25 Sex Myths Debunked

It’s something that nearly everyone engages in – a topic that’s almost become commercial. Therefore, you won’t be surprised to hear that sex has umpteen myths associated with it.

sex myths

Some are bordering on the ridiculous, but many have become almost gospel through the years they have circulated the internet and other places. Bearing this in mind, here is the lowdown on twenty five of the biggest and best myths – and just how they are completely flawed.


Bigger is better

does size matter

Let’s get the biggest (pardon the pun) myth out of the way. They say size matters but in actual fact, it really doesn’t.

The G-spot of a woman is just a couple of inches inside the vagina and subsequently, it just doesn’t matter how big the penis is in relation to the pleasure it generates.

Sure, some women might prefer bigger penises – but it doesn’t impact pleasure in the slightest.


The bigger your shoe size…

bigger shoe size - bigger sex

On a similar note, let’s quickly dispel that shoe size myth as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size fourteen; it isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference to your manhood.

We should also point out that the same rules apply in relation to hands, ears and any other body part – the penis is completely separate.


Length beats girth

Length beats girth - mouth to ear

Staying on the topic of size, length really doesn’t matter at all according to another study. UCLA found that women valued the girth of a penis much more than the length.


The sex of your baby can be determined by the sexual position

male or female babies determined by sex position

This is perhaps one of the more ridiculous myths out there, but for this reason alone it’s worth mentioning. Some have suggested over the years that the position you and your partner engage in during sex can help dictate what gender your baby is.

Suffice to say, there’s absolutely no truth here.


You can’t fall pregnant, whilst being pregnant

getting pregnant whilst being pregnant

Most couples think they’re completely safe between the sheets if the woman has already fallen pregnant.

There could be a future surprise on the horizon though, as it is scientifically possible to fall pregnant again whilst you are still carrying a child. It’s rare, but it has happened.


There’s no such thing as a female wet dream

woman dreaming

It might be men who are often associated with wet dreams, but the same can most certainly happen to females.

Science has proven that this occurs as well. Studies have shown that around 40% of women have experienced wet dreams – and 30% of these have happened as recently as the past twelve months.


The special semen blend


While guys would love to produce their own special flavors of semen, it’s actually impossible. Studies have proven that the sodium content of semen is different in every male, and this will ultimately affect the taste.

However, when it comes to eating foods to change the flavor, this just isn’t possible.


Guys think about sex every seven seconds

man thinking

It’s one of the most overused saying going; “men think about sex every seven seconds”. While it is difficult to accurately measure this, one study in 2011 by the Ohio State University at least tried.

It was found here that men thought about sex just nineteen times a day. When this is compared to the eighteen times they think about food, and the eleven times they think about sleeping, it really doesn’t seem that much.


You only have an STD if you are showing obvious symptoms

man doing ok sign

The basics of this myth go along the lines that you only have an STD if you are showing one of the classic symptoms.

Unfortunately, if this was the case, we’re pretty sure that the STD rates around the world would be much lower.

As it turns out, most people are carrying an STD without even realizing. The majority don’t have any symptoms – the only way of knowing is if you get medically tested.


It’s painful for a woman to lose her virginity

is it painful to lose virginity

This is often publicized, perhaps to delay the inevitable. Nevertheless, science dictates that there’s as much chance of sex hurting the first time a woman has sex as opposed to future occasions.

There are umpteen reasons behind this as well. During those first sessions, nerves could lead to a lack of arousal which ultimately means that the vagina isn’t lubricated.

Or, perhaps more likely, is the potentially inexperienced partner who might be too rough.


“Pulling out” is completely safe

pull out doesnt work

Some people swear by “pulling out” – it’s apparently as good as any contraceptive pill out there.

Unfortunately, the above is far from true. Most guys just aren’t able to withdraw quick enough, but a lot of the pre-ejaculatory fluid contains sperm anyway.

When you consider the fact that 27% of women who relied on this method of “contraception” fell pregnant in the first year, it’s scary stuff.


Sex can burn calories


Well, it can – but not as many calories as certain publications might make you believe. Some suggest that sex is good enough to replace regular exercise, when in fact the average session will see you burn just 21 calories.


The pill causes you to put on weight

can the pill make you gain weight ?

One of the reasons why a lot of people don’t like the pill is because it can make you put on weight. However, 44 different studies have failed to reach this conclusion.


You can clearly “see” if a woman has lost her virginity

telling if a woman lost her virginity

It’s often said that by looking at the hymen within the vagina, it’s easy to see if a women has had sex before.

However, things are not quite as clear cut as this. Firstly, it can be torn by a whole host of activities which have absolutely no relation to sex. Additionally, when it has been torn, it can heal itself. This means that it just isn’t a reliable indicator.


The more times a woman has sex, the wider their vagina

wider vagina because of too much sex

It’s generally thought that the more sexually active a woman is, the wider their vagina. This is completely false, as is the claim that larger penises can permanently stretch the vagina.


Never worry about the woman cheating

suspicious man

In some ways, this is correct. In terms of sleeping with someone else – men are much more likely to do this than females.

However, if we scrutinize the issue further and don’t necessarily look at full sex, but perhaps second or third base, things become different. Here, women are just as likely to cheat as men.


As soon as you put a ring on it, the sex stops

couple fighting

The general thoughts seem to be that as soon as you walk down the aisle, all the fun in the bedroom ceases.

Fortunately, this isn’t the case. Studies have shown that there are greater levels of sexual satisfaction and more frequent sex amongst married couples. Additionally, the married clan are said to have much more diverse sex!


It’s only guys who watch porn

woman watching computer

It’s rare you see anything published about women watching porn, but it does happen – it happens a lot. While you might struggle to get them to admit it in public, a study found that 85% of women have watched porn.


Double bagging is the best way to prevent pregnancy


If you think wearing a couple of condoms at the same time is going to minimize the risk of pregnancy, think again.

This is a practice which may actually increase the changes, for the simple reason that the added friction can make them break.


Masturbation cause blindness

blind because masturbation

Again, it might be one of those things which is said to prevent guys having too much alone-time. At the 2012 Masturbate-a-thon (there is such an event), one man masturbated for ten hours straight.

The result? He didn’t become blind.


You can exercise your penis to make it bigger

exercises can't help - woman confused

If you haven’t listened to the debunked myths about size and still want to boost your manhood, you need to forget about exercises. Pills can do it if you are looking for non permanent increase. Otherwise you need to go with penis enlargement devices or surgery.


Sex is only for the young

middle aged couple

The thought of your mom or dad, or anyone older, getting kinky between the sheets might be repulsive – but it does happen.

It has been found that the vast majority of people will be sexually active into late age – it doesn’t just suddenly stop.


Hot tubs are a great method of contraception

hot tub for contraception

We’ve touched on contraception already through this piece, and here’s another type that quite simply doesn’t work.

While hot tubs can lower a man’s sperm count if you stay in there for a reasonable amount of time, it can’t kill it. Ultimately, a woman can still become impregnated in a hot tub.


Most men are five minutes and out

a not so happy couple - quick intercourse

There are plenty of products out there related to premature ejaculation and while this marketing spiel might talk about “lasting hours” and the rest, the truth is that most guys last minutes.

The average duration of intercourse, according to a survey in 2005, was just 5.4 minutes.


There are only two types of sexual orientation

man thinking about his sexual orientation

Finally, forget about there being just two types of sexual orientation. While straight and gay are the main two that most of us know, a scale devised in 1948 by Alfred Kinsey suggests otherwise.

The “Kinsey Scale” was a rating from 0 (heterosexual) to 6 (homosexual) that suggested that most people don’t fit exactly into one category.

When you consider that a recent survey showed that half the population aren’t solely classed as straight or gay – it’s certainly food for thought.

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