10 Surprising Ways to Rock Her World

Do you wish that you could make your girlfriend have amazing orgasms? Maybe you are doing okay in the bedroom but you really want to kick it up a notch. That is admirable and it can be done. You just need the right education.

how to rock her world


#1 – Kissing Works

If you want to get your girl in the mood the best way to do this is by kissing. It brings you both together and allows you to enjoy each other in a non-sexually intense manner. Another thing is that you should use kissing all throughout sex and not just as the warm up. You don’t want to make her feel disconnected by staying away from her face too long.

kissing works


#2 – Shoot Her a Text

Getting your girl ready to go throughout the day is very important. Sending a text to her to let her know that you are excited about your time together will make her fell warm inside and good toward you.



#3 – Quickies are a No No

You want a quickie? Well she probably isn’t going to get one. It takes at least 15 to 20 minutes to get a lady warmed up where she can even come close to having an orgasm. You need to spend more time kissing and enjoying her before you try to go in for the kill.

cuddling sofa couple


#4 – Compliment Her Body

Women are most likely going to be very self conscious about something with their bodies. If they are thinking about this thing then they are not thinking about you and they are not thinking about sex. This means that you are not going to get the results that you want out of the situation. The best thing you can do is compliment her body and keep doing it.

 how to make her want you


#5 – Lube It Up Baby

If you’re thinking about putting your fingers inside her as foreplay, well you better use some lube. She most likely is not wet enough to take your fingers up the vag and you could really hurt her or just make her mad. Grab some lube and make sure you don’t hurt her. She won’t mind since it is for foreplay but always make sure she is comfortable with using lube. This should also go for your penis especially if it is too big. If your penis is too small you can look into a penis extender like SizeGenetics.

use lube orgasm


#6 – Slow Down Oral Sex

Okay, you think that having oral sex is foreplay? Not so much. Direct stimulation of the clitoris can actually cause pain for the woman. She could be very upset with you and get out of the mood totally. Take 5 to 10 minutes to explore the rest of her body before you go down town. This will allow her to loosen up and her clitoris isn’t going to be so sensitive to the stimulation.

take it slow


#7 – Hit All The Hot Spots

It is important that you would hit all of the hot spots whenever you’re having sex with your lady. You can really make her go crazy when you’re stimulating her vagina, cervix, clitoris and breasts. You’ve got two hands and a penis after all – use them! Just wait until you see your partner’s face whenever you do this to her.

hit all the spots


#8 – Doggy Will Do

Doggy style is actually a really great position and allows her to experience some great sensation because of how the penis enters the vagina. You may even want her to get on top so she can control it or lay on your side. Make sure you don’t let your face get too far away from her. You want to remain close and connected.



#9 – Rotate Your Approach on Oral

Did you know women say licking from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock position is one of the easiest ways for them to get off? Rotate that oral approach and you may just get even more amazing results out of oral.

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#10 – Check When She is Ready and Then Go!

How do you know she is ready to orgasm? The truth is that women usually get very quiet before they get off. You will notice her pelvic area start to tighten up. The best thing you can do is provide a constant resistance for her to move her clitoris again so she can orgasm. Then you can get ready to go again.

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