The 5 Things Women Are Desperate For You To Know

As much as it might make life a whole lot easier – men just aren’t mind-readers. It means that there are plenty of occasions where you and your partner aren’t on the same wavelength – and she’s never going to tell you directly what you need to know to make your relationship tick along nicely.

what women want you to know

This is where your own senses should really kick into action and you need to learn to read the signs. Unfortunately, this is most definitely a case of easier said than done and most guys will be left in limbo – not having a clue what their other half, or even a female friend, really means.

If you fall into said category, make sure you read on. Here are five of the best tips to ensure that you really know what your woman means and you can make your relationship work a whole lot better.


She hates you looking at other girls

She hates you looking at other girls

Let’s get one thing out of the way – treat em’ mean, keep em’ keen certainly isn’t true when it comes to checking other women out.

Sure, she knows you’re going to do it – it’s a man’s natural instinct. However, leave this for when you’re alone (or alone with the lads) – doing it in front of her is an immediate sign of disrespect and will eat away at her.

Some girls might laugh it off, but we’d bet our bottom dollar that this isn’t a true reflection of their feelings. Every girl out there wants to be the centre of attention and if your head is constantly turning when you are next to her, you’re slashing her confidence – bit by bit.

Again, we’re not dismissing the idea of window shopping – it’s harmless in the right circumstances and if it is never going to lead to anything. The point we’re trying to make is that your other half hates it, it will eat away at your relationship and there are plenty of other occasions where you can turn your head and not hurt the person closest to you.


She’s not purposely trying to nag at you

why she is nagging

It might come as a surprise, but we’re not making it up when we say that women don’t mean to nag. It’s a running joke amongst guys, particularly over a drink, that the thing that every woman has in common is the N-word.

While some may take it to bigger extremes than others, before you start chastising them too much for their nagging ability it’s time to put things into perspective.

Most of the time, the reason women nag is because their man just isn’t listening to them. Most of these issues are completely trivial – they generally tend to revolve around household chores. For example, she might ask you to leave the toilet seat down – yet you persist in “forgetting” what she’s saying. Or, you might always leave dishes in the sink despite her requests – the list could well and truly go on.

Suffice to say, it’s annoying for her and in truth, it would be annoying for anyone who is trying to get their message across to someone.

While there will most certainly be times when you feel she is going over the top, if you take a look at the bigger picture you’ll probably find that she has a valid point for most of her annoyances. In other words – she doesn’t like nagging, but sometimes, it might feel as though the only way she can get her point across.


She wants occasional reassurance

She wants occasional reassurance

Let’s get one thing straight before we launch into this next point; there’s usually a fine-line in relationships. This issue on reassurance sums it up perfectly; you don’t want to be fawning over her all of the time, but you certainly shouldn’t be casting her off and not giving her any assurances whatsoever.

There will be times where she needs that little bit extra. This isn’t about being needy – it’s about hearing the right things at the right time.

All this means is that you should be looking to tell her that you love her as often as you think she wants. Not only that, you should be blessing her confidence in any way possible. As we all know, this is one of the key points for a woman so if you can reassure her on her looks or even say that you just love spending time with her – it’s going to do wonders for her inner feelings.

No, you probably shouldn’t be bombarding her with messages every hour with such remarks. In fact, if you do it too much, the effect will wear off.

However, most men just don’t reassure their woman enough and this can again lead to the break downs that we are all looking to avoid.


She just wants a cuddle after sex

woman wants a cuddle after sex

Here’s the point where we tell you not to flatter yourself too much. While it might be quite ego-boosting to make her smile after a session of morning sex, it might not be the deed itself which has caused this.

Instead, most women just like the intimacy afterwards – the cuddling that tends to occur.

In fact, if you purposely avoid this, you’ll have broken one of her golden rules. If you simply get up and leave immediately after, it’s another sign of disrespect and it really doesn’t take into account her feelings.

It’s at this stage that she will feel every right to feel aggrieved. All it takes is several minutes of lying down next to her, cuddling, talking and generally being a good partner. That will keep her happy and dare we say it, it will feel as special as the sex itself.


She wishes she didn’t have to tell you all of this

woman wants you to understand and listen

Finally, let’s wrap up with the biggest tip of all. In simple terms, it’s that she really hopes that she doesn’t have to tell you about any of the four points above – or any other issues which keep her happy.

In an ideal world, you’d know it all. Unfortunately, this is something that’s never going to happen and there can certainly be an issue of miscommunication from time to time.

Something that she will always forgive you for is acting with the goodness of your heart though. Let’s be honest – in all of the above points there’s a “right” way to act.

Regarding the other girls… do you really think it’s going to make her feel special?

Regarding the nagging… do you really think there’s never a reason behind it?

Regarding the reassurance… is it completely unreasonable to tell someone close how you really feel and eradicate any negative thoughts?

Regarding the cuddling… is walking out straight after intimacy really the right way to act?

Suffice to say, most of the time it all focusses on the “right” way to act. Sure, you might not be a mind-reader and guess what your partner wants every single day of the week, but if you can at least approach your relationship with the right mind-set you will be giving it the best possible chance to flourish.

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