What to Wear, and What Not to Wear For an Interview

Almost every workplace is a little bit different and the standards are not going to be the same when it comes to how a man is supposed to dress whenever he comes in for an interview. You want to make sure that you give the right impression when you meet the person who is interviewing you. How can you be sure that you are putting off the right impression?

interview dressing man

The office has become a more and more casual place as time as gone on but that does not mean that you should go into the office in short and flip flops to ask for a position at that company. The best thing you can do really is look at what most people in the work place wear and then dress up a little bit more. This will show your respect for the position that you are asking to have.

If you are changing lines of work it is important to change the way you dress for an interview. If you have been a factory worker then nice jeans and a dress shirt could have been fine for the interview but on the other hand if you want to get a job in another field in say computer networking then you want to try something a little dressier.


What to Wear Exactly

Some people are more in need of direction and wonder what they should be wearing exactly. If you have no fashion sense or don’t care that much about clothes then these pointers below are going to be lifesavers.

You should choose a two piece suit that is a traditional color such as black or navy blue. You do not want to try to make a statement with another color or suit no matter how individual you think it is going to make you look. A wool suit is usually the best idea and you always want to make sure that the suit is tailored to you.


The shirt that you choose should also be traditional. Long sleeves of course and either white or light blue but if you really want a pattern you should make sure it is conservative. Make sure to choose a nice silk tie with just a hint of color. If you are lost as to what exactly you should get you can look at the ties other men in the same industry are wearing.

Armani Dress Shirt

Whenever you select a belt you should always make sure that it matches your shoes. You shouldn’t try to make a statement with jewelry. A wrist watch is about as much as you need on an interview.

Down to the final touch of the socks is important. You should choose dark, mid-calf in length socks.

Leather shoes with laces or slip on business shoes should be fine. Make sure you get a good pair of dress shoes. The dress shoes are the final piece of your attire and taking a little time to select comfortable and good looking shoes is a great idea.


What Never to Wear

No matter what you do, make sure that you never wear ties with characters on them, “dress” shorts, fancy dress shirts or some flashy color of suit. Your goal in this interview is not to wow your interviewer with your legs or your style. It is to showcase that you can get the job done and that you care about your personal appearance. This will allow you to get the best results instead of trying to be a show-off.

With this simple guide you are ready to move forward and land that job you have been seeking. Get started today.

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