Top 10 Best Designer Sunglasses Brands For Men

We’re never going to say that you’ll never find a perfect pair of sunglasses made by a fashion-nobody. However, when it comes to shades and men, there are most certainly some designer brands which seem to always tick the style boxes.

best sunglasses brands fro men

Sure, you’re going to pay a little more to get the privilege of wearing such brands, but if you are looking to turn heads and gain all the right attention, some would argue that it’s a price worth paying.

Therefore, whether you’re someone who just loves to be covered from head to toe in designer-wear, or a guy who just wants the most stylish shades out there, read on to find out the ten best designer sunglasses brands that circle the market.



10 – Burberry

man wearing burberry sunglasses

Once upon a time the reputation of Burberry might not have been overly appealing to men around the globe – but that has certainly turned on its head over recent times. This is a brand which just oozes style and while they are highly-regarded for their clothing and fragrances, you should not forget their sunglasses business.

Their designs are more distinctive than a lot of fashion brands out there and if you are looking to inject a little personality into your shades, Burberry is certainly one brand that should be on your radar.


9 – Dior

man wearing dior sunglasses

When you consider the fact that Rihanna endorses Dior sunglasses, little else needs to be said about their reputation in the game. They’ve been around since the 1940s and back then, the aim was to create cutting-edge products that offered new styles to the industry.

In the case of their sunglasses, this still hasn’t changed. They are regarded as one of the most innovative brands around and their bold designs are why the likes of Rihanna is an ambassador.

Of course, don’t let the female influence put you off this brand. While Rihanna might be the biggest name for Dior, this is also a brand that appeals massively for men and their daring designs translate across both sexes.


8 – Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana man wearing sunglasses

Few would disagree that the fashion industry is pretty ruthless, particularly when it comes to sunglasses. As such, with Dolce & Gabbana remaining at the top of the style charts for over thirty years having been formed in 1985, it tells its own story on how they are seen.

Once again, this is a brand who are highly distinctive and create shades that will turn heads in the street. A D&G pair of sunglasses most certainly isn’t going to be comparable to other brands; while they do stick to trends they are also a brand who like to push boundaries and create completely unique shades.


7 – Oakley

Oakley man wearing sunglasses

The story of Oakley is one of the most interesting around. While a lot of the brands that we’ll look at have Italian history, Oakley actually began in a garage in California. Its founder, James Jannard, devised a patented material called Unobtainium and quite incredibly, this material is still used on the company’s glasses today.

While they have a lot of experience in sporting apparel and a lot of their designs reflect this, Oakley have also concentrated a lot on becoming a lifestyle brand over recent years. They focus on creating shades which are modern and as we’ve already commented on, the materials they use are second to none and not even considered amongst rival brands.


6 – Tom Ford

Tom Ford man wearing sunglasses

The Tom Ford brand has certainly stepped into its own over recent years and is now one of the high-fliers when it comes to sunglasses. All of this borders on the unbelievable when you see that the brand only really began in 2004; in other words, it’s much newer than a lot of the market leaders in men’s sunglasses.

As anyone who has taken a look at the Tom Ford brand in detail will testify, this is a brand which focusses on providing a sophisticated and classy product to its customers. If you’re looking for that Bond-appearance, or anything else that shouts out to people that you know what you’re doing when it comes to style, Tom Ford should be considered.


5 – Armani

Giorgio Armani man wearing sunglasses

In truth, we could compile any sort of fashion list and Armani would be up there. This isn’t just a brand which excels when it comes to shades, but also pretty much every fashion garment out there.

Perhaps the most pleasing thing about the Armani brand is that style is delivered at a reasonable price. Some sunglasses brands might create breathtaking designs – but they all come at a cost. Armani has managed to tap into its history for sterling product design and create pairs which don’t cost the earth either. A lot of people are also quick to note that they manufacture exceptionally comfortable products as well, which isn’t always a given when you’re looking to stand out from the crowd.


4 – Versace

Versace man wearing sunglasses

Something you may notice through this list is the fact that Italy is mentioned a lot. Well, this is another brand who have Italian roots – with Gianni Versace founding the company all the way back in 1978. Again, it means that they boast fantastic history and if you’re someone who likes to don the popular brands for ego-boosting reasons, they are the prime choice.

As well as looking the part, Versace are a brand who are renowned for their reliance on high-quality materials which just adds to the overall appeal of them as well.


3 – Ray Ban

Ray Ban man wearing sunglasses

Most of the brands we cycle through tend to have a lot of links to the rest of the fashion world. They’ll most probably have their name associated with clothing and plenty of other accessories – but the same can’t be said about Ray Ban.

This is a brand who have concentrated solely on the sunglasses industry – and it most definitely shows. To say they are experts in the field would be an understatement. While some fashion brands may have been donning the scene for a few decades, Ray Ban trumps all of this having been founded in 1937.

It’s not just age which is on their side though; Ray Ban have released some of the most innovative designs over their history. If you’re a fan of Aviators, you might not be aware that this was a style which was actually created by the company themselves. Considering how much of a role they have played in the development of sunglasses over the years, it goes without saying that they create some of the best pairs on the market.


2 – Gucci

Gucci man wearing sunglasses

If history is your thing, you might want to know that Gucci first entered the fashion industry all the way back in 1921. Of course, this isn’t a brand which is solely reserved for sunglasses – Gucci have become one of the biggest fashion companies in the world over the years and whether its shoes, clothing or of course shades, they cover it.

The brand tend to focus their efforts on creating a sophisticated style, one that is well-suited to any evening occasion. Alternatively, if you’re the type of guy who’s just looking for that “swish” look, there’s every chance that Gucci will have a pair of shades that suit you down to a tee.


1 – Prada

Prada man wearing sunglasses

Top of our list comes in the form of Prada. Coincidently, this is also the oldest brand in our guide, with the company forming in 1913. Like a lot of fashion brands, Italy has played a big part of Prada with its founder Mario Prada being from there.

Prada have immense experience in the fashion industry and have been responsible for everything from watches to shoes to shades over the years. Perhaps one of the unique-selling-points about the company comes in the form of its audience though. While some brands may target a particular type of guy (and in a lot of cases, it’s those looking for the high-end, sophisticated style), Prada cater for the masses. Their catalog is huge and regardless of your tastes, the company will most probably have some sort of offering which is suitable.


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