Looking Good in a Suit – 10 Rules Every Man Should Know

We see the celebrities rolling down the red carpet, all looking dapper in their blazing suits. Most of us try to emulate them, either in the office or at our next social outing, but for some reason it all ends up a little flat.


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The thing is, looking good in a suit is harder than it sounds. The celebs manage it due to the fact they are surrounded by the best professionals out there, and the small matter of their garment probably costing several thousand dollars.

For the Average Joe, like you and I, this just doesn’t happen.

Bearing this in mind, we have comprised the following top ten list to help you look good in a suit. Follow these tips and you’ll be awash with confidence when you next show up in your formal attire


Wear Shapewear

core long sleeve shapewear compression clothes for men

Looking good in a suit certainly doesn’t have to revolve around the suit itself.

It quite often relies on other garments, and shapewear falls into this category. This is a new concept in the fashion industry and basically revolves around clothing that exaggerates all of the good parts of your body, whilst disguising the others.

For men, it’s usually comprised of a vest, with the top naturally looking to make the arms look bigger than they really are, and the torso more toned than it really is. When you then cover it all up in the suit, the effect really is A-list.

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Your Suit Starts at The Bottom

shoes play a role

As strange as it may sound, one of the first areas where a lot of people look as you approach them in your suit is the feet.

Sure, everyone in the building might be wearing a suit, but the big difference comes with your shoes. We’re not going to tell you exactly what pair to buy, but just making sure that they are shiny is enough to compliment most outfits.

There’s nothing worse than walking around a major event with dust-ridden shoes; it just downplays your overall image. Additionally, try and make the shoes match the colour of your belt, if you are to take one style tip to the shoe retailer.

If you are a bit short, wear height increasing shoes.


Dress For Your Body Type

body type

The general consensus is that unless you have the Taylor Lautner-esque body, a suit just won’t look good on you.

This couldn’t be further away from the truth and you should instead be looking to just make the most of your body’s shape. Whether you’re the apple or the pear, the hourglass or the ruler, finding out and buying a suit that fits accordingly is half the game.

Again, it’s all about emphasising the good parts of your body, and hiding the bad parts. If you happen to be short, a simple trick of sticking to single-breasted jackets can work wonders, just so it doesn’t make you drown in the whole garment.


Make Sure Your Suit Fits

dress for your body type

On a similar note, making sure that your suit fits is another key piece of advice. Again, ensuring that it emphasises all of the right body parts is half of the battle, but also check that you have a full range of motion.

There’s nothing worse than hitting an event with a collar that strangles you, or an arm that you can’t lift. On the flip side, like we said in the previous section, don’t opt for something that you’ll be swimming in fabric in.


Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorise

watch and belt

Whether it’s the belt or watch, this is another area which can make or break your suit’s performance.

As we pointed out earlier, wearing a belt that is the same colour as your shoes is a good start, but if you can also match the buckle to any other accessories, such as cuff links, you’ll be on the right track as well.

A watch is another key accessory and this links in with the size of your suit; you’ve got to make sure that the flash watch is on show, and isn’t hidden by your overflowing jacket.


A Tie Can Make The Difference


Technically, a tie is also an accessory, but it deserves a section of its own. If you’re looking to pull off the formal look, you can’t go wrong with a black tie.

If it’s informal, any colour can usually fit. However, whatever you do, make sure that you do not detract focus away from the rest of your suit. A tie is an accessory; not the main part of the outfit.


Steam or Press Your Suit Ahead of Every Big Occasion

suits looking great

This is perhaps one of the more obvious ones, but a point that so many men fail to adhere to anyway.

There’s nothing worse than turning up to an event in a rumpled up shirt; it needs to be as straight and clean cut as you can imagine.


Button up Tightly

dont button up last button jacket suit

On a similar note, making sure that the jacket is buttoned up tight is another key way in which you can create that fresh cut look.

It will again keep the jacket as straight as can be, although there is a slight rule change if you’re wearing a jacket with more than one button. In this case, leave the bottom one undone; otherwise you will have gone overboard.


Take Care of Any Spillage Disasters Immediately

suit spillage

Hopefully, this is again an obvious piece of advice, but we’re again going to presume that it’s a suggestion that not everybody adheres to. If the worst does happen and you’re left with a giant stain all over your suit, don’t just leave it until the next time you’re going to wear it.

It needs to be whisked off to the dry-cleaners as a matter of urgency. The longer you leave it, the worse the suit will look and ultimately, the worse you will look as well.


Care For Your Suit, Even When it’s Off Your Shoulders

brush suit to look good

The previous point leads perfectly onto our final one; care for your suit at all points of the year. As soon as you arrive home in it, make sure that it’s hung out in an open space.

This will help to air the outfit, before you can then place it back on your wardrobe, preferably on a wide hanger to preserve the shape, until next time you need to don it.


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