9 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Your Style

It used to be women who couldn’t be pulled away from the shops – now, men are joining in on the craze too.

upgrade your style

This is for one simple reason; males are starting to realise that dressing stylish is the new way to feeling confident. Walking into a room with a new wardrobe (which you know ticks all of the latest fashion boxes) is the best way to feel 10ft tall.

Gone are the days of self-consciousness and all of the other negative emotions that used to weigh down your style.

It’s now easier than ever to turn a head by your dress sense, as we take a look at the nine best ways to instantly upgrade your style and become the best dressed man in the building.


Don’t try and squeeze into jeans from two years ago

jeans fit

Our first tip should just revolve around basic principles; wearing clothes that fit.

As anyone will testify, shopping for jeans is no easy task. Most of us have to turn to several pairs before finding ones that fit out unique shape – and this is also the reason why it can become so easy to grow out of them.

Over time, our waistlines change (mostly for the worse), and our jeans just don’t “hang” as well as they used to. In most cases, you’ll be trying to squeeze in a frame that just isn’t designed for your 32R, but on the other side of the coin baggy jeans won’t do your style any justice either.

Therefore, make it your aim to fix your jeans exactly to your shape. Straight or slim-leg fits will usually do the job but again, the main goal is to just get a pair that fit to your present-frame (not the “old” you). Stop living in the past, and buy clothes that fit.


Slim-fit isn’t just for the super skinny

slim fit

We touched upon slim fit in the previous paragraph but really, this is a style that deserves its own section.

You can put two men in the same room, wearing seemingly identical clothes – but only one of them can pull it off. This is generally for one reason and one reason only, that person is wearing slim-fit clothing.

The biggest misconception about these items is that they are only reserved for people who are exceptionally skinny. While this is true to some extent (after all, they’re never going to work on the plus size man), most men still have the frame that will accommodate this clothing.

In other words, slim-fit clothing has been designed for the masses – for the Average Joe who has the average figure.

Slim-fit clothing automatically tailors to your body type, allowing you to emphasise your “good bits” more than ever. It’s completely flattering and even if you decide to only invest in slim-fit for one half of your body (i.e., the jeans) you can still pull off the effect successfully.


Top it all off with a scarf

scarf for men

We touched upon versatility just then, and here’s another occasion where that magic word will enter the picture. On first glance, scarfs may just seem like that long garment that are whisked around us on bitter cold days – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Use a scarf correctly, and it can seal your whole appearance.

There are umpteen ways to wear a scarf, with each just adding the finishing touch to your outfit of choice. Some will opt for the triangle, others will wear a scarf that almost looks like a bowtie, but the principles remain the same.

Scarfs add flair to your outfit and it goes without saying that this is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your whole appearance.

In fact, if we continue on that topic of flair, something like a custom scarf can tick every style box that ever existed. As the name suggests, these can be customized to your heart’s content to allow you to dictate just what type of flair you want to inject into your style.

Sites such as Printed Village have made a business out of using “homemade” designs on scarfs – and the effects can absolutely transform your look.

It’s here where people can submit designs to a community who subsequently vote on the best options – allowing you to shop around for styles that are literally judged to be on top of the style charts.


Blazers can define you


A lot of men have been tricked into believing that blazers are only reserved for formal occasions. Now, this couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Staying smart is the style that should be on the tip of every man’s tongue. A blazer just emphasises this and whether you are heading to the office or a night out with the lads, it’s the garment which will turn more than a few heads.

The versatility of the blazer also shouldn’t be underestimated. After all, this is something which can be combined with anything from chinos, to slim jeans, to alter your appearance on a day-to-day basis.

Make sure you are wearing shapewear underneath for the perfect look.


Something old, something new…

scarf for men

A lot of the tips so far have concentrated on traditional style tips, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box and opt for something that you haven’t donned before.

It’s easy to cast your eye on other men walking down the street and take note of their style, but immediately dismiss that it could work for you. Avoid this mind-set entirely.

Start to invest in current trends and on that note, leather outfits, pastels and red blazers seem to be in for the spring/summer season.

This is the time to skirt away from the Average Joe and develop your own identity. If we turn back onto the leather outfits we mentioned, these are perhaps the easiest garments out there to develop your own style.

Nothing cries out sophistication as much as a man in a leather jacket and if we concentrate on one of the big retailers in this regard, Billy Austins, you’ll be sure to find some leather that compliments your new look.

You may opt to invest in a blazer of this variety, or go one step further and look towards the more unorthodox leather shirts. Whatever you choose, it’s all about adding a bit of bravado to your appearance.


Never ignore accessories


Most of us commit the deadly sin of investing our entire wage packet into our outfit, but forget personal accessories in the process.

While minor, these accessories can complete anyone’s appearance. Sunglasses and cuff links are the common favourites, but we’re going to focus on watches.

This is the accessory that drives most attention from passers-by – it defines who you are. A battered old leather strap just shouts out to everyone that you’re not bothered about your appearance, while one which gleams off the sun adds yet another dimension to your new style.

Check out the top celebrity wrist watches


Stripes are key to the striking look


We’ve spoken about the styles that are in for the current year, and stripes most definitely fall into this category. The pinstripe suit has returned with a vengeance, although the style can be attributed to any type of garment.

Additionally, don’t just assume that vertical stripes are the be-all and end-all of this tip. A lot of men are now combining both vertically and horizontally striped garments, to create something utterly unique.

The variation doesn’t just have to stop there either and feel free to alternate between the thickness and colour of the stripes, to add that elusive flair to your wardrobe.


Don’t be too brash with your outfit

soften tone

A lot of the recent sections have spoken about flair, and how important it is to inject this into your wardrobe. However, you’ve got to be careful at times, and this is where you should look to soften the overall tone.

It’s here where the colour choice matters. Taking advantage of mellow pastel tones is one of the sure-fire ways to do this and creates the ultimate appearance for the spring and summer periods.

While most men will opt to purchase the core components of an outfit in these colours (with blazers and knitwear usually falling into this category), try and extend them to your other accessories.

Opting for lighter shoes, or a slightly darker or lighter tie, is again an easy way to do this.

It’s all about adding another dimension to your wardrobe and ultimately, switching up your style.


The return of the backpack

backpack for men

This final suggestion is probably the most ground-breaking. For years we’ve been trying to sway away from the backpack, with men turning to man bags and all sorts of other variations to try and achieve this.

It’s all been to get away from that schoolboy image – but that seems to be changing.

The new trends are dictating that backpacks are well and truly in this year. They’re not just reserved for the airport runways either, a lot of men are using them on a daily basis, on their office run.

Some of the styles might raise a few eyebrows, with fur-covered bags being one of the most popular types at the moment.

However, you don’t have to go all-out with this fashion decision – a relatively plain designer backpack will suffice, with MyBag having plenty of options that satisfy this latest style requirement.

Some might be plain with the odd accessory, while others are embezzled in patterns to add incredible flair to one’s appearance. Whichever you choose, it will make a considerable difference to your wardrobe and again, make plenty of heads turn in your direction.

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