also be the introductory or final part of training in the gym. But first, you have to learn how to do that.

For any training, it is essential to warm up and stretch the muscles before exposing yourself to any effort, at least ten minutes. You can start with a treadmill or bike ride. After that, be sure to stretch the muscles, especially the upper body. Finally, perform the traditional part of boxing training – skipping rope (you watched Rocky, right?).

Interval Exercises for Best Results

The interval training lasts shorter but gives much better results than the regular workout. The effectiveness of this method is in boosted calorie consumption. Your body burns fat for hours after the training. Combined with a punching bag and dedication, these workouts will give the desired results very quickly.


Practice Punches and Kicks

In training with a punching bag, it’s all about punches and kicks. Different variations of these two movements will move the whole body, which is why this way of exercising is beneficial. At the very beginning, you need to master some basic moves, such as jabs (punch with the lead fist), cross, and all kinds of kicks (straight, side, and round).

For starters, the intervals should be short. The instructor will give you the program of exercises for beginners. You can do a repetition of one punch or kick, and make sure to rest after each series. On this page, see why rest in interval training matters and how long this break should last.

As time goes on and you are in better shape, you will do combinations of strokes. Besides physical fitness, these exercises need a high level of concentration. The reaction when the instructor says which stroke to perform should be quick.

Don’t Forget to Move

If you’ve ever watched a professional fight, you’ve noticed that there’s a lot of movement in it. Boxers don’t run, but they jump, go round, or back and forth. That way, they avoid punches but also strike better positions toward the opponents. All of this requires pretty good coordination and focus.

You may find it too strenuous to apply these movements at the very beginning of your workout. But, for better (and faster) results, additional action is needed. Putting extra moves into your workout sessions will burn more calories and activate more muscle groups.

When you raise the level of your form, you can do the whole workout as if you were in the ring and ‘fight’ against the punching bag. By this level of training, you have already lost some weight, and gain self-confidence. So get in the stance, find the best position to perform a particular punch, and attack and defend against an imaginary opponent.

People generally think that they can lose weight from the targeted area. That’s not possible. When you lose fat, your metabolism burns fat from all over the body. When you train on a punching bag, that can bring you to your goal earlier than you expected (if you are consistent and take care of calorie intake).

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