The Definitive Guide in Finding out If a Woman Is Really Interested in You

It’s the typical “is she, or isn’t she” question – and the one that many of us mull over for farcically long periods of time.

how to know if she is interested in you

All you want to know is if the woman you have been trailing really is interested in you – or is she just being nice, nasty or just pretty passive.

Well, we don’t have a formula to tell you the exact answer. What we do have are several massive tells that can give a good indication on whether or not she really has an interest in you.

Read the following rules to establish if you are in with a shout.


She’ll find any reason to be alone with you

she wants to be alone with you

This is one of the easiest signs to look out for and if the woman in question is seeking any opportunity to be left alone with you – you should read the signs as literally as they appear.

Let’s take a few examples. If you happen to be working late and then suddenly, she is too (through her own accord, we should add) – it’s a good sign.

Another could surround a night out with friends. If you’ve happen to stayed around until the very end, and she’s lurking around as well, it’s another tell-tale sign that there could be interest.

Of course, at least in relation to the latter, there’s every chance that coincidences just come into the picture. However, if these occurrences are regularly happening it might be time to suck up the truth – she really does like you and it’s up to you to calculate the next move.


She asks all of the questions

woman asking you all the questions

Like you’ll find with a lot of the factors we talk about through this guide there is something of a disclaimer here; some women are just naturally blunt with their answers and you won’t find anything whatsoever out about them.

However, most of the time the way they talk will tell you everything you need to know. Does she ask a lot of questions? You’re onto a winner already. If it’s clear she’s totally engaged in your conversation, it’s obvious she finds you interesting and you’ve won half the battle.

If, on the other hand, she is blunt and short – it’s a good indication that she’s not really interested at all.

Like we say, there are some exceptions to this rule, but if you find that she’s always asking questions it’s a good pointer to suggest that she wants to prolong the conversation – and prolong her time with you.


She’ll do favours for you whenever possible

she is doing you favors

If you’re the guy who happens to be given all of the favours on a plate, it’s another huge suggestion that you might be on her radar.

You might be the only one in the office who gets offered coffee on a morning, or she might go that extra mile for you if you visit her shop – the list could go on and on.

Sure, there are some really nice people in this world and many of these will go out of their way to help others out. However, it again relates to that persistence and if she’s always doing these little favours, there’s every reason to think that there’s more to it than meets the eye.


She’ll be jealous of ANY other woman who crosses your path

jealous woman

When it comes to jealously, there are no “ifs” and “maybes” around. If you sense any sort of jealously from the woman in question, it’s a pretty definitive answer to your question. She likes you.

Like a lot of the issues we’ve spoken about, the list of examples could be extensive. It could be as simple as being in the office, where any sort of communication with another female is met with scorn. Or, it could be out and about, where she almost makes strangers feel as though the two of you are an item – and no-one should attempt to come in between you.

Suffice to say, this is one of the easier tells. In fact, if you’ve already reached this stage and you are interested in the woman, you should probably have already made your move.


She knows everything about you

woman knows everything about you

Sure, men and women can be friends, but there are times when you may feel as though she knows more about you than she really should. Not necessarily in a creepy way – she just knows a little more than you’ve perhaps told her.

With the wonders of Facebook, this is becoming increasingly common. You may not have told her you’re heading out with the boys for a meal and a few drinks, but it’s all over your social media feed. If she’s the first to ask you how the night was, it stands to reason that she’s hot on your heels and desperate to find more and more about you.

Again, there can be degrees of friendliness here and she might just be making conversation. Like with most of the points we have looked at, it’s all about whether she regularly does this and whether she regularly aims to find out more about you.


She thinks you’re the funniest guy in the office

woman thinks you are so funny

Sure, you might very well be the funniest guy in the office (or the other environment where you hang out). However, we’re going to assume for the purposes of this guide that you’re actually not.

If she tends to find you funnier than everyone else, it goes without saying that you’re onto a definite winner.

Firstly, your sense of humour might just appeal to her and that’s obviously a good thing. Like we said earlier though, we’re going to guess that this isn’t necessarily the case.

Instead we’re going to assume that she just wants to laugh more at you and perhaps show her interest a little more. It’s a great signal and if you’re the guy getting all of the laughs, the ball is most certainly in your court and you can again make your move.


She tries setting you up with someone else

woman setting you up

This is probably the most surprising point on the list – which is why we have left it until the end.

The two of you might get on like a house on fire and all the signs seem to exist that she’s really into you. Then, out of the blue, she tries to set you up on a date with someone else.

While it might immediately reek that she’s really NOT interested in you, don’t be quick to assume this.

Instead, it’s time to analyse the situation and realise that she’s paying you quite the compliment. By “recommending” you to someone else, she’s putting her reputation on the line. It means that she must be confident that you’re not only attractive, but that you’re also a decent guy.

There’s also another way of looking at this. If you perhaps haven’t known each other that long, this is a good way to really find out what your relationship status is. Are you really single? Do you want to be single? By setting you up, the woman can indirectly find the answers.

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