5 Tips to Eat Everything and Still Lose Weight

New product after product is rolled out in the weight loss industry and there’s a very good reason for this – this field is absolutely gigantic. For as long as the world spins round women are going to want to know just how to shed the pounds and whether or not there really is a quick-fix that a lot of product manufacturers keep trying to sell to us.

how to eat and still lose weight for men

In reality, there is a fix – although it can hardly be described as a fast one. Piling on the pounds is not just a problem that hinders a set proportion of the world, it’s one that could potentially hurt everyone. Fortunately, it’s also one that can be beaten by everyone as well and if you are serious about wanting to lose weight, but still not compromise on some of the finer luxuries in life, read on and find out more…


Tip #1 – Burn More Than You Eat

man walking to lose weight

Everyone seems to hate it, but the beauty about the weight loss industry is that it’s not actually that complicated to grasp. There’s no Einstein-esque formula that needs to be mastered; you merely have to consume fewer calories than you burn off. In other words, you need to calorie count.

Unlike some of the gimmicks that we’re sometimes sold, this is the only proven way to shed the pounds. Studies have shown that it works and really, especially with the way food is packaged nowadays, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to pull it off.

If you still can’t burn more than you eat, try a fat burning supplement and see if it works for you. We recommend Phen375.


Tip #2 – Regulate Your Consumption Tendencies

man eating healthy to lose weight

While a large part in losing weight is due to what you eat, there is also an element of HOW you eat as well. It’s generally advisable to only eat small portions, as this should guard against feeling hungry. Such a step is clearly logical; if you’re busy eating throughout the day, there should never be an occasion where your cravings start to go into overdrive.

Another tip along the same lines revolves around how quickly you eat. If you’re absolutely ravenous, the chance of your holding back and slowly placing food into your mouth are probably fairly low. Unfortunately, this has to be the way you go as it will prompt those useful appetite-suppressant systems that we all have. In essence, these will kick in shortly after you start eating. The problem arises when you eat too quickly, and they don’t have time to boost into action and prevent you from consuming too much.


Tip #3 – Surpass The Recommended Daily Two Litres of Water

man drinking water to lose weight

We’re going to let you into a bit of a secret; a lot of so-called weight loss wonder pills only work because they help you lose water, and not fat (Quantrim is a good example, but it was discontinued by the merchant). This is the reason why some people will shed a considerable amount of weight initially, only to see them balloon back to full size several months down the line.

In a bid to thwart this, make sure you’re constantly glugging down the water. Not only will this reveal any misleading weight loss, but it also has a few obvious benefits. It will flush out any toxins that find their way into your body, speed up your metabolism and ultimately, suppress your appetite.


Tip #4 – Stay stable

man eating

Want to know another reason why the wonder-diets fail a lot of the time? It’s because a lot of people are happy to go completely cold turkey and ignore all of their favourite foods one week, but as soon as Monday arrives they’re back to their worst habits.

A good diet revolves around stability, you can’t just completely ditch everything you like and expect to stay like that forever. The title of this post was ‘how to eat everything’ and as such, we’re not expecting you to turn to a rabbit-food diet.

Something that is expected is a degree of compromise though. You might absolutely love a particular desert, and even go as far as having it after every evening meal. Instead of completely forgetting about it, try and cut it down to size. Don’t eat a full portion, just eat half, or even three quarters. The idea is to limit your calorie intake and not to get to a stage where you simply cannot wait to return to your former inglorious self.


Tip #5 – The One Everyone Hates to Hear…man exercising for weight loss


We touched on this in the first section, but this component of losing weight requires its own dedication. While some people are able to keep the pounds away by a strict diet, the majority can’t. The majority need to combine a healthy diet with exercise and by doing this, it also becomes much easier to eat the things you like. It all boils down to that calorie counting again. Sure, you can eat your chocolate gateaux, but only if you do sufficient exercise to burn the calories away.

Of course, becoming an exercise-freak is easier than it sounds. In fact, scrap that, it all sounds hard for some people. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to involve hitting the cardio section at your local gym every day of the week, there are more practical methods to shed the pounds.

For example, let’s take a trip to India. This is a country where the women claim that the most effective way they lose weight is by walking between locations, rather than jumping in a cab or taking the bus. It sounds ridiculous, but the typical Indian woman will walk six miles per day and this has unbelievable effects on their overall shape.

Therefore, you don’t have to sign up to the latest gym which has appeared in your city. However, if you do start training, make sure you measure your results properly. The obvious task might be to just jump on the weighing scales, but this isn’t always effective. When you start training, some of that dreaded fat will start turning to muscle and the scales won’t reflect this. This means that you need to invest in a tape measure, which will hopefully tell you just how many inches you’ve shed from your waist.

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