20 Whole Foods Which Can (almost!) Replace Modern-day Medicines

Nowadays, some of us will turn to the doctor for something as minor as the common cold. We’ve reached an era where medicine seems to be the answer to everything; even when there are plenty of occasions where something much less potent would be more beneficial.

foods which replace medecine

If we rewind the clock fifty years, something that often replaced medicines was whole foods and herbs. The benefits of these foods were endless; as well as potentially helping with certain ailments, it goes without saying that they seldom carry side effects while they are much less expensive to buy.

Of course, there’s no reason why we can’t still return to foods. It’s for this reason why we have compiled the following list, in which we look at twenty foods with the best medicinal benefits.





It’s something that might give an extra “kick” to a dish, but deep inside turmeric are some truly marvelous medicinal properties. If we analyze turmeric in more detail it’s clear to see that curcumin is its main ingredient and this is crucial. This is the reason that the spice is yellow and studies have shown that its anti-inflammatory properties are as good as what cortisone offers.

Bearing this in mind, it’s something which acts remarkably well against conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. There are also indications that it can lower cholesterol, protect your liver from toxins and even lower blood sugar in people suffering from diabetes.




Due to the number of hormones contained within soybeans, it’s excellent for post-menopausal women. However, while its estrogen-boosting qualities often steal the headlines, you also shouldn’t forget its effectiveness in relation to cancer across both sexes.

To drill down on its effectiveness against cancer, it’s understood to be particularly strong against breast cancer. This can be emphasized through the fact that breast and prostate cancers are really low in Japan – where a lot of this ingredient is consumed.



apples replace medecine

Like a lot of the foods on our list, apples carry umpteen health benefits including their ability to lower cholesterol, battle against inflammation whilst also purifying the blood.

In terms of more immediate health benefits, anyone who is suffering from constipation could benefit from apples as they are proven to make a difference in this regard, if they are eaten in their raw state (with the skin).



Artichoke replacing medecine

Artichokes are another ingredient which are very strong against digestive problems. As well as this, the fact that this ingredient contains such high levels of insulin means that it’s a winner for anyone who is trying to regulate their blood sugar levels for problems such as diabetes.

Artichokes have also been found to be very useful in helping to remove waste from the body, meaning they are an excellent solution for anyone who is looking to remove toxins from their liver.



rice to replace medecine

While some of the foods on our list might be a little oriental and perhaps unheard of, rice is one of the more “everyday” ones.

Few people realize the excellent health benefits that this ingredient can bring though. In the short-term, it has been found to be extremely beneficial for anyone suffering from diarrhea. On the flip side, it has also been found to be very beneficial for anyone who is struggling with constipation.

Rice contains a lot of anti-cancer inhibitors as well, making it one of the best all-round foods around.




For anyone who suffers from diabetes, cinnamon can be a fantastic natural solution. This is an ingredient which can stimulate insulin activity and is therefore suitable if you suffer from Type 2 of the condition.




Another one of the more “standard” foods on our list is tomato. This is also another one that has been found to guard against pancreatic and cervical cancer.

As tomatoes contain so much lycopene, they possess superb antioxidant properties as well.




Considering the fact that dates are high in natural aspirin, it goes without saying that they can be immensely powerful for anyone who is feeling under the weather with a headache.

However, there are other effects. While its laxative qualities shouldn’t be ignored, in the long-term it has been found to fend off various cancers, particularly pancreatic cancer.




For anyone suffering with toothache, clove could be the solution. This is an ingredient which has immense anti-inflammatory properties, with this mainly due to its main component of eugenol.




Kiwi fruit is something that has been prescribed by the Chinese for years. It carries umpteen long-term benefits and has been shown to be effective against both stomach and breast cancer. Additionally, it holds high amounts of vitamin C.


Flax seeds

flax seeds

Flax seeds, or even flax oil, is a godsend for anyone suffering from constipation or any other digestive problems.

Due to the high amount of lignins within flax, it is understood to guard against both colon and breast cancer as well.




Eggplant has been found to treat various skin cancers, with this emphasized through the fact that it is regularly included in topical skincare products. Additionally, there is evidence to suggest that eggplant can lower your cholesterol levels.


Collard greens

collard greens

If you turn towards collard greens which are steamed, it’s another ingredient which can boost your health phenomenally. Due to the high amount of calcium within them they promote bone growth, while the high fiber and low calories mean that they are a good solution for anyone who is looking to shed the pounds.




Out of all of the spices we’ll look at today, most people know the wonders of garlic. This is yet another ingredient that can boost your health in countless ways, most of which relates to its ability to reduce inflammation.

Studies have found that there is a 44% less chance of contracting lung cancer if you eat garlic twice per week. Additionally, many people turn to it to help with respiratory problems.




For anyone who has tuned into Popeye – you’ll know all about the wonders of spinach. While it is mainly regarded for its ability to provide strength to your muscles, there are other benefits associated with this ingredient.

In fact, the benefits are endless. It’s been found to achieve everything ranging from protecting against prostate cancer, aiding constipation to protecting the retina of your eye.




For such an everyday food, cucumbers are incredibly versatile when it comes to your health. They can strengthen nails, aid skin complexion while they are also known to lower the body’s temperature. It’s that last reason which makes them very effective against fevers.




While this should be used in moderation due to its high sugar content, honey has been found to have many sedative and sleep-inducing qualities.


Fish oil

fish oil

Whether you consume it in oil-form, or just turn to standard fish, you’ll be benefiting your cardiovascular system immensely. To put this into perspective, studies have shown that an ounce per day can slash the risk of suffering a heart attack by 50%.

It’s not just your cardiovascular system which can benefit though. Fish is one of the most powerful foods around and can combat a whole host of ailments including rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, headaches, strokes, high cholesterol levels, colon cancer and Type 1 diabetes.


Bell pepper

bell pepper

Due to the high amount of vitamin C contained within bell pepper, they are regarded as one of the turn-to solutions if you are struggling with either a cold or asthma.

From a slightly longer-term perspective, their composition makes them useful against bronchitis, cataracts and even cancer.




For anyone suffering with an ulcer, cabbage could be the required solution. They have been found to aid in the healing of ulcers, whilst as well as this their high calcium and potassium levels mean they can benefit the cardiovascular system endlessly.

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