The Modern Man: Top 10 Clothing Subscription Services to Transform Your Wardrobe

We’re getting to a point where more and more guys are starting to take pride in their appearance and this does mean that more weekend shopping trips tend to be on the cards.

well dressed man clothing subscriptions for men

However, at least in comparison to women, it would be fair to say that guys just don’t have that same persistence when it comes to clothes shopping.

A lot of us will only buy new clothes when it’s absolutely necessary, or when an occasion is around the corner and that fresh pair of trousers is absolutely essential.

Bearing this in mind, it’s quite refreshing to see the influx of clothing subscription sites that have now entered the market. In other words, the days of hitting the high-street appear to be going – you can let someone else do the work and constantly refresh your wardrobe in the process. You “seem” modern and stylish – but this is all thanks to an expert’s hard work. It’s an absolute win-win.

Of course, there are now countless sites who have jumped on the bandwagon and are attempting to tap into this market.

If you’re looking to join the “no shopping” brigade, it’s time to read on and find out the top ten best online clothing subscription services which could transform your way of clothes shopping for good. (displayed here in no particular order). clothing subscription service review

We’ll start with perhaps one of the more unique clothing subscription sites and one that certainly doesn’t follow “the norm”.

The basis of The Mr Collection is that men rent the clothes from the website – they never directly own them.

Once completing the style survey (which is something you will have to do on the majority of subscription sites), a fashion expert will start to piece together garments which you can use for one month.

The concept is simple; you wear the clothes for one month before returning the box. If you return it on time, you’ll receive a different box for the next month.

The beauty is that your wardrobe will be seemingly updated all of the time and if you do fall in love with any of the garments, The Mr Collection will offer a healthy discount to you to purchase them.

If you’re just in the market for casual clothing, expect to pay $39 per month. Business clothing comes in at $45 per month, while basic accessories are priced at $25. logo clothing subscription service review

We’ve just spoken about “basic accessories” and this is predominantly what Man Packs specialize in.

As we all know, washing machines tend to swallow socks like there’s no tomorrow. Failing that, holes in socks start to develop at ridiculous rates – it means that keeping a steady supply of socks is a tough task indeed.

With Man Packs, you’ll just decide what you want to receive every three months. Once the renewal date comes round, you’ll get a polite email asking if you need any further accessories. Following our comments on socks, it goes without saying that most guys will tap into the renewal service. logo clothing subscription service review

Bombfell is more of a complete service and you’ll start by again filling out one of the mandatory style profiles. As well as this, the stylists at Bombfell will ask you how much you want to spend every month and also what you are looking for.

The latter point is particularly useful for most guys. It stands to reason that you’re not going to be looking for a new pair of jeans every month, so this feature just makes the service much more flexible for your needs.

You’ll only pay for the clothes that you like – you merely send the rest back. clothing subscription service review

On the subject of the “all-inclusive” service, let’s introduce Trunk Club.

Again, it’s based on the concept of a personal stylist but this time the service is well, a little more personable. You’ll actually liaise with the stylist via phone, email or text and decide which clothing is going to be suitable for you. It might range from business attire to casual clothing – your words will just provide the knowledge that your stylist needs to put your choice together.

Once you receive the goods, it’s the usual deal. You’ll only keep the garments that you like and you’ll ship the rest back.

The main difference with Trunk Club is that it’s not a traditional subscription service that rolls over month-by-month. Instead, you’ll just contact them when you need that new batch of clothes. clothing subscription service review

If we return to the accessories providers, Root Bizzle is one that just specializes in ties. This time a subscription is involved and priced at $25 per month, some would suggest that you have to be serious about keeping a fresh tie appearance to sign up.

Nevertheless, their choices are tremendous. You’ll receive one tie per month and you can choose either skinny, whimsical or business options. clothing subscription service review

The fact that we’re about to discuss another company who deals with accessories on a subscription basis highlights just how large this market is.

Rather than just dealing in ties like Root Bizzle, Curator and Mule specialize in everything from sunglasses, to socks to bags.

You will be sent one new box of goods per season and you’ll typically receive 4-5 items in each shipment.

With the service priced at $60, it means that you will stay on-season for a very competitive subscription fee. clothing subscription service review

Some of the providers we have looked at will offer formal attire, but this is all that Hall&Madden specialize in. In fact, it’s even more granular than that – they’re just in the market for business shirts.

The deal is simple; you’ll pay $150 and receive three shirts. This doesn’t necessarily have to roll on a monthly basis and most guys will turn to it once every several months – it’s your choice.

Additionally, there’s a stylist element to this subscription service as well. You can decide exactly what type you wish to opt for, whether it’s a classic, slim or athletic cut.

Rather than liaise with a fashion expert directly, Fashion Stork is largely form-based. It means that you will simply input your sizes, style and preferences and wait until the experts on the other side pick out anywhere between two and four items to send over.

The pricing structure is simple; it’s $75 for thirty days. If you want a bit of a longer gap between your deliveries, opt for the $77 for 60 days package, or the $80 for 90 days.

Again, if things aren’t to your taste, you have time to exchange or refund. In fact, you have 365 days to exchange, which is impressive to say the least. clothing subscription service review

If you’re looking for a subscription that’s a little premium, it would be fair to say that 8/Omakase ticks the boxes.

The concept is pretty much the same as all of the other services we have looked at; you tell the company your style and measurements before waiting to receive your package.

Generally, most guys will tap into the service twice per quarter – with this costing around $300. Whether it’s for work or casual clothing, their catalogue is extensive. clothing subscription service review

The basis of Five Four Club is simple and as you’ve probably gathered by now, it relies on the personal style survey.

At $60 per month it’s certainly competitive and you can expect your box to contain approximately $120 worth of clothing every month. It’s again very flexible and if you don’t like the garments, you just send them back.

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