Seven Ways Body Language Boosts Your Game

It’s argued that one’s body language can make or break them.  We, humans, communicate in various ways and body language is just as viable a way of expressing yourself and affecting the world around you as is going off at the mouth.

Body Language Boosts Your Game



What Is Body Language?

Body language is nothing more than the position your body is in during any time of the day and expresses your mood and mindset.  We use body language as a way of letting others know, including animals, just how we feel at the moment and how we react to others’ behavior and moods.

Body language is important as it can be communicated from a distance.  It lets others know when you’re angry or peaceful or shy or even sorrowful.  It is a way of having manners to the point of letting others know when you’re not to be messed with or even when you like something or someone.

Here we’ll look at seven ways that body language gets the point across to others and affects the way you live.


Body Language Shows The Real You

How you feel about yourself is another way of using body language.  We often use little white lies to express ourselves to others.

People can often get to gabbing and running off at the mouth or might ask us to evaluate something personal about them like if you think they’ve put on too much weight or whether you like their style of fits or even worse if a woman asks if you can guess her age.

Body language will reveal the real opinion you have of the situation while at the same time you’re lying through your teeth to avoid hurting someone’s feeling or starting a fight.  It’s an unconscious way of communicating the truth.


Body Language Can Tell Others To Chill Out

Because of what we say can often cause others to get antagonistic and a fight will brew up.  Some people just have no couth whatsoever and will flap off their gums not realizing they could get a punch in the face.

That being said, to avoid such things we often keep our mouths shut to prevent an unpleasant situation from occurring.  However, if you watch such a confrontation, you might notice the person putting up with the other person’s nonsense is standing in the way that suggests they’re five minutes from beating the other person to a pulp.

It’s because instead of blurting out, “I’m going to punch your lights out if you don’t stop!”, we will instead take a stance that communicates that we’re impatient with their foolishness and are only going to put up with it for not much longer.  We use this kind of body language to prevent confrontation, and it is universally recognized.


Your Body Language Can Express Admiration

Another amazing way body language is used, is to be able to tell others that you admire them.  There are several cultural ways this body language can be expressed, and it lets others know that there is something special about them.

It can cut through any antagonism or fear that is kicking around and is a cool way to simmer down a tense situation.  We see this in little kids who see a police officer or fireman.

They stand in awe, and their body language expresses this.  So do you, and you can use it to your advantage when you meet that special someone you’re trying to engage.  It happens well on the job front too.  If you have a new client or meet a top executive or even encounter new or present employees that have been doing a great job.  Your body language that expresses admiration can get you far.


Get That Romance Going With Your Body Language

To tell you the truth, while you are engaging in anything romantic, your body language is of utmost importance.  If you meet a person you would like to impress romantically, there are several universal stances and head positions that say, “I really like you!”.  It can communicate from across a crowded room.

Whether this will get you the first date depends on you.  What it does do is cut through the smoke and makes a statement right off the bat.  You’ll need to watch the way the other person of interest responds with their body language.

If they like you, they’ll adopt the same stance as you.  You’ll find that you’ve cut the time it takes to get together and that you’re both on the same page.  When it comes to romance body language weighs in heavily.


Body Language As A Peace Initiative

Being at peace is something some people just never seem to be able to reach.  When one is at peace, everything around them feels good.  Expressing yourself via body language where peace is concerned is of such importance you should never underestimate it.

If you can duplicate the body language, you take when at peace, you can change your emotions in a second.  People and even animals will know that you’re in a peaceful mood by the stance you take.

They’ll react to you in a peaceful way, and you can even affect the office, the family, and even a room full of strangers.  It’s an amazing thing to see, and it brings you to levels of peace and contentment.


Others Know When To Respect You

The way you carry yourself says a lot to other people.  A man who is confident in himself or a woman who feels likewise will stand ramrod straight no matter what the situation is.

Other people may face a scary situation and act all worried and nervous.  You are displaying a body language that shows confidence will inspire others that the situation may not be as dire as they feared.  If you play sports, your opponents will think twice about taking you on in a fight.

Your body language will tell them that you feel good about yourself and the present situation and that communicates a lot.  The same can be said when dealing with clients.

You’re trying to sell them something like a service, and you stand there proud and collected.  That spells stability to a client, and that goes a long way to not only secure the deal but to put them or customer’s mind at rest.  Good body language bourne of confidence is a very powerful tool that works both ways.


Body Language Affects Your Biology Too

The way you carry yourself and the affect it has on your body is multi-fold.  It is said that research has shown that one’s metabolism can change for the better as the posture creates a better mental attitude.

Your posture improves because your body language is expressing what the mind truly feels and the body will respond by shifting circulation to accommodate you.  Considering all the back problems people have it’s a sure bet that body language that conflicts with one’s sentiments is the cause of it all.

Digestion is another issue.  People sit all cramped, or all stooped over, and the body doesn’t process food properly.  This behavior can lead to all kinds of biological problems later on.


Final Word

Knowing how your game can be boosted by your body language can not only change your life but make you more aware of yourself.  It can benefit you at work and home and even when you’re out and about the town.

As long as you don’t let yourself all hangout to the point of looking like a clown you should be able to master your body language to the point that you’ll use it as easy to communicate as speaking or texting.

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