10 Things A Man Should Do To Make The Relationship Go Right

These are the ten things you should always do, to make your relationship go in the right direction.

make the romance go right



Be Neat

Let’s face it; no woman wants to be around a man who looks like he just fought with the Flintstones.

You’ve got to be neat if you want a relationship to flourish, and your business clients to respect you.  Yes, some guys have gritty jobs and get covered with dirt, but there are a time and place for a shower and a shave.

Getting a manicure isn’t a sissy thing either.  Taking care of your nails will lead to better hygiene, and you’ll be surprised at how many women especially Catholic women will judge you by how well you keep your nails.

First impressions are lasting impressions.  Take the extra effort to look neat at every chance and you’ll find yourself a center of attention and respect and your girlfriend or wife won’t be embarrassed to be seen with you in public.


Be Courteous

A gentleman will get much farther than a brute.  Having manners makes the man, not the other way around.

Far too many American men wonder why chicks go for those continental types with suave and cool.  It’s because they know how to treat  a lady and others.

Walking around with a stoop and using your fingers to eat is not good manners.  Etiquette at the dinner table and refined social skills will elevate you to the top of the ladder and others will respect you as a man of the world not some guy from the block.

If you’re unsure about etiquette especially table manners, then take a course.  There are lots of videos online, and you can find a coach in the big cities.

You’ll learn how to address others in proper conversation, so you don’t come off like you just evolved from walking on your knuckles.  Other fellows will look up to you, and you’ll be remembered fondly and respectfully by anyone you meet.


Be Understanding

Taking the time to understand others is another trait that will benefit not only yourself but others.

When people realize that you’re not a hard blockhead to deal with but a person who can understand them and their viewpoints and feelings, you’ll run into less antagonism in relationships and business.

Women need understanding.  They’re a bit more emotional as they deal with far greater biological challenges.  Being observant and listening instead of butting in every few minutes will allow you to hear her side of the story so you can better judge how to respond.

After a while, women and clients will see you as the go-to guy when the spit hits the fan.  Wives and girlfriends will be more open to sharing their feelings and better acknowledge your evaluations and decisions.

A little understanding goes a long way.


Be Kind To Her Friends And Family

One of a guy’s biggest challenges is in tolerating the woman’s family and friends.

They’re apprehensive of you at first because they’re jealous or concerned your girl is now at your side and not theirs.  This can be easily handled with proper manners and communication.  Good gestures of good will help too.  It’s all about being courteous and observant and not making every issue about you.

When meeting her friends or family, look for and only comment on admirable things about them.  Ask them about tier viewpoints son things and don’t get argumentative.

If you find big faults in their character then deal with them on a one on one basis and speak your piece when the time is right.

Of greater note, look for the people she loves the most and realizes that no matter how annoying they are, the mean a great deal to her.  If you run into a family member or friend of hers that is a danger, then take her aside and honestly discuss it.  Realize she may be creative at this, and it might bristle up some hairs.  Take it easy and explain why you find the other person a problem.  She may either realize this or explain that they’re not dangerous but that it jus appears so.

You never want a relationship to start off on shaky ground nor end up that way.  Take a deep brath and time things just right and be honest.  It will resolve problems before they start and end them without chaos ensuing.


Never Be Hyper-Critical

No woman likes a guy who is constantly criticising them.  From hairdos to makeup to fashion senses the smart guy realizes that he may make a  flippant comment that could lead to disaster.

Women in a relationship will do their best to please a guy, but American women have that sense of independence and individuality that may conflict with traditional values.

In a situation like this, don’t be hyper critical and make comments on everything she chooses.  Snapping at her new dress because it looks like she’s about to fight the Klingons isn’t smart way to go.  Instead, remark about her choice and if it’s inappropriate for her to meet your family, that you’ll come to a compromise.

If you do it with finesse, you’ll not have a war erupting.

Usually, this isn’t a problem as you’ll have observed most of her choices in things before you’ve engaged in a deeper relationship.  However, things do pop up after the fact, and the girl you’ve had your eye on suddenly turns out to be a fan of the one band you hate most.

In situations like this, you’ve got to man up and realize you’re two different people and your choices may be as much aggravating as hers.

Take your time, be observant and only mention things with a positive demeanor and things will surely go on with less turbulence.


Compliment When Needed

A little white lie can go a long way when it comes to giving her that well-needed compliment.  Women need men to reassure them about your feelings about them, their choices, and associates.

That new dress, whether or not it looks like she just fought off the Sith might be scary, but a sweet compliment that she makes it look good can keep you from putting your foot in your mouth.

She’ll try new hairstyles and makeup too.  You need to be aware that she does this to test you too.  She might be well aware that you hate it, but she wants to know if you’ll fib to her just to keep the peace.

When she does those little and big things like making a dinner or mending your clothes, you need to compliment her for it and make her understand you truly appreciate her efforts.  When you do this the right way, it will be a force of habit that will keep you out of the dog house for sure.

It doesn’t mean you have to reassure her of everything she does that’s wrong. That would be living a lie, and no matter how well you cover it up you will get busted.

Just look for those special moments when a well-deserved compliment is due, and your romance will be in calm waters.


Communicate Properly

Yelling and mumbling are not the ways of a great way to keep a romance going right.  Daily conversations shouldn’t be limited to “Good Morning” and “Did you feed the dog?” and “Good night!”.  You have to communicate, from singing to telling jokes to reassuring comments, you’ll find that less trouble will brew if you keep the communication liens open.

Differences of opinion are just natural in a romantic relationship.  You have to keep from considering them as confrontational and never let them go that way.

Just be willing to listen and let her finish her points.  Then respond accordingly.  This means if you don’t know the answer to a problem then jus say to her, it’s a problem for better minds and you need to ask someone wiser Preferably someone she respects and admires.

After a while, you’ll get to know one another so well that you won’t even have to talk to each other but use other means of communication like glances and smiles, and touches.

Communication is the beginning and end of any relationship and being open and calm will lead to better understanding and smoother romantic adventures.


Never Be Argumentative

We all get into arguments now and then, it’s natural, but in the case of romance an argument will either lead to resolution of turbulent waters and a lot of fun making up, or it will end in disaster that no amount of chocolates will repair.

The way to avoid arguments is to realize that two people have opposite points of view.  This can be handled with calm communication and courtesy.  Conflicts usually arise from misunderstandings or the intervention of others.  Realize from the start that in a romantic relationship we might be less willing to speak the truth about something like a new hairstyle or choice of wardrobe.  Later on, it comes back to bite you in the butt.

Be truthful in all areas because living a lie is a fragile thing that will come apart at the seems eventual.

Think before you open your mouth. Take a deep breath and smile.  You would be surprised that just forcing yourself to smile is enough to avoid conflict.  Remember, she’s the love of your life not the enemy of your life and not shooting off at the mouth at every disagreement is a great way to start.


Always Be Supportive

You might not accept it, but your love interest is just like a pet or child.  They need as much reassurance and support as you do.

Romance is a constant series of steps to avoid the landmines of life.  You’ve got to step carefully, and that can lead to not remembering that the other person needs support now and then.

This ranges from careful compliments for doing good deeds or being there with a wise and considerate comment can save the day.


Dress For Success

Your clothing choices not only say a lot about you but also about her and her viewpoints of how a man should be.  If she’s understanding, she’ll realize you have your choices and her, hers.  However, this can lead to conflicts as women tend to be more socially oriented than men.  She’ll be relying on the viewpoints of her friends and family to a level that might be intolerable to you but important to her.

Yes, things go both ways but she’ll be the more emotional one.  Get a wardrobe that makes her feel like you’re considering her feelings and choices and she’ll pitch in when it comes time to buy clothes.  This way if you become a fashion nightmare she’ll have to take a good deal of the responsibility which will lead to smoother decisions down the road.



When it comes to romance, the little things do count the most.  Being kind, considerate, observant and patience will always make you the better man in a romantic relationship.  Take your time, walk softly and you’ll keep those cherubs shooting arrows for a long time.

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