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We’re in the thick of beach body season and that means one thing; men across the globe are just looking for some “quick” ways to shed those excess pounds and actually look the part when they strut down the street.

beach body with glucomannan supplements

Unfortunately, there are generally very few “easy” ways. It means that when one of these methods does enter the industry, the experts and columnists are quick to jump on it and explore more.

This is exactly what has occurred with glucomannan, with this ingredient playing a pivotal role in how we “dodge” those bigger portions at meal times.

It has caused quite the stir in the weight loss industry and if you are looking at ways to slash your belly and reveal that six pack, we’ll now take an in-depth look at glucomannan to see just how other men are using it to this advantage.


What is glucomannan?

glucomannan molecule

To put it simply, glucomannan is a natural sugar which is derived from the konjac plant. While it is fairly recent in Western medicine, in other countries it has been used for thousands of years to treat a whole host of different conditions.

It’s a natural fibre and this means that unlike prescription medication, your body won’t experience any nasty side effects whilst you use it.


Why is it being used for weight loss reasons?

weight loss for men

The properties of glucomannan make it absolutely perfect for the man who wants to shed the pounds.

As we all know, one of the primary reasons why we put on weight in the first place is because we consume too many calories. This is something that glucomannan resolves immediately.

When the substance comes into contact with water, it starts to form into a gel. In the stomach, this gel forms a barrier which effectively informs your brain that you no longer need any food, you are full.

If you take it before meal times, as a lot of the supplement manufacturers suggest, you’ll therefore be much more inclined to eat less and stop those dreaded high-calorie meals from entering your system.


Interestingly, glucomannan is able to release liquids back into the body which is hugely important as this prevents any sort of dehydration.

Another advantage comes in the way that it stays attached to sugars and cholesterols, meaning that it can also aid your general health. It can help your body dispose of both of these substances, which can improve your blood-sugar and cholesterol levels no-end.


Is there anything else that glucomannan is used for?

health benefits of glucomannan

While the industry has mainly caught onto glucomannan’s weight loss benefits, it can also aid with a whole range of other health conditions. These include:

  • Constipation: The high fibre content of glucomannan means that constipation can be relieved if you regularly consume it.
  • Diabetes: As we’ve already addressed, glucomannan is able to balance out your blood sugar levels by transporting sugar out of the body. Therefore, some diabetes sufferers have started to turn to it.


Why has so much attention been placed on the ingredient recently?

press attention

The newspapers have caught wind about the power of glucomannan and the rest as they say is history.

Firstly, the Daily Mail ran a really interesting feature with a journalist who was sceptical at best.

This particular journalist claimed to have reviewed hundreds of weight loss products and having collated the opinions of dietary boards and doctors, she really was going the full stretch in investigating whether or not glucomannan worked.

After losing 5lbs in 10 days, and not putting it back on, she admitted at the end of the article that the ingredient surprised her and it could be a ground-breaking solution for people who are looking to put a stop to their food urges.

It’s not just the Daily Mail who have been impressed though. Dr Oz claims it’s “one of the best ways to control your hunger” and as anyone who tunes into his television show will testify, this is quite a statement.


Are there any side effects?

safety first

One of the biggest concerns about glucomannan is the risk of choking. In the US, several sources have cited it as a choking hazard due to the gel that forms when the ingredient comes into contact with water.

Fortunately, most of the modern supplement manufacturers have tackled this problem head-on. These reports of choking surrounded products that came in tablet form, where the solution wasn’t deposited directly into the stomach.

With most modern forms of glucomannan being in either a capsule or dissolvable tablet, it means that choking from the gel is not an issue.

On the subject of side effects, glucomannan is a natural ingredient and this means that it should not prompt any adverse effects in the body.


How is it taken?

how to take the supplement

As we’ve just touched upon, a lot of glucomannan supplements now arrive in either capsule or dissolvable form.

In terms of the dosages, these vary depending on your personal aims.

For example, those of you who are looking to control Type 2 diabetes should look to consume 500-700mg of glucomannan per 100 calories, while someone who is looking to lose weight should look towards around six capsules of a supplement per day.


What are the most renowned supplements that are available?


Following on from the above, it won’t come as any surprise to see that a lot of supplement manufacturers are quickly jumping on the bandwagon and releasing products that take advantage of glucomannan.

At the moment, we’d only be confident in recommending a handful of products though, with Glucomannan Plus, Glucomannan from The Vitamin Shoppe and Slim-Fizz being the supplements in question.

We’ll now mull over all three products, to see whether or not they could be the answer to your flat stomach.


Our First Pick – Glucomannan Plus:

glucomannan plus

  • Glucomannan Plus is a product which primarily relies on glucomannan, but also includes green tea extract and chromium to boost its health credentials even more.
  • We all know about the health benefits of glucomannan; this is a component which will curb your cravings and lower your calorie intake at the same time. Green Tea Extract meanwhile can boost your metabolic rate and encourage further weight loss, while chromium can regulate your blood sugar levels which is ideal if you suffer from diabetes.
  • Glucomannan Plus is not a difficult product to take in the slightest. It’s capsule-based – you merely swallow it with a glass of water and watch the results.
  • On the subject of the capsule and general make-up of the product, Glucomannan Plus is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.
  • Like most glucomannan-based supplements, all of the ingredients are natural meaning that side effects are a thing of the past.
  • Glucomannan Plus is priced at £19.99 for a ten day supply. Additionally, you can purchase a 20-day package for £36.99, while a one month supply is available for £49.99.
  • Evolution Slimming are the company who manufacturer Glucomannan Plus. This is a hugely established brand when it comes to supplements and the fact they have been around for eight years should give you confidence that they have created yet another successful product.

Read Our Full Glucomannan Plus Review – or – Buy it here


Number 2 – Glucomannan by The Vitamin Shoppe

glucomannan by the vitamin shoppe

  • The next product on our list comes in the form of Glucomannan by The Vitamin Shoppe. This follows the same path as the previous product, with this containing 1.99Gm of glucomannan per serving.
  • The method of consumption is identical to that of Glucomannan Plus and you merely have to swallow three capsules before meal times to suppress your appetite.
  • The majority of feedback from past customers is outstanding. Most cannot believe just how quickly it makes your stomach feel full and subsequently stops you from consuming as many calories.
  • A big difference between this product and the others that we mention through this guide is the price. One bottle of Glucomannan arrives with 100-capsules, with this costing approximately £6.40. Considering the fact there are more than 33 servings contained in this, it represents excellent value for money (and works out at less than 20p a serving!)
  • Despite the low price, The Vitamin Shoppe are a quality brand and should be trusted. They’ve been around since the 70s, have hundreds of high-street stores and are just purely reputable.

Buy Vitamin Shoppe’ Glucomannan (Konjac Root)


Number 3 – Slim-Fizz:

slim fizz glucomannan

  • We spoke about the Daily Mail covering a glucomannan supplement, and Slim-Fizz happens to be that very same product. It has journalists and health experts drooling; it passed every test that was thrown at it.
  • The funny thing is, Slim-Fizz is almost identical to the other products we have looked at. It relies heavily on glucomannan, meaning that your cravings for food soon disappear after taking one of these tablets.
  • On the subject of consumption, this is somewhat different to the other two products we have looked at. As some may have gathered from the name, this product dissolves and ultimately fizzes in water. It’s perfect for those guys who have difficulty swallowing capsules.
  • While the Daily Mail journalist may have lost 5lb in ten days, there have been some even bigger success stories. For example, one person lost 7lb in the same period of time, while studies by the British Journal of Nutrition have proven that these examples aren’t just flashes in the pan.
  • In terms of the cost, Slim-Fizz is comparable to Glucomannan Plus. It costs £19.95 for a ten day supply, although there are no larger quantities currently available.
  • The company who have produced Slim-Fizz also happen to be hugely established. Proto-Col have been in business since 2003 and have been behind countless other successful supplements. As we’ve also found, the media adore this brand as well.

Buy Slim Fizz Or Read Our Full Review

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