Healthy & Safe Weight Loss – The Best Fat Binders To Use

The weight loss industry has experienced something of a shift in direction over recent times, with more and more manufacturers investing in fat binders as opposed to some of the “traditional” offerings that we have become used to over the years.

man in shape after using a fat binder

The likes of appetite suppressants and thermogenic supplements have been slowly edged out, and replaced by something that has been backed by pure, logical science.

While the name of a “fat binder” gives away most of the game in relation to the science, we’re now going to take a look at these products in detail to see if they really can be the genuine, weight loss solution that the majority of us are crying out for.


How Do Fat Binders Work?

The science behind fat binders is some of the simplest around. There’s no need to get bogged down thinking about increases in body temperature or a faster metabolism, this is a process which can be broken down into simple terms.

The fat binders that are available on the market are soluble fibres, of the lipophilic nature. In English terms, this means that they attract any fat that comes into their path and immediately bind to it.

In the case of Proactol XS, which will be looked at further down this page, this is a component which can bind fat that is up to 800 times its weight – highlighting just how much potential there is here.

how does a fat binder work

Once the fat binder has attached to the fat, the normal digestion process is hindered. These molecules are now too large to be digested into the small intestine and they cannot pass through the wall of this organ. As such, there’s only one way they can go, and this means that they are disposed of as bodily waste.

As you may have gathered, this process doesn’t occur with every fat that you consume. On the most part, it’s understood that around a quarter of fats that enter the body can be disposed as waste – which is still a significant saving and lowers our final calorie intake.


Why is it Important to Target Fat?

Most of us have been told that fats are the main culprit behind our weight, but it’s only when you delve into the real figures that you start to understand exactly how these fat binders can help you lose considerable amounts of weight.

The nature of the weight loss industry means that the universal language is calories. When you consume any proteins or carbohydrates, you’ll generally be taking in around four calories per gram.

However, whenever a gram of fat enters your body, around 9 calories enter your body.

Subsequently, fats contain more than twice as many calories as other types of foods and this means that eradicating just a quarter of them which enter our body is going to reap fantastic rewards.

body fat

Body Fat Levels


Are There Any Health and Safety Concerns in Relation to This Type of Weight Loss supplements?

The issue of safety is something that regularly blights the weight loss industry. While more and more products are moving towards a natural concoction of ingredients, there are still those that don’t.

healthy and safe weight loss

Fortunately, the fat binding field tends to rely heavily on natural components meaning that the risk of adverse effects occurring is greatly reduced.

Unfortunately, it’s by no means a completely clean section of the market. If you stick to the established products in the industry, such as Proactol XS and XLS-Medical which will be touched upon further down the page, you’ll experience absolutely no concerns.

However, deviate from the market norm and you can still be lumbered with a product which does use synthetic ingredients and as we’ll again highlight, this is where problems in relation to side effects can occur.


What Are The Recommended Fat Binding Supplements?

To conclude this article, we’re going to take a look at two of the market leaders in the fat binding industry. Proactol XS and XLS-Medical have made terrific headway over the years and both become the obvious choice for anyone who wants to take advantage of the science we have discussed through the early portions of this page.

To highlight exactly what makes a safe and established fat binding product, we’re now going to take a brief look at both to see just what you should expect from a supplement of this kind.


Proactol XS

proactol xs

  • As we highlighted at the start of this article, Proactol XS’ main selling point is that it can bind over 800 times its own weight in fat. This means that it can tackle practically any type of fat we consume, in whatever quantity.
  • The above fact means that officially, Proactol is 33% more efficient than any other product which relies on fat binding principles.
  • You won’t have to alter your daily routine in the slightest if you begin a course of Proactol XS. The product is consumed orally, before every meal, meaning that it won’t make a dent in your normal activities.
  • While the industry has placed the majority of its trust in this product, the manufacturers have still taken the liberty to include a 30 day money back guarantee on any purchase.

Read The Full Proactol XS Review – OR – Buy it Here 



xls medical

  • Most of the marketing hype in relation to XLS-Medical focusses around some of its accolades, with several sources classing it as Europe’s best weight loss supplement. The fact that this doesn’t just include fat binders makes this achievement quite remarkable.
  • As we noted earlier, the importance of sourcing natural components cannot be ignored with these types of products. XLS-Medical derives from an organic plant source, with the authorities classing it as a Medical Device Class IIb which means it’s completely safe to use.
  • Official medical studies have found that XLS-Medical can bind up to 27% of the fats that enter our stomach. This means that the product works slightly more effectively than general research into fat binders leads us to believe.
  • XLS-Medical is a tried and trusted product that has worked for millions of people. The fact that 11m packs have been sold not only highlights its effectiveness, but also its safety.

Read The Full XLS Medical Review


In conclusion, our first choice is Proactol XS, but XLS Medical is a good option as well.


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