Tips For Men To Find Love

Men and love don’t exactly go in the same sentence, don’t you agree? I mean, the male race feels like they’ve got this apprehension towards the word itself. It’s like they don’t want to be identified with it.

finding love

Through time, men have been idealized as the ultimate image of masculinity: Strong, powerful, decisive, and intellectual, etc. Feelings, emotions, and love just don’t quite fit with the theme of masculinity, right? This makes it hard for men to express how they really feel during times of great emotional stress.

But is that still true today?

Many organizations and establishments have gone to great lengths to push the idea of equality into society. They want people to realize that we are all unique and that’s alright. They want people to accept the fact that not one person is 100% masculine or 100% feminine; it will always be a combination of the two.

For some people, it’s balanced. For others, one part weighs more than the other. Either way, both men and women can share masculine and feminine qualities. This means that males, too, are allowed to be nurturing, emotional, sensitive, and even maternal. There are a lot of men that have maternal instincts, especially those who have grown up in the care of their mothers alone. You can check this out for more.


Why am I talking about all this?

Well, since we’re going to be talking about love and dating for men today, I thought that this intro would be the most fitting. For one, I think that men should be more open about their feelings and emotions. Well, that is if they want their next attempt in dating to work anyway. Women are more attracted to people who are more open about themselves, contrary to what you might already think. Being open and expressive doesn’t make you weak, you know. It makes you human and I think that it’s important for every male individual to understand that.

If you’ve been looking for a real connection for a while now but you’re still not able to establish that with anyone special yet, then maybe we can help you out. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you want to find love. In fact, that is strength. To know exactly what you want and have the courage to actually go after it makes you one of the bravest people in this planet. So go forth and spread the love, I’m sure countless of women will swarm after you. But just choose one okay? Check out what may be holding you back here.

To further improve your chances of connecting with someone real and special, we thought of whipping up a list of things you should remind yourself of when you start putting yourself out there. These tips are sure to make you seem more approachable and appealing to single ladies out there. So what are you waiting for? Read on below:


How A Real Man Dates

one woman at a time

One Woman At A Time Dude

If you’re reading this section right now, it would only mean that you’re quite serious about finding a match. Well, you can. In fact, you might find yourself in a situation that compels you to choose just one. When that time comes, I’m asking you: Please just choose one. A real man doesn’t play with women’s feelings. You can’t collect before you select.

The moment someone feels like you’re taking them for granted, that your time feels divided, she will catch on. She will think that you’re really not into her. So for her sake and yours, woo one lady at a time. You’re not a teen heartthrob so stop trying to be one. Maybe this article is a good read for you:


Reciprocate What She Gives

Reciprocation is a key part in being in love. You can’t be in a relationship and just take and take from the other person. What the woman in your life gives, you must return. If she’s showing you affection, give her affection. If she’s opening up her heart to you, then open up yours to her.

Every love story works if both people treat it like a two-way street, give and take. Reciprocating someone’s feelings, thoughts, well intentions, and all that is the only way you can show how much she means to you. So stop being a shallow wuss and start giving back all that you’re being blessed with. If you think you’re ready for this but not quite sure where you can start looking for that special someone, maybe dating sites for men can help you.


Don’t Be Afraid To Touch On The Important Stuff

touching on the important stuff in a relationship

You think bottling up your feelings and acting tough is manly? Sheesh. It’s not even cute in the least. Let your feelings out; let them flow. You might think that this means exposing your weaknesses but really, it’s not. It’s about showing that one person you care about that you are just as invested in your relationship as she is.

In fact, you are so serious about it that you’re not afraid to touch on all the “not-so-pleasant” stuff. You’re not afraid to show her a side of you that you’ve never shown to anyone else. Making someone feel welcome in your life is extremely attractive. It’ll make your partner feel special and important.


Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

What women hate the most really are men who can’t keep their word. Setting your lady’s expectations too high only to trample on it later on is definitely no way to win her heart. If anything, it will only make her despise you. If you’re not sure about something or if you’re still having doubts whether you can do something, don’t promise anything yet. I tell you; the female race despises anyone who can’t keep up with their promises, especially when they have no good reason to bail on it. So unless you came down with a deadly disease or got hit by a truck and that’s why you can’t make it, you better come through whenever you say you’d do something or go somewhere.

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