10 Most Nutrient Dense Foods That Are Good For You

The rules on the types of food which help us lose weight might be changing by the year, but when it comes to nutrient dense ingredients the situation has remained relatively stable.

nutrient dense foods

There are few arguments in this regard; trials have been conducted which have proven that some components will just prompt better reactions from our bodies than others.

Through the course of this piece we’ll now delve into the ten most nutrient dense foods on earth. Consume these, and watch your life improve for the better.




With a name like this (it seems to have some sort of relation to “spiritual”), we shouldn’t be surprised to see it top the list. There is no other food on earth that has as many antioxidants than Spirulina, which basically means that we’re much less likely to contract diseases.

Additionally, this is a food which is loaded with protein and minerals; ideal for those of you who are looking to bulk up and pile on the muscle mass.




If there ever was a food that contains a bit of everything, Kale probably falls into this category. As well as containing ridiculous amounts of minerals, vitamins, fibre and amino acids, Kale also has some crucial antioxidants.

These antioxidants have been found to reduce the inflammation that can occur in numerous parts of our body and perhaps more critically, it is thought that they can prevent cancer. If we concentrate on the inflammation factor, for those of us who like to train it can be a sure-fire way to minimise the impact of injuries of this ilk.


Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are another one of those fruits that look to tackle a magnitude of jobs. In one regard they are a combination protein, but as well as this they contain large amounts of fibre, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

In short, they improve the overall health of our body – rather than concentrating on specific parts.




This is probably one of the surprise additions to the list, as most people immediately associate chocolate with negative health connotations. Contrary to popular belief, chocolate contains countless vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which have been known to work wonders for the condition of our skin and heart.

One of the more renowned benefits of chocolate is that it can prompt our brain into releasing chemicals that make us feel like we’re in love.

This isn’t some sort of urban myth; science has proven that this does occur – for both sexes. Therefore, there might be method in the madness of buying chocolate for your loved one this Friday night…

Stick to dark chocolate since it’s more dense and richer with magnesium, and look for less sugar content of course.




Some of the foods on this list might not tickle our taste buds, but one could argue that berries are in a similar league to chocolate in this regard. This is a food which many of us are eternally grateful for being healthy, with berries being full of benefits despite their glorious taste.

Contrary to what our tongues might indicate, they don’t actually contain much sugar. Additionally, they are full of vitamins and minerals, while they are inundated with antioxidants which will ultimately help us guard against nasty illnesses and diseases.




It’s green and this immediately makes many of us think that broccoli is healthy. On this occasion you should trust your gut instinct, as broccoli is another one of those foods that is just jam-packed full of nutrients.

In this case its benefits are largely related to the digestive system. The components that form broccoli prompt a much healthier system, whilst at the same time minimising the risk of contracting cancer.




Again, most of us won’t be surprised to see spinach thrown in there – it’s just one of those foods that we have become to know and trust that is healthy. As well as boasting plenty of antioxidant properties, spinach contains large amounts of protein which once again makes it an ideal supplement for those of you who work on muscle-building at the gym.

Of course, this shouldn’t be an unexpected revelation – don’t you remember Popeye? If you fancy arms like the man himself, then spinach might certainly be the way forward…


Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds might not be as popular or prominent than some of the other foods that have been included in our article, but that doesn’t mean to say that they are not full of nutritional benefit.

This is a food which is packed full of omega fats, protein and fibre. As such, it’s great for our general health and will again aid those of you who are looking to build muscle.


Krill Oil


A lot of the foods that have formed part of our article can be acquired in their natural form, but you might have the opportunity to purchase krill oil as a condensed supplement due to its soaring popularity.

This is a component which has been packaged as a health supplement, although originally it is derived from a shrimp-like animal.

The benefits of this nutrient-heavy food should not be understated. It contains large amounts of fatty acids, which are able to decrease swelling and lower our cholesterol levels. In more specific terms, this means that the risk of heart disease, strokes, depression and high blood pressure are reduced.


African Griffonia Bean

African Griffonia bean

This might not be the typical food that you find on supermarket shelves, but it is a food which can prove to be an absolute godsend if you are suffering from anxiety.

If you have delved into any sort of psychological theory, you will have found that Serotonin is one of the most prominent hormones produced in our body and is essentially related to our happiness. Fortunately, it is possible to tinker with this hormone, with the African Griffonia bean extract being one of the easiest ways to do this.

It’s not exactly the easiest food to get hold of, which is why most health establishments sell a similar supplement called 5-HTP which serves a similar purpose. To highlight how strong the effects can be, some trials have concluded that it works more efficiently than prescribed antidepressants.

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