Your 6 Most Embarrassing Body Problems & How to Fix Them

There is nothing worse than feeling insecure because you hate something about your body. A lot of men just suck it up and deal with it but why should your partner have to deal with it too? You have to get a fix for these body problems if you really care about yourself and your partner.

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#1 – Penis Bumps

Penile Papules are harmless bumps that encircle the penis rim in on or more rows. They do somewhat resemble genital warts but they are most often smaller and more uniform and they will not enlarge over time.

The Fix: Make sure to get any bumps examined by your doctor but if it is these harmless little bumps you don’t have to worry. They are not dangerous or contagious. Some people get them recovered by electrodessication but this can be painful and expensive.


#2 – Gym Hands

Are you getting blisters or flaky skin after you have worked out? Sometimes those that go to the gym to workout notice that they have an allergic reaction to the rubber in some of the equipment. If you hate the way your hands feel you need to get this fixed.

The Fix: You should speak with your doctor or dermatologist. They may order a patch test to make sure what the problem is. Sometimes some simple moisturizer after a workout session and after washing your hands is all that you need to make crocodile hands go away.


#3 – Perma- Scowl

Do you look as if you are always angry? This could be because of wrinkles in your face that are causing you to have a permanent scowl. The deep between-eyes crease can cause this but you may also have overactive frown muscles around the mouth.

The Fix: Botox injections are used by some people so they can relax muscles around the eyes and forehead. Some people use fillers such as hyaluronic acid. Normal skincare and applying sunscreen can help you from getting these looks and can help the skin renew itself.


#4 – Man Stretch Marks

While some people think that only females deal with these body blemishes this is not at all true. Guys who workout often notice they are getting stretch marks from gaining massive upper-body muscle strength. You may notice stretch marks developing on your chest and shoulders. They can look like purple-red lines and overtime appear to be a scar.

The Fix: If these stretch marks are really bugging you then you can talk to the dermatologist about fraxel or vascular laser treatment. It will probably require two or three treatments that are spaced out about a month apart. The treatments are a little pricey but if it is a real problem to you then this a good option.


#5 – A Wee Winkie

If you have a smaller man part than you would like then you need to do something about it. There is no point in walking around with your head down and shoulders slumped because your penis is too little. A lot of men have a penis they believe is too small but there are easy fixes that are inexpensive.

The Fix: Look into a product called SizeGenetics. This penis extender has proven to increase the length and girth of the penis as well as improve sexual function. This means that you do not have to opt for surgery like some people have. All you have to do is use this penis extender and you will see amazing results.


#6 – Man Boobs

Have you noticed that your chest is starting to look like a woman’s chest? This can be very emasculating and may cause for serious frustration. These fat cells in your chest are causing you to have larger breasts but there is something you can do about it.

The Fix: A product called Gynexin is formulated especially to fight man boobs. It works by targeting the fatty cells in the mammary glands. This formula is a unique herbal blend that has been developed to reduce both the size and quantity of fatty cells. This will allow you to get your manly figure back and to stop feeling like a girl. Look and feel great without man boobs.

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