10 Shocking Things She Is Thinking About Your Body In the Bedroom

Could it be possible that you are totally clueless as to what women are thinking and what women want? If you are not reading the signs right you could be going in the total wrong direction. It is important that you would pay attention and see what is really happening. Check out these 10 shocking things she is thinking about your body in the bedroom.

woman thinking bedroom


#1 – Glasses Are Hot

Instead of having to gauge your eyes out in the morning trying to find your contacts, why not just keep your glasses on? Many women love guys with glasses as it makes them look mature and sexy. You don’t have to use contacts unless you just want to. A lot of women think glasses make men look like the professor that needs to make them behave. Yes, women have sexual fantasies as well.



#2 – A Little Chub Is Good

Some women want a man with a little meat on their bones since they themselves are a little chunky. Women say that it makes them feel like they don’t have to work on being so perfect all of the time. The next time you are feeling bad about your chubbalove you don’t have to worry so much.

chubby stomach


#3 – Bare Isn’t Always Best

Some men go through the process of either waxing or shaving their chest hair. What a lot of women are saying is that bare isn’t necessarily best. While you don’t want a wild man chest hair deal going on you could always just trim it up and make it look nice.

sexy chest hair


#4 – Bigger Isn’t Always Better

If you come into the room with an anaconda you may scare your partner to death. For those of you that are endowed with a big man part you need to make sure that you are gentle and do not hurt her. Rough sex is fun sometimes but painful sex is never fun. If your penis is too small you should check out a penis extender like SizeGenetics.

what women think about a big penis


#5 – Ink is Hot

More and more women and talking about how hot tattoos are. Whenever you get into the bedroom and he shows up with a little extra you may get really excited. Even the most goody goody girls think that tattoos are sexy! So if you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo but are worried about whether it is going to be sexy or not, just go ahead and get it.

sexy man tattoo


#6 – Bald Is In

Are you worried about being bald? Do you think you are going to look sick and girls are going to shy away from you? The truth is that many women totally go for the bald look. They say it is very Bruce Willis! What is gross is if you are trying to hang onto a few locks of hair with some very funky hair do or should I rather say a hair don’t! (Check out Har Vokse Hair Loss Spray)

bruce willis hot bald


#7 – Calm Down on the Spray

Do you want to make sure that you smell good for you girl so you go a little overboard on the spray? You do not have to put on enough body spray to make her eyes water and you don’t want her to get high off your smell. A little bit can go a long way. Maybe try a sexy pheromones perfume ?

smell good with a spray !


#8 – No Product in Your Hair Man

Women these days like to get their hands into a man’s hair if they aren’t able to rub the bald head. Instead of packing your head full of gel before having sex, why not let it go a little natural? She will love running her hair through your locks.

gel hair


#9 – A Little Trim Goes a Long Way

Wow! What is going on in your pants honey? If your hair is trying to jump out of your pants you really need to make sure that you are taking care of that stuff. You want to make sure that you at least give your pubic hair a good trim so it isn’t threatening!

trim down there


#10 – Check Your Toenails

If you have dagger nails you are not going to be attractive to women in the bedroom. Who likes to get sliced and diced while having sex? I’ll tell you – NO ONE! Get some toenail clippers man.

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