10 Out-of-the-ordinary Ideas to Completely Woo a Girl on a Date

Whether you’re about to head out on that knee-trembling first date, or if you’re looking to treat your partner of many years – nothing beats an inventive idea.

how to Woo a Girl on a Date

Unfortunately, most of us head for the standard drink or candlelit dinner – ideas which work in moderation, but can soon grow tiresome.

Bearing this in mind, we’ve put together this guide. We’ve found some of the most inventive date ideas around and summarized them into this page. Some might be more suited to long-term relationships, while others might be exactly what is needed to convince her that you’re the one. Regardless of your situation, you should at least be able to take advantage of a handful of these and sway away from the “Mr Normal” image that many guys now have thanks to their typical date ideas.



The progressive dinner date

progressive dinner date

Dinner is the definition of the traditional date – but we’re not here to provide you with traditional ideas. Instead, we’re here to take things a step further.

Most couples will venture out to their favorite restaurant before embarking on a three-course meal. Our suggestion is to split courses up between different restaurants. In other words, you have your appetizer at one, your main at another, before tucking into dessert into the third.

It brings the interesting-factor back to the random date and also means you can mix cuisines up at ease.


Live life like a local

live life like a local date

Whenever we go abroad we’re quick to sample the local culture. When we’re at home, work and all sorts of other things get in the way.

In fact, there’s every chance that your other half hasn’t tasted a fraction of the attractions in your local vicinity. Every city has at least something impressive and while your area might not be regarded as a tourist hotspot, you’ll definitely find something of interest to spark at least one date night.


The dollar date

one dollar date

This is perhaps one of the more inventive suggestions on our list and in truth, it’s not going to be for everyone. However, if you really do want to try something different, suggesting to your date that you hit the dollar store could throw out an interesting evening (hopefully, in the good sense).

Give yourself $10 each and a time limit of five minutes. Proceed to buy ten items each, before using them all in the resulting date. The rules? You must use every item you purchase in the date – no excuses. You can be as inventive as you like!


Flip a coin

flip a coin date

Contrary to the name, this isn’t another deviation of the dollar date. This instead involves your car, and flipping a coin to dictate which direction you’ll be heading in.

Ask your partner to pick a number between ten and twenty – this will be the number of times that you flip your coin. Then, every time you flip heads you’ll turn right, and every time a tails occurs you’ll be heading left. When you reach the elusive number that she picked, stop and enjoy your date.


Find the cheapest flight

airplane date

If you really like to do something out of the ordinary, budget flights could come to your rescue. This date really is as simple as arriving at the airport and finding the cheapest flight for the weekend, before jumping on-board. We don’t need to list all of the advantages here, as well as being utterly spontaneous it will give you all sorts of mini-dates in one weekend!


Couples spa day

spa date

This is probably one of the more “standard” suggestions, but with so many spas now providing couples days it certainly can’t be ignored. It’s another idea that isn’t necessarily limited to just one activity; as well as all of the standard treatments you’ll usually be given the opportunity to swim and head off for dinner. It adds for a varied, but romantic, day out together at a new location.


Enjoy a stay-cation

stay home date

Sure, there’s a huge emphasis on going out of town, and maybe out of the country at the moment. With flights and accommodation crashing down in price – all of this is for good reason.

However, you can still take advantage of good value accommodation on your own doorstep. Stay-cations are becoming more popular than ever; the process of finding a local hotel and effectively enjoying a vacation in your own area. You can take a break from all of life’s usual stresses, not have the hassle of traveling away – and just immerse yourself in each other’s company.


Combine golf and Frisbees

golf and frisbees

A golf date might not sound utterly glamorous, but throw a few Frisbees into the mix and things suddenly spice up. Frisbee golf is becoming more popular than ever and as the name suggests, simply involves throwing a Frisbee around a golf course with the same format of the original game itself.

There are specific courses which are set up for this and as well as offering something different for a date, it allows both of you to enjoy the great outdoors.


Go for a sense of nostalgia

nostalgia date

One of life’s great shames is that a lot of the candy we ate as kids has been taken off the shelves. However, there are some stores which still stock old-fashioned candy – and this is the source for an excellent date night.

Take a blast from the past and find one of these stores before buying some of your old favorites. Walk hand-in-hand and enjoy your old candy; it’ll feel like the good old times.


Dine out on strawberries

strawberries date

There’s a certain charm about picking your own food – especially when it’s as romantic as something like strawberries. Therefore, this suggestion is all about going to the great outdoors and finding as many strawberries as you can.

The beauty about this date idea is that it’s split into two parts. When you’ve filled your basket, head home and make something purely delicious with your picked goods.

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