10 Most Common Sex Mistakes

Avoiding these 10 most common sex mistakes can help you get some more often. Don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference!


#1 – Hurting Her “Down There”

Once you’ve got your girl’s clothes off you really have to be careful. Whenever your partner is getting warmed up she doesn’t need a lot of pressure on her clitoris and may not be comfortable with your fingers going inside just yet. Sensitive! She will let you know when she is ready for more by pushing up against you or guiding your hand.

sex mistakes


#2 – Getting Too Intimate

Before or after you have gotten her clothes off you don’t need to talk to her about how you’re going to be together forever, how many kids you are going to have etc. Even if you are thinking about it just keep your mouth shut. This could totally freak her out if this is your first time together.

too intimate


#3 – Anti-After Oral Kisses

If she has just given you oral and you won’t kiss her when she comes in for you this can be very upsetting. She just went down on you man. You better suck it up buttercup. She just went down on your one-eyed monster and now it is time for you to give her a kiss. If you want to avoid the awkward situation you could immediately go to kissing her neck and holding her close. She may not come in for a frenchy.

man rejecting woman


#4 – Failing to Offer Oral

While women may not want you to go down on them the first time you’re together it is always a good thing to ask and see if they would like it. She may just want to find out if you really want to go down on her so make sure she knows that you are up for it and are excited about getting to her nether regions.

angry couple


#5 – Not Using Protection

Even if you’re totally ok with putting yourself at risk you should make sure to use protection for her safe. You aren’t going to kill the mood by putting on a condom. What would kill the mood is if you had an unplanned pregnancy or if you or her exchanged STDs. That is what would be a real mood killer.



#6 – Getting Too Freaky

The first time that you get together may not be the best time to break out the handcuffs and paddles. If you ever want to get back with this chick again you are going to need to act a little normal. You do not want to scare her by playing out some fantasy that you’ve had. You may want to get to know her a little better and see if it would be something that she is up for.



#7 – Yelling and Strange Noises

Do you have a habit of yelling and making strange noises during sex? This can be a real problem as it is distracting and can cause some eyebrow raising behind your back like “what the heck was that!?” Sometimes you do not even notice that you are making certain noises or doing certain things that are offensive during sex.



#8 – Playing Out a Porno

Just because you enjoy watching pornos where the guy comes up out of no where and starts banging the chick’s brains out doesn’t mean you should do this. Most girls are not going to be into this kind of sex. Calm down and treat her like a lady.



#9 – Afterward Worrying

After sex you should not be critical of yourself. You definitely do not want to ask her how sex was or make her feel awkward in any other way. Whenever you do this you are going to cause her to want to run for the hills! Just enjoy her and enjoy how great you feel as you are holding her in your arms.



#10 – Not Taking Enough Time Afterward

After sex you’re like…man! I totally need to go take a pee. Well, here is another one of those suck it up moment. Right now is not the time for you to be moving out of the bed. You want to at least take about 5 to 10 minutes to cuddle with her and if at all possible wait until she goes to sleep to sneak your way out of the bedroom.


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