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Once upon a time, a man had to hit the gym five times a week to carve a body that he was proud of. For a long time, it appeared as though this would be the only option, meaning that anyone who worked long hours or simply had other commitments would have to settle for that below-average physique they had been dealt with.

shapewear for men

Fortunately, we’ve reached a point where the situation has completely changed.

While going to the gym is still advisable, it’s not necessarily the only thing that can create that sculpted body. There is another option; and that revolves around what you wear.

That’s right; your clothing choices can actually make a significant difference to your appearance. Shapewear / Compression clothes have hit the market by storm, simply because they provide both your muscles with that illusive enhancement that allows them to look the best that they possibly could, from every possible angle.

do compression clothes work

Something else that these clothes are charged with is the ability to make your body appear that little bit slimmer. Manufacturers of these garments have been able to target the areas of the body which generally highlight “excess weight”, and ultimately design the clothes so that these regions are disguised.

compression clothing and shapewear for postureSome men have managed to reduce their waistline by no fewer than three inches; so this isn’t just scientific waffle, there is plenty of substance behind these compression clothes.

There have been countless studies over the years that correlate a decent posture with increased confidence.

When you also tailor your now-obvious muscles into the equation, it’s really no surprise to see shapewear making such the impact that they are doing.

It’s not as though they just target one area of the body either, as we now take a look at just how some of them work.


Here is a selection from Pelham and Strutt, a stylish British brand that ships worldwide, designed in collaboration with top UK Physiotherapist Judith Pitt-Brooke, Member of the Health Professions Council and chartered Physiotherapist

pelham and strutt



vest shapewear compression clothes

Unsurprisingly, this is perhaps one of the most sought-after compression clothes. Ask most women, and most of them won’t be able to resist the sight of a man strolling down the stairs in a vest which shows off every ounce of his upper body glory.

The nature of the vest means that this is one of the best garments to improve posture, and open up even more confidence that you never knew you had.

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t shirt shapewear compression clothes

For those men that want to cover up a little more flesh, but still show off those bulging arms, the t-shirt might be an alternative. Unsurprisingly, there are great similarities between this product and the vest that we’ve just looked at.

We should also point out that at least from a distance, it’s impossible to tell that this is a specialist garment and just looks like your standard item from a high-street retailer. It’s only when you start to scrutinise the material you see all of the embedded technology, which ultimately promotes the slimming and muscle-defining benefits that have been discussed through the course of this article.

From a different perspective, the t-shirt can also prove to be an essential item in your typical workout. The technology also allows for the deflection of moisture and the regulation of the body’s temperature.

Therefore, when you are working up a sweat, it’s possible for the compression t-shirt to not only make you look great (and feel even better after that tasty gym workout), but it can also aid your performance.

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Long-Sleeve Top

core long sleeve shapewear compression clothes

Perhaps not suitable for the gym workout, but the long-sleeve top can make even the muscle-adverse guy feel on top of the world again.

Just like the t-shirt and vests which have been looked at so far, there is a great emphasis on promoting the chest region and basically tricking the eye of any person who glances at your body.

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Core Trunks

core trunks shapewear compression clothes

If you’ve come across this page, you’re more probably attempting to boost your sex appeal. T-shirts, long sleeve tops and vests all do this and are the building blocks for attracting women. They see your bulging biceps, slimline waist and things start to go from there.

It’s at this point that another type of compression clothes enter the fray; trunks. While some of the products which have just been mentioned emphasise the body’s core muscles, the trunks naturally prompt a lot more attention on a different region.

They use the same technology that we have been harping on about through the course of this article and allow a man to enter the bedroom with confidence.

Of course, it’s not just about defining features. The trunks are also regarded as being much more comfortable than the average pair, simply because they improve the body’s circulation. They can also help all of the body’s other muscles, even those based in the upper parts, by encouraging you to walk with better posture.

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