10 Style Tips For Men to Dress & Look Taller

We don’t need to jump into the drawbacks of being short. Whether it’s struggling to get a view of a band when watching a live event, or just feeling dwarfed by everyone at a party – it’s the feeling that no man in the world wants to experience.

clothing for men

Fortunately, it’s not all bad news. Sure, we don’t have any magic growing beans that we can pop in the post to you, but we do have some style tips which can at least make you look a little taller than you really are.

Excited? Here are ten tips on how to do it.

dress taller


Start with the basics – the right garments

There are three rules to follow here and if you can nail these, you’ll be well on your way to looking taller.

taller clothes

Firstly, wear a jacket. It builds up the shoulders and this immediately makes you look, and feel may we add, taller than you really are.

Next, it’s all about the trousers and wearing them properly. Don’t try and set a trend, just wear them at the waist. You’ll get a longer leg line and we don’t need to say anything else about this point.

Finally, here’s something you should not do. Avoid any shorts or short-sleeve shirts at any possible cost. All these garments do is emphasize your limbs and make you look shorter than you really are.


Wear clothing that fits

fit vs loose

Are we stating the obvious here? Probably, but it’s amazing to see how many men just don’t wear clothes that fits properly.

We’re mainly talking about the “loose fit” here which in short, is just too much of a loose fit. It emphasizes to everyone else just how small you really are and as we’ve already highlighted, this is the exact message you really don’t want to portray.

To be specific, jackets which have baggy armpits is a key offender. If you can afford it, always opt for the tailored approach. It’s made to measure and as such, fits your small frame down to a tee.


Take a leaf out of the young man’s section


As strange as it might seem, a lot of clothing which is housed in the young man’s section of the store will work like a charm for shorter guys.

This is for the simple reason that manufacturers will create an extra-large garment that is suitable for boys that require it from both a height and weight perspective. Therefore, it can fit snugly to an adult and create that perfect fit we’ve just spoken about.


Don’t be afraid to shop across the globe

shop globally

Every country might have standard size labels – but these vary between locations. For example, US clothing is renowned as being larger than the likes of Japan – and this is where an opportunity lies.

As we have highlighted throughout this guide, shopping for clothes that actually fit to you is crucial if you are serious about standing tall. By opting for clothing abroad, which is effectively scaled down, you can flatter your body no-end.


Be careful of your color palette

one color vs multicolor

In some ways, your color theme should be quite boring. Monochromatic styles have been known to effectively “streamline” your appearance and somehow tricks the eye into thinking your body is longer than it really is.

If you can make all of the garments on your body stick to as few colors as possible, you will have won half of the battle.

If we think about it practically, it all makes sense. After all, by using multiple colors you are immediately splitting up your body into small parts. These small parts look even smaller for the short guy – so be aware.


If you are wearing bright colors…

shiny objects

If you are going to go against our advice and invest in a bright wardrobe, at least wear these garments as high as possible. It’s all about keeping the eyes (of other people, we should add), as high as possible.

Again, let’s add that monochromatic colors are the best choice though.


Orientation matters as well

orientation matters

As well as color, making sure that you are vertically-inclined is key as well.

There are a lot of articles on the internet that highlight how the plump guys should be swaying away from horizontal stripes, for the simple reason that they widen their body and make the eyes drift from side to side.

It’s the same story for the short guy. Vertical stripes are able to make the eye go from up to down and add that impression of height that we all crave.


Help yourself with shapewear


This is a relatively modern tip, but as we all know you’ve just got to stay up to date to stay in shape. In simple terms, shapewear is designed to emphasize all of the “good parts” of your body, whilst reducing attention on those areas that we’d rather see less of.

It means that the bulging biceps (if they exist) will be completely on show, but the bulging belly might not be. It’s all about improving your posture and maximizing the appearance of your body.

Suffice to say, not every clothing designer in the land makes shapewear garments. In the UK, Pelham and Strutt are probably the biggest provider of the clothing and supply everything from vests, t-shirts, long-sleeve tops to underwear.

In other words, it’s possible to emphasize every single part of your body to maximum effect. Additionally, their line of clothing includes temperature control technology, meaning that you’re not going to be working up a sweat as you bid to stand tall.

In the US meanwhile, there’s Love My Bubbles. This achieves exactly the same effect as the Pelham and Strutt clothing, although there are slightly more products available with waist clinchers and o-briefs being examples. Nevertheless, it’s possible to stand much taller with each garment improving your posture no-end.

Read more about Shapewear


There’s no harm in cheating

elevator shoes for men

While most of the tips so far have all been about tricking the eye, there is in fact one method you can use to trick it with good reason.

We’re now talking about heeled shoes and the benefits they possess. Modern products, such as the ones found at TallMensShoes, are able to subtly add height without drawing unnecessary attention to a huge heel on your shoe.

Additionally, the quality of such products is only improving. Once upon a time they would have arched your feet and created no-end of problems, but now they are designed ergonomically in a bid to allow your foot to rest naturally.

This is particularly true of TallMensShoes again, with this range including all sorts from boots, casual shoes, sneakers and dress shoes.

However, don’t choose shoes with more than 2.8 inches taller (there are up to 5 inches taller shoes). when you get to 3 inches, the shoes becomes unconfortable, even for short periods of walking time.

Check out Tall Men Shoes Selection.


Don’t play by the same rules as the big guys

men clothes

A lot of big guys tend to overlay their clothes somewhat; so the suits overhang on the arms by half an inch or so merely for style purposes.

As you’ve probably guessed, such an approach doesn’t work with us short guys. While you might want to overhang garments fractionally, we use this term strictly.

Whether it is suits, or even the length of a collar point, make sure that these fine details are taken care of as ultimately it’s these details which will influence the illusion of your overall height.

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