5 Tips on How to Prevent & Fight a Hangover

We’ve all been there, done it and experienced the fuzzy, dehydrating and every other negative emotion that a hangover prompts.

man with a hangover

The phrase “I’ll never drink again” is usually on the tip of the tongue of most post-Saturday partiers but in truth, it never happens.

Therefore, if we’re not going to give up on drinking, we need to find a way to get over it. This is where this guide will come of assistance, as we take a look at some of the best ways to prevent that hangover and beat the Sunday-morning blues once and for all.


Watch what you drink

watch what you drink

This isn’t some form of super-obvious advice, whereby we tell you to stick to x-units of alcohol whenever you venture out into the town. Instead, we’re focusing on the types of drinks that you consume.

Most of us are under the belief that alcohol is alcohol – there’s no way to get around the dreaded hangover as this is the only substance that causes it. However, there are other ingredients which worsen “the feeling”.

Ethanol is actually the main ingredient in most drinks and certain sugar-fermenting yeasts can combine with this and produce substances called congeners. The equation is simple; the more congeners that are found in a drink, the more intense your hangover will be.

While vodka is renowned for its high alcohol levels, this actually contains very low levels of congeners. The same can be said of gin and rum so if you are going for a night on the town, try and stick to these beverages.

On the other hand, for those asking for a head-splitting hangover, look no further than tequila, bourbon whiskey and cognac. These are renowned for their high levels of congeners and will leave you feeling utterly worse for wear come Sunday morning.


Skip the champers


Champagne is regarded as a somewhat classy drink and for this reason, a lot of people don’t appreciate its hangover-ability.

However, if one analyses champagne closely, the bubbles are completely to blame. Bubbles are renowned for making alcohol absorb faster, meaning that you ultimately get drunk even more quickly.

This has the knock-on effect the next morning, where you’re reaching for the water and painkillers to rid yourself of the you-know-what symptoms.


Eggs for breakfast

eggs for breakfast

There are certain foods that we always reach for come hangover day and for most of us, a big, fat-drenched breakfast usually falls into this category.

Eggs are usually part of this although thankfully, science dictates that they also happen to be excellent aids for a hangover as well.

This is a food which contains great amounts of cysteine. In short, this can tackle one of the big toxins that causes those awful, alcohol-induced headaches.

Admittedly, if you can lay off the greasy bacon it will help – but just making sure your breakfast plate is full of eggs will give your a head a pleasant rest from the hangover din.


Sports drinks aren’t just for sport

sport drinks

The sports drink companies are potentially missing a trick here. After all, does anyone remember any Gatorade advert that says they are miracle-curers for hangovers? It’s doubtful – they’ve never hit the screen.

However, truth to be told, they are excellent. Just like an athlete will turn to Gatorade or any other sports drink to replace his fluids and electrolytes, the same can be said for the person who is recovering from their night out on the town.

It’s all about recovering the nutrients that you lose as you guzzle down alcohol although if you are to get the most out of this method, try and consume the sports drink while you are at the bar.

No, we don’t mean at the same time, but if you can alternate between alcohol and a sports drink you’ll feel (almost) the world of good in the morning.

On a similar note, you shouldn’t believe absolutely everything you believe about water. While it is obviously needed to rehydrate you, if you overload your body with water before going to bed you might put excess stress on yourself.

This will play havoc with your sleep and potentially make yourself feel even worse in the morning – so beware.


Have a Party Night

party night anto-hangover supplement

If you’re looking to stay ahead of your drinking partners when it comes to the morning after the night before, it might be time to turn to a more modern solution.

Each of the suggestions we have noted so far can work a treat and if you use them all on the same night, your hangover effects may even be minimal.

However, for that extra push, it might be a suggestion to try something like Party Night.

No, this isn’t some sort of late-night event that you hit after the other bars close, it’s a supplement that will help you recover from those dreaded hangover effects.


As we’ve already highlighted in a previous paragraph, one of the main reasons we all feel so rough in a morning because of those lost vitamins and minerals.

Another reason that we spoke about was our body struggling to break down the toxic by-products that alcohol promotes, with congeners being part of this group. The beauty about Party Night is that it is able to aid both of these issues; replenishing your vitamins and minerals while breaking down toxic substances at a much faster rate.

All of the methods we have analyzed so far are able to combat hangovers, and all rely on some scientific backing. The same science has also shown that Party Night works, with its main ingredient Dihydromyricetin having a comprehensive study behind it.

Here it was shown that the ingredient prevents how drunk you feel and subsequently relieves the symptoms.

Some past users have said that they feel like they haven’t had anything to drink the night before, which is enough evidence in itself that Party Night could be a viable product for anyone who is looking to finally beat “that feeling”.

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