The Honeymoon Period: 15 Ways to Keep the Spark in the Bedroom

The “honeymoon period” is one of the best parts of any relationship but unfortunately, that’s exactly what it is – a honeymoon period. In other words, it doesn’t last an infinite amount of time and in pretty much every case, things will even out over time.

honeymoon keep spark in the bedroom

However, that’s not to say that you can’t always be in an extremely healthy and satisfying sexual relationship. On the contrary, couples can have that same mind-blowing chemistry between the sheets all through their relationship – although nobody would disagree that it does take some work.

On the plus side, you don’t have to put in too many hours. In fact, all it takes is a tinge of effort from you and your partner. Ready to get started? Here are fifteen ways to ensure that the spark always lives on in the bedroom.



Sex should always be on the menu – even if you’re on opposite sides of the world

having fun honeymoon couple

It’s a fact of modern day life; there will be occasions where you and your other half won’t be under the same roof. Usually, it will be work commitments getting in the way but in theory, it could be anything.

This shouldn’t result in your sex life taking a sabbatical though. Instead, you should be looking for whatever means you can for things to keep ticking over. Possible ideas are erotic emails or phone calls – or even a “creative” Skype session. The possibilities are endless.


Masturbation is an open book

Masturbation is a tricky topic, particularly amongst couples. Instead of shying away from the fact that you both do it, start to open up about it. Let your other half know your feelings on the subject; why you decided to touch yourself without their presence and when it occurred. It’s all about understanding your sexual preferences even more, which bodes even better for bedroom antics.


Even when you’re not in the mood, you’ll do whatever it takes to satisfy

flirting in honemoon

There are occasions where you won’t be in the mood – it’s a fact of life. The problem is, on many of these occasions, your partner ultimately will be.

Rather than offering frustration, sometimes giving in and going against your own arousal-levels is better for a relationship. As well as satisfying them, it’s satisfying for you to know that you have caused this pleasure.


Reminiscing about the hottest times

Talking about your favorite sexual encounters (with each other, of course) is another perfect way to keep the flame going. Listing the hottest encounters in order, or just explaining why or how you liked a particular session, can not only get you in the mood but it can make future sex satisfy you even more.


You don’t have to look a million dollars on every sexual occasion

looking perfect every time

During the honeymoon period, there’s every chance that you’ll be going all-out to look like a million dollars every time you meet up. Suffice to say, this isn’t a sustainable way of living – you just can’t always look your best.

A great sexual relationship is built on one where each partner manages to make the other feel attractive (even if they’re clearly not). If you happen to be sick, it shouldn’t matter. If you’re wearing shoddy clothes, it shouldn’t matter. Of course, you should be looking to make an effort some of the time – but glamming yourself up for bedtime every evening isn’t the best way of doing it.


You’re confident, whatever situation, in each other’s company

Similarly, you should both be confident in each other’s naked company. There should be no quickly switching the lights off before you climb into bed – you both make each other feel confident and you don’t need to take any further steps to accommodate this.


Routine needs to be avoided at all costs


If there’s one word that can kill a sexual relationship, it’s routine. If you start to feel like things are getting repetitive or the excitement is wearing off, it’s time to take action.

No relationship is going to fly at 100 mph every day, but you should be doing all that you can to keep the flame going between the sheets. It might just be a case of changing things up somewhat; taking things to the bedroom at an abnormal point of the day, or even in some cases bringing someone else into play. The point is that you never let things lie.


Pet names go as far as body parts

Some couples might not be too into this, but it’s again one of those small tips that can help. You might have a pet name for your partner, but how about a pet name for a certain sexual act or body part? It’s something that develops intimacy and ultimately, this is going to enhance your bedroom antics.


It doesn’t just stem from the bedroom

It doesn't just stem from the bedroom

This guide might be aimed at improving your life in the bedroom, but we’d be wrong to assume that other parts of your relationship don’t impact this.

In other words, they have to be ticking over for your sex life to continue to be exciting. We’ve spoken about bringing change between the sheets, but also look to turn to new, exciting activities in normal day-to-day life. It will develop even more passion, which will transpire to your sex life.

You ride out sexual scenes in the movies together

If you’re watching any sort of romance scene at the theater, don’t be afraid to act out your own feelings (within reason). Touching your partners hand, leg or even groin during a sex scene can really ignite passion – both of you won’t be able to wait until you get home.


Both of you are allowed to “window shop”

caught checking a woman

There really isn’t anything wrong with checking other people out, as long as that’s as far as it goes. Window shopping isn’t a crime and shouldn’t, as long as it’s done in moderation, prove to be destructive. Let each other check other people out – just make sure that’s where it stops.


There’s no insecurity with exes

Exes are a tricky topic in any relationship; few people would disagree with that. If you can find it within yourself not to be intimidated by any of your partner’s exes then you’ll be onto a winner. If you can tell yourself that your relationship is just so much better than what they had before, you’ll breed inner confidence and love.


In fact, forget jealousy full stop


Let’s continue with the jealousy topic and this time look at those “same sex friendships”. Again, in some relationships they are destructive – but this usually stems from a completely innocent friendship.

Neither of you should be telling the other who they can be friends with; there shouldn’t ever be any need for this. Instead, boundaries should suffice – you both know what’s right and what’s wrong.


You thrive upon arguments (just for the makeup sex)

There are some couples that fight like cat and dog and while others may frown upon them, one thing that these couples do have going for them is that crucial makeup sex. It’s some of the most exciting sex you’ll ever have – scientific studies have confirmed that it does exist and the transition from arguing to making up in the bedroom is one of the hottest things a couple can go through.


The sexual satisfaction report

Finally, we’re by no means suggesting that a relationship has a formal weekly reporting system – but simply asking your partner if they are satisfied in the bedroom is a sure-fire way to make sure your sex life is on track. You can chop and change things, perfect them and again, just guarantee that you are both happy with what has developed between the sheets.

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